Unity Awards 2019: Voting is open - Each year, we celebrate the fantastic games, tools, and experiences you have created using Unity. This year is no different! The Unity Awards are back, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the finalists with you. This is your opportunity to weigh in on your favorite projects across games, virtual reality (VR), film, industry applications, and more.

Unity Addressables CDN: Unleash Your Content Distribution - It's Christmas time. More than ever, I feel like cutting my content update iteration times by 90%. Do this by allowing your players to download your content on-demand. Here's how you do this with Unity Addressables CDN.
Rubén Torres Bonet

Multiplayer: MessageManager - Welcome to the longest titled series of tutorials in the world: Multiplayer Unity Games with Zeroconf networking. And let me start by explaining that even though the tutorials will focus on Zero Configuration Networking, the knowledge and most of the code can be used for other multiplayer services, like Unity’s own Multiplayer API or GooglePlay service’s or any third party service provider. This is part 5 of the series.
Surface Contact - This is the second installment of a tutorial series about controlling the movement of a character. It's about refining how a sphere interacts with surfaces.
Catlike Coding

DevTimeHelper.cs - This one is a must-have for me.. Time scale adjustment! In Editor, press the 1 2 3 4 etc keys to adjust Time.timeScale. Extremely useful for skipping through some parts of your game, and slowing down others to get a closer look.
Ryan Miller

EventFerry.cs - Unity Events are super handy, but you can't trigger them from AnimationClip Events (ugh). Unless of course, you use this little script! Attach it to the Animator/Animation root object and call "TriggerEvent" with the index.
Ryan Miller

RawImageAspectFitter.cs - A simple script to make RawImage Aspect Fit!

Property Drawer For Required Components - Super quick and easy property drawer for you to never again forget to drag in your cached components!

GPU Profiler Tip - GPU usage not showing up in your profiler? You may need to manually add the profiler, or try this 'one weird trick' to help things along.
Ryan Miller

Physics Performance Tip - So I was implementing my own fast physics in Unity for 20 hours already, it was almost ready when I found this option on google. I unchecked this and the performance of the built-in physics skyrocketed. I "wasted" 20 hours.
Mariusz Kowalczyk

Visual Scripting - Did you know there's an experimental release for Visual Scripting in Unity3D ?! It's an early WIP but it lets you create games without code. It outputs DOTS-based code using nodes — just tried it for a mini pong game!
Ashley Alicea

Visual Effect Graph Tip 1 By Thomas ICHÉ  - In latest VisualEffectGraph you can quick expose properties by Pressing Alt after dragging property connections into empty space, then release the click. Automatically creates exposed properties with current value as default!
Thomas ICHÉ

Visual Effect Graph Tip 2 By Thomas ICHÉ  - In VisualEffectGraph package 7.1.6, you can import a set of Textures, ShaderGraphs, Sub-Graph Operators and Blocks to derive from and use in your projects: Just select Visual Effect Graph package in the Package Manager window and click the Samples Import Button
Thomas ICHÉ

Hard Black Shadow HDRP Rendering - I found this information nowhere on the net, so I made a quick (and ugly) image explaining how to customise your render pipeline to have cellshaded shadows. Enjoy!

Unity Tips: Simple UI countdown - As a game developer, I often have to deal with timers and countdowns, and that usually goes along some representation in a User Interface. I often need to represent a countdown and use some ring that fills out its value.

Can Fixed-Point Improve Performance? - Fixed-point types save memory compared to floating-point types, but can they also improve performance? Today’s article finds out!

R.Featherstone Articulations - Unity 2020.1 will have support for R.Featherstone articulations, finally. It's now available in the alpha builds, and here is a dedicated discussion thread.
Anthony Yakovlev

Releases 2019.3.0f3 and 2020.1.0a16 - Unity versions 2019.3.0f3 and 2020.1.0a16 have been released.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


Building BIG games (and mmos) w/ unity - If you want to build large scale games in unity, unreal, or any other engine, these are 12 of the important rules you'll want to follow. We'll start with tips that I'd recommend for any type of game, single player, multiplayer, fps, rts, etc.. then transition into a few rules that are very specific to MMOs and online games. We'll talk a bit about solid principles, refactoring, cleaning code, testing, networking, what to trust, and a whole lot more.
Jason Weimann
Cinemachine 3.0: New Features in Unity for Film and Games - Unity's Adam Myhill demos the latest Cinemachine features at SIGGRAPH 2019, including Technocrane film camera rigs, CM 3.0 DOTS preview (with support for tens of thousands of active cameras), hybrid procedural/keyframe cameras for virtual production, the Mixer camera module, and a preview of the new Reactor module for driving games.

Synchronize Real-Time Production with Unity + Glassbox - In this SIGGRAPH 2019 session, Jannes Nagel, Senior Lead Engineer at Glassbox demonstrates how Glassbox’s BeeHive technology synchronizes projects over multiple machines, letting all users view the history and properties of every DCC asset such as those created in Maya. This enhances real-time collaboration on your VR projects.

Creating Episodic TV Shows with Unity: Hero Dad Case Study - Go behind the scenes of Hero Dad, a 3D animation comedy created in Unity. In this SIGGRAPH 2019 session, Nathalie Martinez, founder of Wise Blue Studios, covers the processes, advantages, and potential for creating compelling, high-quality episodic animation using real-time tools in Unity.

MAKING YOUR FIRST FPS in Unity with FPS Microgame! - Get started creating your first FPS using the FPS Microgame.

Key Door Puzzle with the New Input System in Unity 2019! (Tutorial) - In this video we will use Unity's new Input System in order to create a simple key and door puzzle for the player to solve by grabbing and moving a chair onto a pressure plate. The goal is to learn how to read in input from a keyboard or gamepad, detect button presses and control interactivity using UnityEvents via the Inspector. This tutorial is appropriate for beginners who are familiar with the fundamentals of Unity.

Unity at MPC Film: Real-Time Set Dressing with Diorama - Alex Jenyon and John Vanderbeck of MPC show us at SIGGRAPH 2019 how to rapidly create environments for film in real-time using Diorama, which is discussed in both technical and artistic terms. Powered by Unity and part of MPC’s Genesis toolkit, Diorama leverages the speed of procedural tools to accelerate workflows and retain artist control.

A Few Things That Every Unity Developer Should Know (Code Review) - This is a clip from my Game Development live stream. You can watch the whole stream here.
Infallible Code

Cinematic Style Lighting in Unity - Learn how to light interior scene in cinematic styling using both baked and real time lighting in Unity. It's a lighting breakdown of one of my Unity vs Unreal Lighting demo.
Unity Guruz
Becoming a VR Artist - Introducing my ever-expanding Youtube course on how to become a VR Artist. Learn about spatial composition in TiltBrush, efficient 3D modeling in GravitySketch, cinematic design in Unity3D, and more.
Danny Bittman

Oculus Quest Development with Unity - Weapon Controller Open Source Project Overview - An Oculus Quest Development video where I provide you with a demo on how my weapon controller project is setup and coded. The source code in this video is also available today and for the 1st week in Patreon and then it will be available to everyone.
Dilmer Valecillos


HUMBLE MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS FOR GAMES, FILMS, AND CONTENT CREATORS BUNDLE - Bring expression to your video games, movies, and more with this bundle of music and sound effects! Breath life into your characters with voice audio, create ambiance with music, and add the final touches with sound effects.

Humble Bundle Affiliate
Component Save System – A free save system for Unity - “Component Save System” is a free save system for Unity. The plugin was originally made for the RPG Farming Kit, but has been expanded upon to work in multiple projects. The decision to make this plugin free was because there are already a lot of paid alternatives to saving for Unity, such as Easy Save.
Low Scope

UnityMirrorRig - A tool for Unity, generating in-editor tools for easy transform mirroring.

Prefabshop - I made some updates for Prefabshop - Add FillTool (now u can randomly place Prefabs on target object surface) - Add MagicWandTool (u can select all prefab instance by select one of them) + some minor fixes.
Nikita Demidov

Game Spotlight

Gravia - Gravia is a first-person action puzzle game where you have the power to create small black holes called Rifts. You'll use this power to move yourself at high speeds, solve physical puzzles, destroy obstacles, and hopefully not destroy yourself in the process.

Gameplay in Gravia uses realistic physics to simulate the gravitational effects of having a black hole in a closed environment. From the instant a Rift forms, it begins to pull any loose objects as they "fall" into it. Even reinforced objects might bend and buckle as the forces pull them towards the Rift.

Read more about the development on the devblog


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