Implementing The Command Pattern In Unity [FREE] - How to achieve replay functionality, as well as undo and redo in Unity by using the command pattern. Use it to enhance strategy and similar games.
Ray Wenderlich

Create with Code: Learn & teach computer programming by making games - Create with Code is Unity Education’s new, free program for teaching and learning computer science and Unity development.

ArchViz Production in Unity Using HDRP - Oneiros, a company that specializes in Virtual Reality & Real-Time CG solutions, shared an insight into how they worked on the recent project in Unity using HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline).
80 Level

Setting Up Atmospheric Scene for a Unity Game - Sergey Noskov talked about setting up environments for his Unity game called 7th Sector.
80 Level

Procedural Eye Shader - Here's how I set up my procedural eye shader! There are a lot of options in there to colorize/change shapes/ add textures. Source code included.

Local Functions - Did you know C# has local functions? Can access local variables. Doesn't clutter the outer scope. Faster than lambdas - local functions compile like any other method. Here's an example of how much it cleaned up some code of mine!
Freya Holmér

Release 2019.3.0a12 - Unity version 2019.3.0a12 has been released
Unity Beta Releases

Automated Tests in Unity with Examples - This is an article about automated tests in Unity and several examples of how we use them while developing our game Sine.
Lonely Vertex Development

Accelerate your Terrain Material painting with the 2019.2 Terrain Tools update - After receiving your feedback, we are excited to share some new improvements to Terrain Material painting. Our 2019.2 Terrain Tools package lets you paint complex Terrain with less effort and includes UI changes to help speed up your workflow.

Alpha Dithering in Particle Shaders - Finally added alpha dithering to our particle shaders! We use it for 2 things: fading out smoke that's too close to the camera, and fading out smoke over lifetime. Here's how we did it.
Phi Dinh


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


TOP DOWN MOVEMENT in Unity! - Let's have a look at the easiest and best way to make top-down movement in Unity!
Your First Game Jam - Sykoo Sam is teaming up with Unity to host a game jam on August 27th
Sykoo, Unity

Magic Leap Hand Meshing in Unity3d With Super Powers Made of Particles - Magic Leap Hand Meshing with Unity3d and Particle Systems. In this video I give you an overview on how hand meshing and hand tracking works with Magic Leap
Dilmer Valecillos


HUMBLE SOFTWARE BUNDLE: THE BEAT GOES ON - MAGIX is back for another bundle full of audio software! Create, record, mix, and produce your own music with software like SOUND FORGE Pro 12, ACID Pro 8, Music Maker EDM Edition, and MP3 Deluxe 19.
Humble Bundle

Chisel - I created a level editor called Realtime CSG which is sold on the Unity Asset store. Together with the Sabre CSG community, I'm currently working on its free and open source successor called Chisel!
Sander van Rossen
Trails FX - Trails FX renders smooth trails behind moving objects and characters. It uses GPU instancing and use correct transparency order, creating mesmerizing, long and performant trails.

Game Spotlight

Falcon Age - This year at AWE 2019, Chandana ‘Eka’ Ekanayake, co-founder and studio director of Outerloop Games, walked through the development process behind his game, Falcon Age. We had the chance to sit down with Eka to learn more about the specific tools he used. And now, we share his advice with you.
Unity Blog

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