Introducing the Game Growth program - Game Growth Program is an accelerator program for free-to-play indie games on mobile. By partnering with Unity, select indie developers get access to awesome tools plus a dedicated team of game operations experts. Unity covers the costs of acquiring new players and optimizing your game, and we share the revenue 50/50. Apply now on the Unity Dashboard.

6 Software Practices to Keep, Shed, and Adopt in Unity - Below, I put a brief list of Software Engineering practices you should shed when starting with game development, those you should adopt, and those you should keep.
Eyas's Blog

Level systems and character growth in RPG games - In this tutorial, we’re going to look at some potential implementations of growth systems functions in an RPG type of game.

Behavior trees and the future of intelligent control - Shopping for AI solutions, we experimented with state machines, behavior trees and GOAP; this helped crystallize long standing intuitions about game logic and intelligent control. I discuss stateless vs stateful control and the key decisions which informed the design of our BT library.
Thibaud de Souza

Measuring Performance - This is the fourth tutorial in a series about learning the basics of working with Unity. It's an introduction to measuring performance. We'll also add the ability to morph from function one to another to our function library.

The Dark Side Of Ray-Traced Ambient Occlusion (RTAO) - In this post, you will learn the magic behind Unity Ray-Traced Ambient Occlusion (RTAO).
The Gamedev Guru

Converting to DOTS - Made a little, greatly simplified, example of how you'd turn a piece of existing C# code to HPC# (aka #DOTS aka Burst compiled), with comments.
Ivan Notaros

How the Query system in Unity MARS does procedural layout - The Query system in Unity MARS simplifies the creation of augmented reality (AR) experiences that adapt to the real world around them. Based on constraints that you specify, it finds a way to lay out the scene in a given environment. Read on to learn more about how it works.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon-style Drawing Effect in Unity Shader Graph and URP - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX features a bold, unique visual aesthetic, emphasising thick outlines on characters and shadows using a drawing technique called hatching. In this tutorial, learn how to use Shader Graph to take any model and make it look like it's been drawn in a style reminiscent of PMD!
Daniel Ilett
FPS Wall Run Prototype In Unity - In this episode of the Unity Prototyping series, we showcase a prototype that allows players to interact with the levels on the FPS Microgame by implementing a wall-run mechanic - a very common gameplay feature in many games!

Use HDRP Volumetric Lighting to Make Your Game Looks Cinematic - Unity Engine Tutorial - In this video we will show you how to make your game scene looks cinematic by using HDRP (High Definition Rendering Pipeline) volumetric lighting in Unity engine.
Binary Lunar

Fake Interior Effect in Unity using Shader Graph - A quick overview of how to achieve fake interior effect in Unity using Shader Graph
AE Tuts


Synty Studios Sale - Synty Studios is a dedicated asset publisher that makes incredible, stylized art packs for game developers. With over 80 art packs with a wide variety of themes, Synty Studios’ packs are great for beginners and experienced developers alike and are perfect for prototypes and game jams.

All assets from Synty Studios will be on sale for 50% off from October 13, 2020 through October 20.

Additionally, there is a special offer coupon for POLYGON - Prototype Pack. Use coupon code SYNTYSALE2020 to get POLYGON - Prototype Pack free.

Unity Affiliate
EnvironmentTileGenerator - I've made a script that randomly fills an area with tiled prefabs in #unity3d. It's nothing special but it's saved me hours of work! Smiling face with open mouth Great for floor tiles and wall tiles!
Danimita92 Open Source

URP2020ToonShader - I've waited sooo long to put these features together in one shader. Awesome edge detection, custom lighting/shadows and ambient occlusion. Shader Graph below, URP 10 repo here. 99% HLSL by @alexanderameye
Christopher Sims Open Source

Active Logic - A library for everyday case logic, solving problems where time is an essential element: game development, game AIs, interactive applications and control systems.
Active Logic implements discrete, iterative control. It is grounded in Behavior trees (BT) and three-valued logic.

BT implementations available for general purpose languages typically involve:

active-logic Open Source

Game Spotlight

Next-Gen Technology: How new Xbox devices, Unity and one man’s vision combined to create the visually stunning, The Falconeer - The Made with Unity title, The Falconeer, will be launching exclusively on the Xbox family of devices, including Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC on November 10, 2020. We talked with the game’s sole creator, Tomas Sala, who shares details on his development experience, what he discovered while building a game for the new Xbox series, and what he’s most excited about for this upcoming new console release.
Have a #MadeWithUnity game you'd like featured? Let us know! Have a #MadeWithUnity game you'd like featured? Let us know!

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