Download our new 2D sample project: Lost Crypt - We put our new 2D tools through their paces to create a 2D side-scroller demo. In this post we show how these integrated 2D tools can help you create high-end visuals with Unity.

Duellistes - In this advanced series we will make a 2D fencing game. 20% Nidhogg inspired , 80% the 1977's movie, 100% Awesome. This series is a "from scratch" series. We will develop the entire game and write all scripts in the video.
Sharp Accent

Free tool importing sprites/anims into Unity - Here’s another tool I made. This one is what we use for getting sprite animations into the project. If you use Unity, and Photoshop or Aseprite for anims then you might find it useful!

Creating 2.5D Games in Unity, Part 2 – Depth Shader - Writing a shader to resolve the depth issues of the 2.5D billboard-style.

Zero allocation code in C# and Unity - In order to get to great results, the c# programmer must understand the fundamental limitations of operative systems and CPU architectures, like a c++ programmer does. The c# programmer must also know how c# works at its core to understand why seemingly harmless behaviors can actually heavily affect the execution performance. This article is therefore aimed to people who wants to be sure they are using optimally their tools. 
Seba's Lab

Regex for Word Games in C# - But unless you’re coding a Markdown editor, or using a natural language processing API, your basic interaction with regular expressions will be “recipe” based: meaning copy and paste bits of code handling form validation or something. But let’s put an end to that right now.

Unity rich text: Getting the most out of text formatting in unity - Rich text formatting allows you to add HTML tags to unity text , but there are only a limited options that you can add. In this post we will cover how you can make good looking text UI with the options available in unity.

Unity Addressables Videos: Delivering Over Network - Let's be honest. Videos are crucial elements for high caliber games, but they feed on storage space. They'll milk till the last bit of your players' drives. They'll skyrocket your game installation times by hours. Would you enjoy staring at a progress bar for 12 hours? Your players won't. No problem, Unity Addressables for Videos comes to the rescue.
Rubén Torres Bonet

Introducing LibVLCSharp for Unity3D - Today, we are announcing the initial release of VLC for Unity (Windows) on the Unity Store! This Unity plugin allows you to use a LibVLC-powered video player in your games and Unity apps. Whether you need to support a strange format, live streaming or play a 4K video in your latest production, we got you covered.

Unity Project Tiny - Unity have just released Tiny Racing preview 3, the demonstration project for the in process Project Tiny. Tiny Racing is a Mario Kart style game that runs on the Tiny runtime, including being able to run it in your browser. Project Tiny is a new runtime and SDK with a modular approach with the aim of making Unity development “pay for what you need and no more” in approach, building on top of the also in development DOTS technology stack.

CORS, Cookies, Unity and WebGL Builds - This post is meant as a quick follow-up to cover another tricky problem that may come up when attempting to host your Unity WebGL game on Kongregate: cookie-based session authentication.

AssetGraph - If you haven't checked out the AssetGraph tool and have struggled with AssetProcessor scripts or with AssetBundle prep - you need to drop everything and check this magic out.
Mike W

XR Interaction Toolkit Preview Package is here - The XR Interaction Toolkit enables you to add interactivity to your AR & VR experiences, across our supported platforms, without having to code the interactions from scratch. As of today, it’s available as a Preview package for Unity 2019.3 via the Package Manager.

Unity vs Unreal Engine for XR Development: Which One Is Better? - If you want to develop an XR application for your business or your personal project, there’s no better time than now. These days, game engines like Unity3D and Unreal Engine allow people with no prior XR development experience to create XR solutions on par with industry veterans. Especially given that you can experiment with both engines for free as long as you want.
Circuit Stream

VAT (Vertex Animation Texture) with Unity Visual Effect Graph - Unity VFX Graph renders a lava simulation exported as a VAT (Vertex Animation Texture) from Houdini. I added a sample Houdini project and simple documentation to the repository.
Keijiro's Dev Log

URP / VisualEffectGraph project with various tests. - In VisualEffectGraph, you can sample GI from Light Probes using the Baked GI node in a VFX ShaderGraph. And legend tells it would have been seen working on Universal RP too... Some examples here.
Thomas ICHÉ

Partial Derivatives (fwidth) - The partial derivative functions ddx, ddy and fwidth are some of the least used hlsl functions and they look quite confusing at first, but I like them a lot and I think they have some straightforward useful use cases so I hope I can explain them to you. Since I’m explaining straightforward functions you don’t have to know a lot of shader programming for this, but you should have a rough overview over how to render simple things with shaders in unity. If don’t know the basics yet, I have a couple of tutorials on them here.
Ronja's Shader Tutorials

Overwatch Shield - Even though it looks a bit complicated, the shader used in Overwatch on the shields is quite simple and easy to create. We'll look at how to implement neat features like the depth-based intersection and different optimisation techniques for the shader.

HDRP Hologram Shader - I ported Recompile's hologram shader over to HDRP Shader Graph! Also added a couple of new features & improvements... Here's how it works.
Phi Dinh

Fire and Portal Shaders - A couple of posts covering a fire shader and portal shader for Unity 3D and a set of textures for them.
Dmitry Kochkin

Make and sell assets on Unity - Success of a game depends on how well it does financially but selling games is not the only way to earn money. Game developers have another option to earn by selling assets in unity asset store. In this post we will cover how to make unity assets and sell them on unity asset store.

Command line tool for updating UPM packages - Do you like the command line? Would you like to update all Unity packages in one go rather than one at a time? Check out unity-check-updates, a command line tool I've released with support for macOS, Windows, and Linux.
Scott Doxey

Easy Unity UI non-rectangular click detector without reading textures - Need simple & cheap non-rectangular buttons in Unity3d. Try this.
Steve Streeting

Release 2020.1.0a17 - Unity version 2020.1.0a17 has been released.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


MELEE COMBAT in Unity - Learn how to make melee combat in Unity!
How to Create a 2D Card Game in Unity - Learn how to create a 2D card game in Unity with randomized decks and draggable/droppable cards using the canvas, C# scripting, prefabs, and more!
M. S. Farzan

Coding Adventure: Game Idea Generator - I made a little prototype about a ghost who takes up beekeeping. Was a fun project with lots of mini-challenges -- generating trees, growing flowers, procedural spider walking and a few others.
Sebastian Lague

Fireworks - How To Play Sound Effect In Particle System - Unity Tutorial - Learn how to play a sound when a Particle System spawns and destroys an particle - a little video I made a few months back - with source code in description.

Universal Render Pipeline in Unity 2019 – Overview & Tutorial - In Unity 2019, we introduced a few changes to the Lightweight Render Pipeline, including a name change! It is now called the Universal Render Pipeline - but what exactly is it? How do you use the URP? Well let's check it out!

Unity3d Procedural Buildings - How To Use Scriptable Objects To Style Buildings (Part 5) - Today I am excited to show you how I use scriptable objects to create themes for my procedural buildings. This new implementation makes theming buildings easier and also more flexible, it allows us to create files for each theme which makes it not only easier to organize but also better for testing purposes.
Dilmer Valecillos

Writing a ray marcher in Unity - In this video we'll code a ray marcher inside of a shader in Unity that allows you to render 3d objects on the surface of other 3d objects, like a hologram!
The Art of Code


Text Animator for Unity - Add personality to your games with this easy to use and customizable plugin. Animate any text and increase your game's immersion in only a few steps. Bring your dialogues to life with 15+ effects or create your own!
Introducing Asset Store Mega Bundles featuring Synty Studios - Want to create a treasure-hunt level for your game, complete with pirates, gunboats and lost islands? Or a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with zombies? Chances are that whatever adventure world you’re imagining, Synty Studios has published a complete Asset Store package to help you realize it. You can get your hands on all of these and more, including world-building systems and AAA-quality Snaps packages, at over 90% off during our limited-time Asset Store Mega Bundles sale.
Asset Store

com.pixelwizards.utilities - Some Unity utilities (UV tools, resource checker etc) packaged for Unity's Package Manager.
  • Window/Analysis/UVPreview - preview model UV in the Editor
  • Window/Analysis/UVInspector- another tool to preview model UV in the
  • Editor Tools/ResourceChecker - shows resources loaded in a scene, very useful for optimizing builds
  • various other tools - 'Create GameObject at Root' etc
Pixel Wizards

Project Auditor - Project Auditor is a static analysis tool for Unity Projects. Project Auditor analyzes scripts and settings of a Unity project and reports a list of potential problems that affect performance.
Marco Trivellato

Game Spotlight

Unto The End: 2D Indie Game Development in Unity - Stephen Danton talked about the 2D side-scroller he is developing together with his wife Sara Kitamura: combat system, world development, ambiance, VFX, and more.

When we take time to think about it, we know it’s pretty crazy. 2D side-on combat games have been around for at least 20 years and the idea of a “guy with a sword” comes with a whole mountain of expectations. Trying to reshape those expectations and deliver something new to players has been an incredibly interesting challenge.

We knew early on that we needed to show players that Unto The End isn’t just another hack-n-slash game. It rewards skill and mastery in distinct ways, and despite sharing some mood and tone elements, it’s NOT Dark Souls, Sekiro or For Honor, copy-pasted into 2D.

80 Level

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