Level up: exploring the artistic side of video game design - Existing in parallel to a world of hyperrealistic CGI is a growing segment of gaming using illustration and painterly art to make mesmerising and charming visual experiences. Angelica Frey explores this world of video game design and speaks to designers at the creative forefront.

Flattening Bézier Curves and Arcs - Thankfully, it turns out we can flatten curves with far fewer segments without even sacrificing quality that much. And all of that without needing recursive subdivisions!

Hex Map 3.3.0 - Hex Cell Data - We're on a quest to get rid of the HexCell class. This will allows us to at some point convert some of our code into Burst jobs. This time we remove the dependency on the class from code that generates and visualizes maps.

How Fika Productions set sail with their peer-to-peer multiplayer hit Ship of Fools - When Fika Productions set out to fill the market gap for a co-op roguelite game, they had their sights set on couch co-op. And then 2020 happened. We sat down with lead gameplay programmer Daniel Carmichael and developer Yannick Vanderloo to discuss their game and explore some of the development challenges they had to solve to get Ship of Fools to market during a complicated time for the industry.


Get Unity Certified! Take aim at your dream job! A a certification that will help you stand out from the crowd.


The Making of Pentiment - Noclip Documentary - We travel to Obsidian Entertainment to talk to the small team behind this award winning historical role-playing game.
Noclip - Video Game Documentaries

How Quake Failed their way to Success - Breakthroughs aren't created in a vacuum. Let's dig into Quake's technical failures and missteps, in order to better understand their ultimate success.

CLEAN Game Architecture with ScriptableObjects | Unity Tutorial - Show your Support & Get Exclusive Benefits on Patreon (Including Access to this tutorial Source Files + Code) -
Sasquatch B Studios

It's Better To Be Friends: Marketing "Asks" and the Reality of Game Production - In this GDC 2023 talk, Rebekah Saltsman shares how the marketing and development teams at Finji use an integrated communication and asset creation process to manage projects that intentionally balances the high-profile marketing asks required to ship a game alongside the development reality of a project.

Better AI in Unity - GOAP (Goal Oriented Action Planning) - Build a GOAP system from the ground up in this video that not only explains GOAP (Goal Oriented Action Planning) but will show you how you can implement smarter AI in your Unity project with a practical implementation from scratch.


$20 Asset Sale (Up to 75% Off) - Unlock savings of up to 75% on premium 3D assets, tools, animations, GUI elements, textures, and more to accelerate your game development process.

Some huge savings on great packs including: Mythical packaging of monsters, Sky Master ULTIMATE: Volumetric Skies, Clouds & Weather, Super Text Mesh, Infini GRASS GPU Vegetation, Fluid Flow 2 and much more!

Unity Affiliate

Blender Core Skills - The Ultimate Blender Basics Bundle - Level up your Blender skills. It’s time to begin the next step in your Blender journey with this bundle of video courses from CG Cookie, designed to get you up and running a number of essential skills and disciplines in the realm of 3D art. If you’re just starting to get your bearings, kick things off with a full course on 3D mesh modeling with Blender, then learn to create lifelike organic shapes with a course on sculpting. Bring your creations to life with thorough courses on rigging and animation. Master skills like these and many more, and help support One Tree Planted with your purchase!
Paulsams Affiliate

ChoiceReferenceAttribute - An attribute for selecting a subclass to be serialized in Unity.
Paulsams Open Source

Unity-StateMachines - This packages offers astract classes for FSM (Finite State Machine) and HFSM (Hierarchical Finite State Machine) patterns.
kevincastejon Open Source

asset-relations-viewer - Plugin to display dependencies between assets, files, assetgroups, etc. in a tree based view within the Unity editor.
innogames Open Source

rhinox-lightspeed - Coding extensions library: New basic datatypes, static helper methods and extensions on Unity datatypes
Rhinox-Training Open Source

UltrawideFixes - An ever-growing collection of ultra-wide solutions for games built on the Unity engine.
p1xel8ted Open Source

Shader Graph GitHub previewerby Stelios Petrakis - Adds a preview button on .shadergraph and .shadersubgraph files hosted on GitHub to preview them directly via the Shader Graph previewer website.
Stelios Petrakis

facesjs - A JavaScript library for generating vector-based cartoon faces
zengm-games Open Source

unity-prediction-rollback - Deterministic prediction-rollback netcode library for Unity.
nilpunch Open Source

SimpleWebTransport - WebSocket Server and client for unity designed for Mirror Networking
James-Frowen Open Source

BaseTool - A big library of basic tools that you might need in your Unity projects.
DarkRewar Open Source

Master of C# and .NET Book Bundle - Mastery of C# and .NET awaits. Upgrade your approach to software development with this meticulously curated bundle of books from Packt, covering C# and a host of related topics. Kickstart your journey with C# Data Structures and Algorithms, written to help you understand these crucial concepts in computing. .NET MAUI Cross-Platform Application Development provides a comprehensive guide to building versatile applications across multiple platforms. A Developer's Guide to .NET Azure will empower you to harness the cloud, opening doors to scalable, high-performance applications with global reach. Pay what you want for all these and more—over 20 books in all!—and help support Trees, Water & People with your purchase!
IvanMurzak Affiliate

Creator Boombox - Loopable Royalty Free Songs For An Upgraded Experience - A library of loopable royalty-free tunes. Does your project need a soundtrack? Jump on this bundle of royalty-free music and get 20 track packs representing a spectrum of genres, ready to add a new dimension to your creation! Whether you’re looking for chill coffee shop vibes, ambient lo-fi beats, hard-driving EDM, or anything in between, you’ll find the sound that your project needs. A total of 12 hours worth of songs. Pay what you want for a music library that will keep you stocked with tunes for years to come and help support Alzheimer’s Research UK with your purchase!
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50% off Watermelon Games - Making new games becomes easier with Watermelon Games templates. Enjoy unique gameplay, structured code, and detailed customization documentation. PLUS, get Jelly Merge | Template + Editor for FREE with code WATERMELONGAMES.
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Game Spotlight

VoxelScaper - Build your perfect diorama.

This is a diorama-style game designed purely to let you express your creativity. With its simple and intuitive interface, you can build a floating city in the sky, a lush garden oasis, or a whimsical fairytale scene. Start with a glass cube with water on a table and let your creativity run wild.

[You can get it now on Steam and follow them on Twitter]

Catiger Studio

Call Of Dookie - Demo Available Now!

My game, Call Of Dookie. Demo available on Steam

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