PID Controllers in Unity3D - This post will cover the use of PID controllers in video games. If you’ve ever used your car’s cruise control, flown a quadrocopter, or piloted a rocket, then there’s a good chance that you’ve used a PID controller. A PID controller is a type of control loop that’s used for automation.

Custom SRP 2.4.0 - Post FX Passes and Textures

When Random Numbers Are Too Random: Low Discrepancy Sequences - Random numbers can be useful in graphics and game development, but they have a pesky and sometimes undesirable habit of clumping together.

The Ten Commandments of Refactoring - Refactoring by Martin Fowler is a book showing how to refactor code - restructuring a codebase to improve it without changing its functionality. While I can’t share the entire catalog in a book review, I can share the general principles the author espouses for refactoring [Also check out Refactoring Legacy Code with the Strangler Fig Pattern from Shopify]

Importance of Contrast (The Game Music of Jurassic World Primal Ops: GDC 2023) - A continuation of the article series based on Winifred Phillips’ top-rated GDC 2023 lecture discussing her award-winning Jurassic World Primal Ops musical score. Included: how to incorporate thematic material into a chaotic musical score.

The Specification Design Pattern In C#: What You Need To Know - The Specification Design Pattern is a software design pattern that allows developers to create reusable, composable, and extensible specifications that can be used to select objects from a collection based on business rules. This pattern is useful for validating complex business rules and filtering objects from large collections in a clean and concise way. By implementing the Specification Design Pattern, software engineers can improve the readability, maintainability, and scalability of their code.

How to Texture Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Van - Jordi Cortés showed us the texturing workflow behind the Scooby-Doo Chevy SuperVan project, explained how every detail of the Mystery Machine was made in Mari and Maya, and shared some tips for artists.

Dive into the URP 3D Sample - This robust sample features four environments with different art styles, rendering paths, and scene complexity to help you learn how to create and scale rich graphics across many platforms. From low- to high-end mobile, PC to console, and VR, we wanted to make a visually engaging experience so you can better learn and use URP. The sample is designed to help you build, optimize, and scale your next game efficiently against your target hardware.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.
Get Unity Certified! Take aim at your dream job! A a certification that will help you stand out from the crowd.


How to Make Effective Indie Game Thumbnails and Press Kits (Asset Extraction, Design, + more) - Wowee there's a lot to talk about in this video. Here's 45 minutes of how to make effective indie game thumbnails and indie game press kits from the perspective of a content creator. This video is for both small and large content creators, as well as indie game developers, to give insight into the mindset of how I personally go about creating YouTube thumbnails and using assets from indie games.

Better Singletons in Unity C# - Pure Singletons, Generic Singletons and even the Null Object Singleton in this video that will take you Zero to Hero with the Singleton Programming Pattern in Unity C#!

Level up your code with game programming design patterns: Object pool | Tutorial - In this video, you’ll learn more about object pooling, how it can provide performance optimization by reducing the processing power required of the CPU to run repetitive create and destroy calls, and how to use it in your Unity projects.

Time Travel with VFX - 80 Level Podcast - Trent Claus, VFX supervisor from Lola Visual Effects joined our podcast. Learn about the complex process of creating realistic aging effects for characters in major films: from the challenges of preserving actors' unique features to the intricacies of the facial anatomy. Trent shares fascinating insights into the evolution of VFX and how AI is shaping its future, as well as behind-the-scenes stories from top-tier movie projects, including Marvel Cinematic Universe.

How to make a City Builder! (High Level Overview feat. Pioneers of Pagonia) - Here's a high level overview on how to make a City Builder game using Pioneers of Pagonia as an example. These kinds of games involve some interesting mechanics like Building Types, Pathfinding, Task System, Time Control and a bunch more.
Code Monkey

Drag & Drop anything in Unity - Inventory/Spells/World Placement/Trading - hey Unity developers, if you're building a game you've probably needed to drag and drop something. Whether it's an ability an item or maybe you wanted to just place something into the world. In this video I'm going to show you exactly how to use the unity drag and drop system
Jason Weimann


Unity Awards Asset Sale - Save 50% on award winning assets. Get these award-winning art and tool assets now, including: Hot Reload - Edit Code Without Compiling, Gaia Pro 2023, Feel, Text Animator and more!
Unity Affiliate

SDFTextureGenerator - Signed Distance Field (SDF) texture generator for Unity.
cecarlsen Open Source

UExtension - UExtension is a basic type extension library for .Net and Unity projects. It integrates a large number of commonly used, efficient and convenient extension methods, which helps to greatly improve development efficiency.
ls9512 Open Source

unity-key-value-store - Key-Value Store save system interface and implementations for Unity
gilzoide Open Source

FMOD-Syntax - Generates code to allow invoking FMOD events with a strongly-typed syntax.
RoyTheunissen Open Source

Doinject - Asynchronous DIContainer for Unity
mewlist Open Source

VTools - Victor Toolkit for Unity Game and Editor Development, including Custom Preview, Revelear, Hiearchy, Scene Loader, Snap To Surface, Editor Tween, Highlighter and more
VictorHHT Open Source

unity-google-drive - Google Drive SDK for Unity game engine
elringus Open Source

Compact Events - UnityEvents can now be collapsed and expanded just like a list!
GreenFrederik Affiliate

Cinematic Explosions FREE - FREE, high-quality, cinematic explosions w/ dynamic lighting.
Mirza Beig Affiliate

Universal UI SFX - FREE 180+ Universal UI Sound Effects. Suitable for different styles and genres.
Pedro Hertz SFX Affiliate

The Complete Learn To Code Bundle - Coding for AI, games & more
Interested in learning about the intersection of game development and the rapidly advancing technologies driving AI? This bundle of video courses from Mammoth Interactive will get you up to speed! Learn how to implement, manage, and optimize large language models like GPT with the cutting edge toolkit Ollama. Drill down on the basics of popular game engines like Unity, Unreal, and Godot, hone your programming skills in languages like JavaScript and Python, and much more!
Pay what you want for this bundle of over 40 comprehensive courses and help support charity with your purchase!

Humble Bundle Affiliate Open Source

Game Spotlight

We Could Be Heroes - We Could Be Heroes is a retro style, action packed beat ‘em up in the style of classic 90s arcade titles. Featuring stunning pixel art, a huge array of attacks and destructible environments. Become a hero and fight bad guys while stopping crimes and rescuing innocent civilians along the way.

[You can visit their website and wishlist it on Steam]

CebCode Games

Call Of Dookie - Demo Available Now!

My game, Call Of Dookie. Demo available on Steam

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