Evolving the Unity Editor UX - A new design signifies the first step towards improving the user experience (UX) for an ever-evolving and increasingly complex content creation tool: The Unity Editor.

Signals Implemented in ECS - I needed a Signals system that is implemented in ECS. In this post, I’ll show how I did it.

Performance Improvements To Text Serialization In 2019.3 - The project I've been working on for the past 9+ months has landed in the Unity 2019.3 alpha! Users should see significant speed ups in scene loading times and other related systems
Harry Rose

Ice Shader - I came up with the idea back in 2017 and finally got it finished. You can run it online here https://shadertoy.com/view/MsXyzN
National Park Racing

Convert ShaderToy to Unity HLSL/CG - The shaders exhibited on ShaderToy are exclusively written in GLSL, and run in your browser using WebGL. I wrote an automatic conversion tool to turn a GLSL shader into an HLSL shader that helps you convert ShaderToy to ShaderLab in Unity.
Seyed Morteza Kamali

Custom Editor Tools - Have you noticed this new (*well, new since 2019.1) button thats been on your Unity toolbar and wondered what the hell it is? Well It's actually super cool! It's Custom Editor Tools Time. Let's learn all about them!!
Lotte May

Autohook Property Drawers - Ive been doing a lot of @Unity3D UI work recently and hooking up references to controls is boring, so i made a little tool to automate it - Property Drawers are HYPER powerful, and great to learn about. Source code here
Lotte May

A Restful Client For Unity3d Developers - A Restful Client that allows making simple GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE http calls from within Unity3d.
Dilmer Valecillos

Gamedev Tutorial: Trigonometry Basics – Sine & Cosine - First post in new #gamedev tutorial series is out! This time the topic is: Trigonometry Basics - Sine & Cosine.
Allen Chou

Static Lighting with Light Probes - In 2019.2, we removed the Lightmap Static Flag, replacing it with the Contribute Global Illumination Flag. We also introduced the ability to choose whether Global Illumination is received from Lightmap or Light Probes. These changes can have a huge impact on your baking performance, quality of Scene lighting, and more!

Unity 2019.3 beta is now available - The last beta release of the 2019 cycle, Unity 2019.3b, is here and it comes packed with new features, improvements, and a completely refreshed interface.

NativeHashSet - Unity’s Native Collections package, currently in Preview, provides a hash map but not a hash set. Today we’ll supplement NativeHashMap with our own NativeHashSet as part of the NativeCollections repo. Read on for performance results and to see how to use it!

Unity - Asset Dependency Graph - This project provides a basic Asset Dependency Graph for Unity using the new GraphView API.
Harry Rose

Framerate Independant Lerp - Pavel Dobryakov provides an alternative to Unity's Mathf.Lerp function, described by "because interpolation is not linear in this case. You have to correct it with the power function. Conceptually it fixes the jerky movement when framerate drops."
Pavel Dobryakov


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


Coding Adventure: Boids - Trying to create some flocking behaviour, and getting a little distracted by spirals along the way...
Sebastian Lague
UNITY 2019.3 BETA | New UI, Ray Tracing, Input System & MORE! - Unity 2019.3 is now available in Beta, and in this video we're gonna check out what the new features, improvements and fixes are!

Unity Interview - Game Creator with Catsoft Studios part 1 - Watch this recording of my live interview with Catsoft talking about their amazing tool Game Creator, taken from my twitch stream.
The Messy Coder


Boing Kit: Dynamic Bouncy Boness, Grass, Water, and More - Juice up your games by adding bouncy VFX!

Boing Kit offers various options:
  • Boing Behavior: Just add component, and game objects immediately become bouncy!
  • Boing Effector & Reactor: Reactors react to effectors in a bouncy fashion.
  • Boing Reactor Field: Reactor fields bring reactor effects to a whole different scale. Bounce an entire massive grass field using bombs and characters!
Boing Kit is performance-centric:
  • Reactor fields run on GPU using compute shaders (with CPU alternative)
  • For Unity 2018.1 or newer, Boing Kit utilizes Unity's job systems to run jobs in parallel across CPU cores.


Game Spotlight

Type In Space — Explore Spatial Typography In Mixed Reality with HoloLens - As a graphic designer who loves type design and typography, I wanted to see beautiful type in space. We have been seeing many examples of type overlay in motion graphics and TV commercials but they were stuck in flat 2D screens. Since I met HoloLens in 2016, I have been exploring type in mixed reality space.

An in-depth look at past projects, implementation details, tips on improving performance, and source code to the Mixed Reality Toolkit.

You can get Type In Space for free on the Microsoft store

Yoon (Dong Yoon Park)

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