Procedural Animation - A tutorial on fully procedural animation with no influence from pre-generated data. Features a cool procedurally animated gecko!

Now Available: The Spaceship Demo Project using VFX Graph and High-Definition Render Pipeline - Last year, at Unite LA, we released a video showcasing the brand-new Visual Effect Graph in action through a First-Person Game walkthrough, using Unity 2018.3. This demo was rendered using the High-Definition Render Pipeline and showcases High-Definition assets, lighting, and effects.
Unity Technologies Blog

UnityAnime4K - Anime4K is a high-quality and fast image upscaler that is specialized for anime style images. This repository contains an implementation of Anime4K in Unity that can be used for upscaling low resolution textures to higher ones.

Hidden quirks of Béziér curves - The 0 to 1 t value in Béziér curves have a hidden quirk - it's actually not the same as percentage of distance from start to end. A naive implementation gets you stretched UVs in procedural meshes. Freya Holmér provides a brief overview and solution
Freya Holmér

My take on shaders: Simple Subsurface Scattering - The new shader tutorial post on simple subsurface scattering is now publicly available! It's a really nice effect to visually enhance your environments and I bet you can find plenty of cool use cases!
Harry Alisavakis

7 Years of #UnityTips – Another 25 Tips - Back in 2012 I set up a tweet aggregator for Unity Tips, a couple of years ago to celebrate it running for 5 years I gave a talk with 25 of my favourite tips.
Barnaby Smith

Game Jam Reminder - "Your First Game" Jam hosted by Sykoo Sam with Mix and Jam and Kristin Stock will be starting August 27th

New Creator Kit: Beginner Code – Get coding quickly - In another exciting Creator Kit adventure, we’re bringing you the next installment, Beginner Code.

Unity Audio vs Wwise - A look at Wwise in comparison to Unity’s own audio API and mixer components which have been around since Unity 5.

9 Best UnityTips for Unity Game Developers #99 - Curated #UnityTips No. 99 by Devdog August 2019!


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


How to make FPS Games with Unity 2019!  - In this video I'm giving you a bunch of tips, tricks and sharing features for how to make an FPS game in Unity 2019!
Procedural Geometry - An Improvised Live Course - It's here! The 5 hour spline-based procedural geometry stream! Enjoy~
Freya Holmér

Creating Immersive AR with Unity 2019! - In this video we look at a number of techniques useful for creating immersive AR (augmented reality) content including light estimation, realtime reflections and plane occlusion.

Game Developer Breaks Down Graphics in Video Games - In this video we take an in depth look at the graphics from four different video games!

How to use Singletons in Unity3D without breaking everything... - If you're not sure how to use singletons, had them bite you in the ***, or maybe you heard they shouldn't even exist... this is for you :)
Unity3d College


MeshEdit 0.4 is out now! - Now you can - Unwrap and edit UV maps with a full UV Editor! - Apply multiple materials to the same model! - Finely control normals with sharp edges! - Export UVs as .pngs! And more, entirely inside Unity!
Jamie Rollo
Snaps asset packs make it easy to bring your projects to life - Find out how Snaps can help you fast-track your game creation process and even help newcomers get started in 3D games.
Peek - Introducing Peek: Unity workflow tools you'll never want to live without.

Game Spotlight

Astro Kat - Astro Kat is a sci-fi themed action adventure game featuring Kat, a young kitty explorer and scientist. You will visit different planets to look for animals, plants and maybe even find some new friends! Together with your companion bot-friend, you will discover new abilities by researching the alien environments.
Follow the devlog at the link.
Minions Art

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