An Algorithm for city map generation - This article is only about street generation. However, this is the first part of a longer series that will explore several generation algorithms to create an entire city, down to individual apartments.

Designing A Game’s Flow [Introductory Guide] - Game Design / Designing A Game’s Flow [Introductory Guide]

I'm making a duck that moves with procedural animation and made breakdown of the current setup. - Last weekend I posted a video of the duck I’m making with procedural animation, and the response was really encouraging! Some of you were asking how it’s made, so I thought I’d make a little breakdown of the setup!
Mike Sebele @robotgrapefruit

Get a Free Huge PDF Report on the Outsourcing Market in 2024 - Is outsourcing a risky move or a winning strategy for game developers today?

Study finds co-op games keep growing in numbers (and sales) on Steam - The power or two (or four). The amount of Steam games with co-op as a selling point grows on a yearly basis, and they're outshining their solo brethren.

Achieve Faster CPU Rendering with Render Modes & Graphics Jobs - Know what Unity is doing behind your back with the game objects of your scene? You’d be surprised to see how rendering works under the hood.

Programmers Should Never Trust Anyone, Not Even Themselves - It is folly to pursue certainty of your code’s correctness. A bug may be hiding in a dependency that you’ll never find. Yet we should not despair. We can still decrease the risk of bugs via greater understanding and due diligence.


Get Unity Certified! Take aim at your dream job! A a certification that will help you stand out from the crowd.


Exploring a New Approach to Realistic Lighting: Radiance Cascades - Radiance Cascades are an innovative solution to global illumination from the devs of Path of Exile 2. Let's explore and implement their approach.

I Tried Turning Games Into Text - ASCII art has been a staple of the internet since its inception -- but today I'm wondering if we could make a shader that turns games into ASCII art, and if we can, would it even look good?

Thwips and Hugs: The Animation of 'Marvel's Spider-Man 2' - In this 2024 Animation Summit session, join the esteemed team of Insomniac Animation Directors as they guide you on an immersive journey behind the scenes, offering a deeper exploration of the creative process behind Marvel's Spider-Man 2's animated world.

Make the Trailer Before the Game: A Marketing First Way to Prototype - Why wait until the game is deep in production before you think of its first trailer? Thinking about what a trailer for your game will look like when you're at the prototyping phase can be an effective lens through which you can assess the appeal and viability of a game idea and show it to collaborators and business partners. Prolific game trailer editor Derek Lieu shares step-by-step instructions and best practices for conceiving game ideas via mockup trailers. 

Making Connections: Real-Time Path-Traced Light Transport in Game Engines - Path traced effects in games have been a dream of many since the early days of real-time rendering. The advent of hardware accelerated ray tracing and recent advances in algorithms derived from Reservoir-based Spatio-Temporal Importance Sampling (ReSTIR) have turned those dreams into reality.

What sequels can teach us about Game Development - I will note that the list I made is not necessarily "the truth", it is somewhat in the order of how I personally prioritise and think about these things, but I do think it could be equally valid to find other things more important.
Nonsensical 2D


SPECTACULAR EFFECTS SALE - 50% Off Sale. Create gaming magic with immersive VFX, particle systems, shaders, audio, and more at 50% off.

Including: World Scan FX, Creative Lights, Toon Pro: Ultimate Stylized Shading, Advanced Edge Detection, and more!

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Unity and Unreal Engine Mega Bundle - Limitless creation for Unity & Unreal

Bring the worlds in your imagination to life in Unity and Unreal Engine with this mind-blowingly massive collection of environments, props, tools, and more! From sprawling cyberpunk dystopias to soul-stirring medieval villages, you’ll have the building blocks to create masterwork game environments that will transport your players. You’ll get over three dozen megapacks made up of modular assets that you can mix and match as you please, that utilize engine-native cutting-edge tools like Nanite and Lumen.

Pay what you want for this indispensable toolkit and help support charity with your purchase.
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InspectorTween - Tween system for unity mostly for setup in inspector instead of code.
RadialGames Open Source

AnKuchen - Control UI Prefab from Script Library
kyubuns Open Source

TextureSource - Virtual Texture Source for Unity (WebCam, Video, AR Camera)
asus4 Open Source

com.bananaparty.websocketclient - Fully cross-platform WebSocket client library.
forcepusher Open Source

com.bananaparty.behaviortree - Fully cross-platform Behavior Tree.
forcepusher Open Source

figma-ui-image - Figma UI Image. A package to bring a Figma Design to Unity as a UI Image.
Volorf Open Source

PrefsUGUI - Auto creation GUI elements by doing variable declaration.
a3geek Open Source

MGS.Animation - Unity plugin for path animations in scene.
mogoson Open Source

Deform - A fully-featured deformer system for Unity that lets you stack effects to animate models in real-time
keenanwoodall Open Source

Unity-Editor-History - View and navigate your selection history!
BedtimeDigitalGames Open Source

Simple-ActiveRagdoll - Simple implimentation of active-ragdoll in Unity.
davidkimighty Open Source

AssetHunts Studio! Open Game Asset Library - Everything Free & CC0 Licensed. We're releasing New Asset Pack regularly!

50% off ricimi - Publisher Sale - Ricimi is committed to crafting high-quality game UIs and art assets that help developers kickstart their own projects. Save time thanks to these unique and professional visual designs. PLUS, get Sweet Cakes Icon Pack for FREE with code RICIMI
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Audio Arcade - The Definitive Collection Of Music And Sound From Ovani Sound - Expand your audio arsenal. Give your project that last bit of audio polish it needs to truly shine with this bundle from Ovani Sound. You’ll get a vast collection of royalty-free music and sound FX ready to plug into your project, as well as powerful time-saving audio plugins usable on all major game engines. From masterfully crafted gunshots and explosions and music packs that span moods and genres, to music and ambiance plugins for Godot, Unity, and Unreal Engine, your audio needs will be well and fully sorted. Plus, your purchase helps the Children’s Miracle Network.
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Game Spotlight

Atlas Wars - Join the epic world of Atlas Wars, a fast-paced skill-based multiplayer brawler! Choose unique heroes, master awesome abilities, and battle in crazy and unique arenas. Atlas Wars offers an action-packed brawl experience!

[You can wishlist it on Steam and visit their website]

Stone Shard Games, Nano Knight Studio

Call Of Dookie - Demo Available Now!

My game, Call Of Dookie. Demo available on Steam

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