The Process of Mastering Unity for VFX & Simulation - Mirza Beig showed us his cool effects and simulations, recalled his journey with Unity and its Shuriken particle system, and shared some tips for VFX artists.

Learn How This UE5 Modular Dungeon Environment Was Recreated In Unity - Berkay Dobrucali, a Unity Environment Artist, talked about the process of assembling his Modular Dungeon Environment kit originally made with Unreal Engine 5 and explained the lightning and rendering workflow.

Mars After Midnight - Most of the work on this game so far has been figuring out how to make interesting-looking martians. I've been prototyping this in Python, writing a script that combines individual facial features with a head shape and some extra stuff. None of this is very complicated but that rarely stops me from posting about it.

Behind the implementation of .NET's PriorityQueue  - In this post, I look at the implementation of PriorityQueue, understand how it uses the underlying array as a heap data structure, and discuss the complexity of the implementation.

My favourite data structure: The trie - The trie is a deeply nested tree. The structure is commonly used for predictive text engines because you can represent all strings as a tree. Then, you can use word probabilities to decide on what word you should recommend.

Local UVs for Sprites in Sprite Sheet/Atlas - Some shader effects can rely on having a 0-1 UV coord across the sprite, but this breaks if the sprite is part of a larger sprite sheet (i.e. Sprite Mode set to Multiple) or if sprites are automatically packed via a Sprite Atlas asset.

Announcing SAGA: Skill to Action Generation for Agents. - Today, we are announcing SAGA: Skill to Action Generation for Agents, a generative AI framework that steers AI Agents toward successful goals through Actions. SAGA is inspired in part by Joon Park’s Generative Agents paper where Agents inhabit the 2D simulated town of Smallville. As well as the work on Voyager from Jim Fan, et al, in which Agents have a set of predefined Skills they can choose from but can also create new skills as they perform tasks in the 3D game, MineCraft. You can find the code on GitHub.


Get Unity Certified! Take aim at your dream job! A a certification that will help you stand out from the crowd.


Unity 6 and beyond: A roadmap of Unity Engine and services | GDC 2024 - Discover the latest developments in the Unity Engine and how they’re supported through additional tools and services to maximize your creative freedom and efficiency, while enabling you to produce gorgeous, immersive games that will wow players over and over.

Impractical Random Number Generators | Useless Game Dev - Computers are bad random number generation. I want to help. Let's build a few way to extract entropy from the environment and start generating some numbers. Will it be a Tamagotchi colony? A Twitter spam bot? A dice shuffling robot? Or all of the above?
Useless Game Dev

Can I Create Video Games Using SQL? (No Game Engine) - Leaving all the other contenders - Unreal, Unity, Godot, GameMaker and many more - in the dust, I bring forth the strongest game development toolkit known to man - SQL.

Unity | How to melee attack - In this video, we'll show how to make your player deal damage to enemies using a melee weapon

UI Toolkit, 2D Animation and 3D Lights in The Tribe Must Survive | Unity - We're here for another Creator Spotlight with the Unity game The Tribe Must Survive

Learn Large-Scale Multiplayer with Megacity Metro - Explore multiplayer development with Megacity Metro. This demo will help you build cross-platform games using Unity Cloud Services, DOTS, and the Universal Render Pipeline (URP), enhanced by features like prediction, interpolation, and lag compensation for smooth gameplay, even in high-latency situations.

4 ways to Highlight, Copy Paste Text in Unity with TextMesh Pro - Learn how to copy text from your Unity game to your system's clipboard to paste everywhere and add a colored highlight to your text to make it visible. This works with Text Mesh Pro You can paste text copied like this into input fields in your Unity game, or outside of your game, as it uses the operating system's clipboard. We go through four different ways to tackle this
Christina Creates Games

Jonathan Blow on Advice For Indie Game Developers - Jonathan Blow on Advice For Indie Game Developers
Jonathan Blow Clips

Loading Scenes On Demand Has Never Been Easier! - Loading Scenes and their Dependencies using Addressables either from your build or remotely with Unity CCD (Cloud Content Delivery) is worth it - now more than ever before with the new CCD Manager SDK, it's just so simple. Lower your memory footprint, load scenes on demand and even lower your build size.

Generate NavMesh from Your Terrain Paths #unity3d - Recently I needed to generate a nav mesh that matched up with my terrain and I wanted it to just match with my terrain painting exactly
Jason Weimann

I Rebuilt My Engine To Optimise This Properly - I spent the past 6 years creating a game engine, and I've been shocked at the things that can make or break performance. I put together 4 simple optimisations that you can use to make your games run much quicker.

Top 3 Problems Solved With Git Commands - Don't let one more day go by without starting your journey to Git Mastery! Let a professional software engineer show you how to solve the 3 most common problems in Git - Merge Conflicts, Removing Secrets and Disaster Recovery, and learn how to impress your coworkers at the same time.


GameMasters Toolkit: Assets & Tutorials Bundle - Craft worlds & master techniques

Get the skills and building blocks you need to create stunning game assets with this bundle from Leartes Studios. You’ll get a host of asset packs ready to plug into your Unity and Unreal projects, ranging from interior and exterior environments, to props and icons and more. Also included are a selection of tutorials produced by Leartes and their partners, created to skill you up on essential tools and techniques like Lumen, Unreal’s global illumination and reflections system.

Pay what you want for this bundle, valued at nearly $4,000, and help support Direct Relief with your purchase!

Humble Bundle Affiliate

Prototype To Publish In Unity: Software Bundle - Get your Unity game in motion. Get your game idea out of your head and into the world with this Unity bundle, full of assets and tools to help you hit the ground running with prototyping! Whether you’re looking for 3D models, tools to create your own sprites, or packages full of readymade effects, you’ll be covered. You’ll also get access to a host of toolkits to help you painlessly implement critical game features, everything from quest and inventory systems, to grid and hex-based maps. Pay what you want for this indispensable prototyping toolkit and help support Girls Who Code with your purchase!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

HelloMarioFramework - Create your own 3D Mario game with Hello Mario Framework for Unity!
HelloFangaming Open Source

ui-toolkit-safe-area - A Safe Area Container for Unity's UI Toolkit.
artstorm Open Source

UnityWaitForAnim - A custom yield-instruction for Unity to wait for animations to finish
ComradeVanti Open Source

UnityImport3D - An asynchronous runtime 3D-model importer for Unity
fhstp Open Source

MarkovCraft - MarkovJunior in Unity
DevBobcorn Open Source

Descant - An enhanced and user-friendly Unity dialogue system plugin
Owmacohe Open Source

Plot-a-function-graph-in-Unity3D - graph creator for Unity3D
AlexKutepov Open Source

Cinematic SoundWaves: Inspiring Audio For Film & Gaming Software Bundle - A treasury of royalty-free music Game developers, filmmakers, and creators of every discipline, this one’s for you! This bundle is jam-packed with over 22 hours of royalty-free music, ready to add to your latest creation. Whether you’re going for dark and eerie themes for your game, or you need to add some bright summertime vibes to your video project, this bundle has you covered. Pay what you want for 30 music and loop packs, valued at over $1,000 and help support the Children’s Miracle Network with your purchase.
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Become a 3D Artist: Complete Tutorial Bundle By Moive Maestros - Expert-led 3D art instruction Learn the ins and outs of 3D art from seasoned industry pros behind movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, and Pacific Rim with this bundle of video courses from FlippedNormal! You’ll get real-time, methodical instruction on essential fundamentals like sculpting and modeling, as well as full program-specific courses for Blender, Maya, ZBrush, and more! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your skillset, this bundle of 19 courses is full of practical, experience-backed guidance that will improve your craft. Your purchase helps support Cancer Research UK!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

SaveManager - A free, scriptable object based, local save system for Unity. Works on all platforms using standard JSON Utility.
CarterGames Open Source

QuickMaterialSwap - Unity Editor script to make changing materials on an object & its children much quicker.
NotAKidOnSteam Open Source

uimgui - UImGui (Unity ImGui) is an UPM package for the immediate mode GUI library using ImGui.NET. This project is based on RG.ImGui project.
psydack Open Source

GlassSystem - This glass shatter system simulate window fracture with hand drawn impact patterns. it is inspired by Receiver 2's algorithms: On impact, a 2D pattern is clipped on the glass surface. this list of lines is then converted to a list of polygons (shards), finally the list of polygon is used to build the new meshes and game objects. Contrary to other fracture packages that allows to breaks arbitrary 3D volumes, this package is specialized in realistically simulating two dimensional windows. Moreover it focuses on simulating Annealed Glass which is standard non-security glass.
Tiitan Open Source

NavMeshPlus - Unity NavMesh 2D Pathfinding
h8man Open Source

SpaceSandbox - Procedural Celestial Body Generator (Unity + C#)
arjolpanci Open Source

flower - Flower is a dialog system which support the keywords format like KrKr engine in Unity.
emptygamer Open Source

UnityNativeCamera - A native Unity plugin to take pictures/record videos with device camera on Android & iOS
yasirkula Open Source

FernRPExample - This project is the implementation of FernRP Package, Include NPR/PBR.
FernRP Open Source

Game Dev Toolbox - Master Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender And More - Software Bundle - Become a versatile game developer

Looking to become a game developer? This bundle of video courses will serve as your foundation. Learn to create stunning in-game assets with Blender, ranging from stylized character models to detailed environments—and acquire the skills required to bring those creations to life in Unreal Engine. Master programming in C#, the versatile programming language that will help you work in Unity, create apps and games for Android, and much more.

Pay what you want for over 20 courses—a value of over $2,500—and help support charity Alzheimer's Research UK!

Humble Bundle Affiliate


Unity 3D Essentials Sale - Save 50% on 3D assets to help you get your projects up ad running. Also, 50% off Leartes Studios publisher sale, PLUS Will's Room Environment, Dormitory Room Environment for FREE with code LAERTESSTUDIOS
Unity Affiliate

Game Spotlight

Loya - Explore, survive, and build walking bases with canons to fight giant monsters in this unique multiplayer open world game!

[You can get it on early access on Steam and follow them on Twitter]


Call Of Dookie - Demo Available Now!

My game, Call Of Dookie. Demo available on Steam

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