Frame-specific attacks in Unity - Why would I want to check specific frames? There's several situations where checking if an animation is in a specific frame comes in handy... More control over our animations gives us more possibilities.
Nahuel Gladstein

Unity Addressables: It's never too big to fit - You are leading a team of a handful of programmers and artists to port a good-looking PS4 VR game to Oculus Quest. You have six months to complete it. Well? What's your first move? Let's bring Unity Addressables to the table.
Ruben (The Unity Guru)

NIAH Text Filter - Hey Unity devs! Ever wanted to filter your Debug.Log() output directly inside Visual Studio? Now you can, and much more, with Niah Text Filter.
Grant Davies

Day-Night Cycle - Made a day-night cycle post-processing effect. Customized the Unity editor for the effect to edit the gradient for the tint colour. Code is open-source on Github.
Linden Reid

My take on shaders: Water Shader - Celebrating my 24 years on this planet by publicly releasing the tutorial for my water shader for everyone to read!
Harry Alisavakis

Clouds Shader Breakdown - This is a small breakdown of the clouds shader I did based on the one from the game "SKY" from thatgamecompany.

SerializeReference Attribute - In 2019.3 we have added the SerializeReference attribute. This means you can now serialize polymorphic types and interfaces in Unity without using ScriptableObjects. Its pretty awesome!
Karl Jones

Working Remotely in VR & AR - How Normal put together a team that works across the world in VR.
Normal VR

TMP_IntegerText.cs - Showing integers on TextMesh Pro objects without any garbage
Süleyman Yasir KULA

Best #unitytips From Twitter – 8 - Every Tuesday we collect the best #unitytips from twitter for you!
Runemark Studio

Unity from Zero to Proficiency (Beginner): A Step-by-step guide to coding your first game  - In this book, the second book in the series, you will become comfortable with C# programming and Unity by creating three games: one 3D survival game, a word-guessing game, and an infinite Runner.
Patrick Felicia

Unity Games by Tutorials [SUBSCRIBER] - The best Unity book for beginners. Create 4 complete Unity games for scratch, including a first-person shooter, a tower defense game, and more. 
Ray Wenderlich

Translating a Unity game - If you want to know how we translated UI for our game check this.
Lonely Vertex

Automatize your customs Unity editor tools GUI using assemblies and the Strategy pattern - I've just published an article about a pattern that I use when I have to create an editor tool in Unity.
José Pizarro

FFmpegRecorder - FFmpegRecorder is an extension for Unity Recorder that allows recording videos in Unity Editor via FFmpeg.

Procedural Unity ShaderGraph Net Sub Shader - This shader provides a black and white alpha map resembling a net without using any predefined textures as input.
Fabian Schebera

Release 2019.2.4f1 - Unity version 2019.2.4f1 has been released.

UnityiOSBridgeEssentials - Unity3d iOS Plugin / iOS Bridge for communicating with iOS Native Code from Unity.
Dilmer Valecillos


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


FPS Game Rendering and Graphics in Unity! (Tutorial) - Learn how to create a first person shooter style camera in Unity that will not clip through walls, without using multiple cameras.
How to lose a AAA game development job in only 3 weeks - and what those 3 weeks were like - My first game development job literally lasted 3 weeks. Layoffs, buyouts, and mass firings are always a risk, and this time I got unlucky, then really lucky right afterward...
Unity3d College

Getting started with Unity’s new Lightweight Render Pipeline - SIGGRAPH 2019 - This video teaches you the benefits of using LWRP, how to set up your project for it, and how to extend it for custom rendering effects.

Creating explosive real-time visuals with the Visual Effect Graph - SIGGRAPH 2019 - Interested in creating filmlike effects such as fire, smoke or holograms in Unity? This video shares how to use node-based effects and adaptive features in Unity’s Visual Effect Graph to create striking VFX in real-time.

Learn how to do stylized shading with Shader Graph - SIGGRAPH 2019 - In this video, you can learn how to write a custom lighting shader for a stylized look that can easily be shared across multiple assets.

TOP DOWN SHOOTING in Unity - Let's have a look at the easiest and best way to make top down shooting in Unity!

Make Mobile Notifications in Unity 2019! (Tutorial) - In this video you'll learn how to send mobile notifications on iOS and Android.

Computer Vision - Unity3d RESTful Web Service With Azure Cognitive Services OCR - In this video I show you how to create a Cognitive Service in Azure and then how we can incorporate it into our Unity Project.
Dilmer Valecillos

Unity - Predict player input with Aaronson Oracle part1 - setup - Aaronson Oracle is a simple yet pretty fun way to predict players input.
Sunny Valley Studio

Grid Shader in Unity LWRP - Shader Graph Tutorial - Let's make a glowing Grid Shader in shader graph using Lightweight Render pipeline in Unity.
Unity Guruz

POLYBRUSH LEVEL DESIGN in Unity 2019.3! (Tutorial) - Polybrush is an awesome tool that helps you with level design in Unity! In this Unity tutorial, I'm going to teach you how to use Polybrush in Unity 2019.3, and what's new in the latest version of Polybrush!


HUMBLE BOOK BUNDLE: BECOME A GAME DEVELOPER - Make your game dev dreams a reality! We've teamed up with Packt for our newest bundle full of ebooks and videos focused on game development like Unity 2018 Cookbook and Learn to Code in C# in Unity 3D.
Ambient Occlusion for Lightweight Render Pipeline - Post-Processing Stack v2 Ambient Occlusion works on Lightweight Render Pipeline (Open Source).
Yoshihiro Shindo

Lux LWRP Essentials - Lux LWRP Essentials provides a growing collection of manually optimized HLSL shaders which are fully dedicated to the idea of “Lightweight”: They were written with performance in mind, skipping some features you may know from other packages but still delivering great visuals.

Learn How To Design Multiplayer Games with Unity - Curious about the innovative tricks, techniques, and solutions that make multiplayer titles addicting? With the Building Multiplayer Games with Unity Bundle, you can take your natural curiosity about game design to the next level by learning how to craft your own multiplayer hit!
Indie Game Bundles

Game Spotlight

Creating a Sandbox Game with Magic Potions in Unity - SengiGames team talked about the production of their sandbox game The Serpent Rogue: potion crafting system, use of shaders in Unity, interactive world, and more.
80 Level

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