Directional Shadows - This is the fourth part of a tutorial series about creating a custom scriptable render pipeline. It adds support for cascaded shadow maps.
Catlike Coding

See Through Walls - Since many of you asked, here is a tutorial on how to see through walls #under60sec. Also check out transparent characters.
Daniel Santalla

Terrain Grass Methods - For anyone interested I made a pretty lengthy write-up of terrain grass methods in the Unity3d forums; finally found a clean workflow for detail meshes on default terrains including wind support.

The best C# articles from 2019 - Running the largest C# newsletter gives me the joy of seeing what others like to read. Today, I want to share the most popular pieces from 2019. If you missed any of them I highly recommend catching up.
Jakub Chodounsky

Breaking the Rules of Unity Garbage Collection - Once upon a time, there was a unity game programmer called Lancelot. A very passionate one, I would say. He didn't know yet, but eventually he would face the darkest side of Unity garbage collection.
Rubén Torres Bonet
What Does Deallocating Temp Memory Do? - Last week we learned a lot about Allocator.Temp, but we left some questions open. One of them was what happens when we explicitly deallocate Temp memory. We know we don’t need to and that it’ll be deallocated at the end of the frame, but what happens when we explicitly deallocate it? Today we’ll dive in and try to find out.

NoiseBall5 - Unity 2019.3 new Mesh API example with C# Job System. Now you can generate/modify meshes using Burst-compiled and threaded jobs without extra memory copying.

CreatePlaneStack.cs - Here is the script I used for generating the mesh in the aurora effect. Can be used for similar volumetric effects, or simply to take a gander at procedural mesh generation.
Staggart Creations

Distribute Objects Evenly - New addition to the utility library: Distribute objects evenly in a Unity3d scene (along x / y / z).
Pixel Wizards

SceneViewControlWindow.cs - Unity Tip: An EditorWindow can read and consume input events received by the Scene View, which is incredibly useful when making editing tools.
Brody Brooks

Unity Editor Hack 1: Change All Game Objects in All Scenes - A sample editor script detailing how you can go about making an update to all gameobjects from all scenes if needed.
Bilal Akil

Suppressing Warnings in Unity - Annoyed by useless warnings in Unity? There are two ways to suppress them.
Anton Semchenko

ShaderDebugBuildProcessor - I added a script to strip out about 90% of built-in shader variants in #unity that we weren't using based on this article. Saved nearly 3MB and everything builds sooooooo much quicker.
Damian Connolly

What’s New in dotCover 2019.3 - Adding support for Unity tests was the main focus of the 2019.3 release.
Unity Game Development Cookbook: Essentials for Every Game - Welcome to the Unity Game Development Cookbook! We’re incredibly excited about this book, and really proud of our work on it. We hope you find it a useful companion to your game development using the Unity engine.
Paris Buttfield-Addison, Jon Manning, Tim Nugent Affiliate

Unity 2D racing game tutorial - In this unity 2d racing game tutorial we will be building a hypercasual racing game for mobile.

A Thought Experiment: Using the ECS Pattern Outside of Game Engines - Since ECS is a big topic for the future of Unity, you may gain another perspective from this article which looks at using the pattern outside of game development. While you are it, there is also the corresponding Hacker News discussion.
Michale F Bryan


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


Unity DOTS - What changed? - Let's check out the current state of Unity DOTS/ECS and what changed in these past months. Jobs Entities.ForEach(); [GenerateAuthoringComponent] and more!
Code Monkey
2D Hologram Shader Graph Unity 2019.3 - Tutorial - Learn how to create 2D Hologram Shader using Shader Graph in Unity 2019.3 which uses on Universal Rendering Pipeline.
Binary Lunar

2D Lights and Shadows in Unity 2019! (Tutorial) - We have a new 2D Renderer for 2D games, which includes the features 2D Lights and 2D Shadows! In this video, we're going to take a look at how we can use Unity 2019 and the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) to add 2D Lights and Shadows to our 2D games!
VOLUMETRIC LIGHTING in Unity HDRP - Let's learn how to make god rays using volumetric fog in Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline(HDRP).
Unity Guruz

Unity Tutorial - Visual Effect Graph - Fireworks in 2 minutes - The year comes to an end and it is time to celebrate again. If you would like to add some fireworks to your project you can follow this simple tutorial and learn how to use GPU events for multi-stage effects.
Binary Impact
Mario Galaxy’s Launch Star - In Super Mario Galaxy, Mario uses a Launch Star to fly from one planet to another. The whole animation feels very magical and it’s a great moment to appreciate the game’s environment. I wanted to try and replicate this mechanic and see if I could achieve a similar effect using Unity!
Mix and Jam


POLYGON - Apocalypse Pack - Unity Award Nomination - Best Artistic Content. Synty Studios presents our most ambitious pack yet! An absolutely massive low poly asset pack to build your dream game! No need to scour the store looking for packs that match, this is possibly the biggest most comprehensive asset pack ever released on the store.

OVER 1,800 Detailed prefabs are included with this pack. Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.
- All Buildings have enterable Interiors!
- Modular Bunker System!
- Modular Quarantine Wall!
- Vehicle Armor Attachments to add to our previous vehicles!
- Vehicle weapons to attach to your death machines!
- Modular Gun System
- Create thousands of custom guns!

Synty Studios  Affiliate
JCMG Curves - JCMG Curves is a 3D Bezier curve library focused on ease of use in both its API and Unity Editor integration.
Jeff Campbell Open Source
PolyglotUnity - A Unity3d plugin for Polyglot Localization, which is a project that translates games to many languages. This plugin makes it possible to automatically download the polyglot master spreadsheet and a custom game specific spreadsheet and parses it in a unity project.
Agens AS Open Source

Clayxels - Clayxels are tiny voxels that seamlessly blend together like clay, you can use them to create models within Unity or make games with clay-like interactive effects and animations.
Andrea Interguglielmi

Modern UI Pack - Modern UI Pack is a clean, minimalistic and stylish UI package for those who want to have better and rich featured UI elements. Everything you see is included in the package, easy to use, fully editable, customizable and documented.
Michsky  Affiliate

Game Spotlight

The Pedestrian - Plan, Build, Adjust, Succeed!

The Pedestrian is a 2.5D side-scrolling puzzle platformer that takes puzzle platforming literally. The player moves from sign to sign, rearranging and reconnecting signs in order to solve puzzles.

Read about the development process on their dev blog.

Skookum Arts

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