How to make a chunk system in Unity using addressables - If you played to Minecraft you already know what chunks are but for the most unfortunate I’ll give you the Minecraft Gamepedia definition: Chunks are the method used by the world generator to divide maps into manageable pieces. Don’t worry, it’s not a Minecraft specific tutorial explanation, the comparisons stop here.
Anthelme Dumont

Value Noise - This is the third tutorial in a series about pseudorandom noise. It covers the transition from pure hashing to the simplest form of lattice noise.

GPU Mesh Voxelizer Part 2: Triangle / Voxel intersection - In this article, we’ll continue porting our mesh voxelizer to the GPU. We’ll build off the bones we created in the last article and start implementing the Separating Axis Theorem to test intersections between voxels and triangles.
Bronson Zgeb

Creating a Ledge Grab System in Unity - What you should notice is a primitive ledge grab system that allows the player grab onto the ledge and hang there until they pull themselves up. So how exactly do we pull this off?
James West

How to notarize a Unity build for macOs 10.15 Catalina - As of January 2020, all apps running on macOs 10.15 Catalina are required to be notarized. For Unity games distributed outside the Mac App Store, such as with Steam, the notarization process is done post build using a series of Xcode command line tools.
Damon Pidhajecky

Enhanced mobile performance analysis with Arm’s new Mobile Studio package for Unity - Arm Mobile Studio is a free suite of analysis tools for mobile game developers to manage their content and ensure that it runs smoothly across mobile devices powered by Arm CPUs and Mali GPUs. It helps identify and eliminate various performance issues. With the introduction of the new Mobile Studio plug-in for Unity, it’s now easier to perform mobile optimizations on your mobile game.

Unity 2021.2.0 Alpha 19 - Unity 2021.2.0 Alpha 19 has been released.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


Time and Animation in Shaders! URP Shader Graph and HLSL! | Unity Game Dev Tutorial - Getting the current time in shaders is easier that it seems at first! Unity provides a shader graph node and many HLSL variables for your every need, but what exactly do they contain? When does the time counter begin? Is it affected by time scaling? I look into the URP source to find out. Time allows you to animate in shaders, which is super powerful! I showcase two animating shaders: one which loops, and one which starts at a specified time.
Ned Makes Games
Unity Shader Graph - Snow Interactive Effect Tutorial - Interactive Snow is one of the most amazing tricks we can do with Render Textures. A quite useful Shader that can also interact with water, sand, paint and more.
Gabriel Aguiar Prod.

How to Move Characters in Unity 3D: Animated Movement Explained [Built-In Character Controller #2] - A breakdown and explanation of how to properly move animated characters in Unity 3D! Learn movement with the Built-In Character Controller and New Input System!

Using Terrain Tools to Create 3D Landscapes (Unity Tutorial) - In this Unity game development tutorial we're going look at how we can use the Unity Terrain tools to easily create 3D landscapes in our game. We'll cover how to sculpt the terrain, how to add textures, and how to add detail such as grass and flowers.
Ketra Games

Add sign-up and login to Unity game with AWS Cognito - This video demonstrates how to use the AWS SDK and Cognito to create sign-up and login functionality in your Unity project.
Battery Acid

9 EASY Steps to create a multiplayer game with Unity & Photon - Tutorial - Photon Tutorial.


Dig into this year’s top new assets at 50% off - Explore over a hundred of this year’s top new art packs, time-saving tools, Editor extensions, and more to expand your asset library.

Including assets such as Dreamscape Nature: Meadows, Easy Card Game, Nature Shaders, Brute Force - Grass Shader, Feel, State Machine, and more!

Unity Affiliate
Advanced Level Editor (ALE) - ALE is a runtime level editor for Unity that aims to be simple to use both for the user and the developer. It's built with performance and usability in mind. It should also be extendable so you can adapt it to fit just right for your game.
Hertzole Open Source

RPGCore - RPGCore is a toolkit for producing games and mechanics in C#.
Fydar Open Source

GoKit - Lightweight tween library for Unity aimed at making tweening objects dead simple and completely flexible. 
prime31 Open Source

SpookyGhost - A procedural sprite animation tool made with the nCine.
SpookyGhost2D Open Source

Selection Identity tool (FREE) - This is a tool that will aid you while selecting things in unity. The tool will display the name of the object your mouse if hovering over and will be selected on click. The name of the object will be displayed in 2 or 3 locations on the screen depending on the user’s choice. Additionally, the window over which the mouse is hovering is also displayed in the tool window.
BlankRip Affiliate

Genesis - Genesis is a general-purpose, plugin-extensible code generation framework for Unity.
jeffcampbellmakesgames Open Source

Sentry SDK for Unity - Recently this lil fox had the pleasure of joining @getsentry to work on their Unity SDK & we just published the first release. It lets you track errors + crashes in real-time for your Unity builds and I would love to hear what you all think!!

Game Spotlight

HOCKEY HEROES - HOCKEY HEROES is a 3-on-3 arcade hockey role-playing party game. Play alone or with friends as you draft your team from a roster of diverse characters and travel across the country battling through tournaments to win all Original Six Cups. As your team progresses further through the HOCKEY HEROES story mode you unlock new equipment and acquire stat points to improve your team’s talents and customize their abilities.

Playing through the game’s story mode will take players on a journey across the country and through tournaments at unique rinks. Your team works their way from relative obscurity on lakes in the rural parts of the country to the big city where they play in front of huge crowds and fly around in a private jet.

HOCKEY HEROES combines the high-scoring arcade hockey gameplay from Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey (N64), with the party game fun of Overcooked (PS4) and the character progression and equipment unlocks of Castle Crashers (Xbox). The on-ice gameplay is quick, high-scoring, heavy-hitting and action-packed.

[Find it on Steam]

Treewood Studios
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