Grass System Extension : Cutting - Here’s the post that explains how to extend the grass system to add the much requested feature to cut grass. The post assumes that you have read the main Grass System
Minions Art

Example of an ultra cheap crowd shader all in one mesh - You can make very cool effects with basic shader and some data in your mesh (UV, vertex color etc)
Alex Strook @AlexStrook

A Mind-Blowing Shader That Opens the Window to Different Worlds - The shader was set up via interior mapping and Skybox masking in Unity.

Working on Realistic Skin & Hair For a 3D Guns N’ Roses Girl Project - Peter Stumpf, a 3D and VFX hobbyist, has shared a detailed breakdown of the Blake project with ZBrush, Substance 3D Painter, and XGen, from sculpting to texturing, shading, grooming, and LookDev.

Multiplayer resource roundup: Get the latest templates, samples, and demos - The 2024 Unity Gaming Report reveals that studios are building more multiplayer games despite the complexity. While bringing more players into game development poses challenges, it’s never been simpler to build multiplayer games with Unity. Browse this curated list of resources to get familiar with the latest multiplayer demos, samples, and templates.

Stop postponing things by embracing the mess - Does your day get derailed frequently because of unexpected circumstances? Do you always expect yourself to be more productive tomorrow? Do you think you will have more time in the future? Let's dive into why, and what to do about it.


Get Unity Certified! Take aim at your dream job! A a certification that will help you stand out from the crowd.


Get a Hand-Drawn Sketch Look in Blender - Tutorial - I've been playing around with blender trying to make my renders look like sketched drawings. After a bit of experimenting I think I've gotten the look pretty close to what I was looking for
Bran Sculpts

Meshcapade - It's Mixamo Meets MetaHumans - Meshcapade is a useful tool for game developers that enables you to create digital humans MetaHuman style, or by uploading a picture or scan. Once your digital human is created you can apply a number of different animations to it from their massive Mixamo like library, or by uploading a video that will be converted to an animation.

Creating a RADIAL PROGRESS BAR | Unity UI Tutorial - Today we'll create a Unity UI circle or radial indicator to show the progress of our button press! I'll show you how to design the UI, write the C# code and put it altogether.

Steam Secrets: Use this tool to make great capsule art - Making Steam capsule art is one of the hardest things to get right in game dev. Learn about a simple free tool that you can use to help you to create better Steam capsules, and hopefully get more wishlists and sales.
Indie Dev Lab

Day Night System | Events, Dial, Skyboxes and PostProcessing - Learn to build a Night/Day System in Unity that publishes events as the day and night progress! Rotate the sun and moon, blend skyboxes between day and night, change post processing for ambient light and color, and create a retrograde dial effect in the UI!


GameMasters Toolkit: Assets & Tutorials Bundle - Craft worlds & master techniques

Get the skills and building blocks you need to create stunning game assets with this bundle from Leartes Studios. You’ll get a host of asset packs ready to plug into your Unity and Unreal projects, ranging from interior and exterior environments, to props and icons and more. Also included are a selection of tutorials produced by Leartes and their partners, created to skill you up on essential tools and techniques like Lumen, Unreal’s global illumination and reflections system.

Pay what you want for this bundle, valued at nearly $4,000, and help support Direct Relief with your purchase!

Humble Bundle Affiliate

Prototype To Publish In Unity: Software Bundle - Get your Unity game in motion. Get your game idea out of your head and into the world with this Unity bundle, full of assets and tools to help you hit the ground running with prototyping! Whether you’re looking for 3D models, tools to create your own sprites, or packages full of readymade effects, you’ll be covered. You’ll also get access to a host of toolkits to help you painlessly implement critical game features, everything from quest and inventory systems, to grid and hex-based maps. Pay what you want for this indispensable prototyping toolkit and help support Girls Who Code with your purchase!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

unity-quest-journal - A Unity 3D package for managing complex or simple quests in video games. Inspired by The Witcher 3 and Skyrim like quest management systems.
ashblue Open Source

AnimFlex - A fast (faster than DOTween) and simple to use Sequencer & Tweener.
somedeveloper00 Open Source

unity_3dradarchart - The purpose of this project is to provide a data-agnostic software module for a three-dimensional (3D), interactive data visualization in the format of a 3D Radar Chart, implemented for Unity3D.
nicoversity Open Source

HierarchyPlus - A general improvement to the unity hierarchy such as component icons, guide lines, row coloring and settings for customization.
Dreadrith Open Source

PixelationFx - Pixelation post effect for Unity Urp
NullTale Open Source

Animation-Repathing - Feature rich Unity Editor tool to help streamline the process of changing the paths of animations
hfcRed Open Source

Ica_Normal_Tools - Super fast Normal and Tangent recalculation library for Unity.
icauroboros Open Source

UBind - UBind is a value binding component for Unity, which is used to quickly realize the association binding between UI and logical data.
ls9512 Open Source

Render-Crowd-Of-Animated-Characters - Animation Baker and Instancing for Animated Characters: Using GPU to implement large-amount animation characters rendering. The animation map for vertex shader to modify the vertex position of the mesh at runtime. Using GPU instancing to reduce draw calls.
chenjd Open Source

ecsrx.unity - A simple framework for unity using the ECS paradigm but with unirx for fully reactive systems.
EcsRx Open Source

Five Character Creator Base Models - Animatable and Free to Own - Free fully-rigged 3D character base. Discovering a foolproof character base that fulfills all the requirements of 3D artists can be a daunting task. To expedite 3D character production for studios, educators, and enthusiasts alike, Reallusion is democratizing the CC3+ character standard. A significant stride in this initiative is the introduction of CC3+ character bases to all, at no cost whatsoever. Leverage the comprehensive CC base mesh to greatly accelerate character design and improve animation workflows, made possible by its precise rigging and skin-weights.

50% off Kronnect - Publisher Sale - Kronnect strives to provide advanced assets that exceed their customers’ expectations in terms of quality, functionality and support. Including Beautify 3, Volumetric Fog & Mist 2, Highlight Plus and a lot more! PLUS, get Color Studio for FREE with code KRONNECT2024
Unity Affiliate

GDC 2024 - Game Audio Bundle (FREE) - In celebration of #GDC2024 we are giving away 27.5GB+ of high-quality sound effects from our amazing vendors here at Sonniss. No attribution is required and you can use them on an unlimited number of projects for the rest of your lifetime.

charon - Charon is a powerful game development tool that streamlines the game development process. It provides a structured approach to designing and modeling game data, with automatic source code generation that reduces the load on programmers and eliminates human errors.
gamedevware Open Source

Code Like A Pro 2024 Book Bundle - Code like a pro! Learning how to write games, web apps, and cool artificial intelligence programs is fun, and it's also an awesome way to make a living! If you want to succeed, you need to code like a pro. We've teamed up with Manning Publications for this incredible bundle of 20 AWESOME books that will help take your programming skills to the next level.
Humble Bundle Affiliate

umi - Unity mobile input (UMI) plugin for Android and iOS, allows to use features of mobile native input fields
mopsicus Open Source

Tween-Kit - Enhance DOTween with Tween Kit: Seamless, modular components for effortless Tweening.
AbdurRafay-Nasir Open Source

AppIconChangerUnity - Change the app icon dynamically in Unity (iOS only)
kyubuns Open Source

UnityVolumeRendering - Volume rendering, implemented in Unity3D. Want to support the project? Donate a small sum to Save The Children( or another charity, and send me a message, and I will be greatly motivated!
mlavik1 Open Source

SaintsField - A Unity Inspector extension tool focusing on script fields inspector enhancement
TylerTemp Open Source

Yos3D Assets Sale - Assets 50% off now including Souls Starter Pack, Cyberpunk pack and lots more!

Cinematic SoundWaves: Inspiring Audio For Film & Gaming Software Bundle - A treasury of royalty-free music Game developers, filmmakers, and creators of every discipline, this one’s for you! This bundle is jam-packed with over 22 hours of royalty-free music, ready to add to your latest creation. Whether you’re going for dark and eerie themes for your game, or you need to add some bright summertime vibes to your video project, this bundle has you covered. Pay what you want for 30 music and loop packs, valued at over $1,000 and help support the Children’s Miracle Network with your purchase.
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Become a 3D Artist: Complete Tutorial Bundle By Moive Maestros - Expert-led 3D art instruction Learn the ins and outs of 3D art from seasoned industry pros behind movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, and Pacific Rim with this bundle of video courses from FlippedNormal! You’ll get real-time, methodical instruction on essential fundamentals like sculpting and modeling, as well as full program-specific courses for Blender, Maya, ZBrush, and more! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your skillset, this bundle of 19 courses is full of practical, experience-backed guidance that will improve your craft. Your purchase helps support Cancer Research UK!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Game Dev Toolbox - Master Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender And More - Software Bundle - Become a versatile game developer

Looking to become a game developer? This bundle of video courses will serve as your foundation. Learn to create stunning in-game assets with Blender, ranging from stylized character models to detailed environments—and acquire the skills required to bring those creations to life in Unreal Engine. Master programming in C#, the versatile programming language that will help you work in Unity, create apps and games for Android, and much more.

Pay what you want for over 20 courses—a value of over $2,500—and help support charity Alzheimer's Research UK!

Humble Bundle Affiliate

Game Spotlight

High Fructose - Ghost Runner meets Fruit Ninja. A first-person shooter delicious roguelite. As a ninja fox, wield different weapons to slay monstrous fruit. Buy from the shop to create builds and endure the relentless onslaught.

[You can wishlist it on Steam and follow them on Twitter]

Chazak Games

Call Of Dookie - Demo Available Now!

My game, Call Of Dookie. Demo available on Steam

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