Make Better Trrailers In 7 Steps - As a brand manager, I craft marketing strategies to get people excited and ultimately buy the games. Trailers are a huge part of those strategies. So let me give you some tips I use to improve how you create trailers. I focus on the strategic aspect; for technical advice, you’ll find plenty of resources from talented people online.

Hex Map 3.1.0 - Condensing Hex Values. Further simplify cells. Store seven values in a single integer.

Shader Park is Kinda Neat - Shader park is a Javascript library that allows you to create interactive shaders. It's inspired by processing / p5.js, and provides a series of functions that make it much easier to use than working with plain GLSL code.

Dissecting C# Ranges - Recently, I was teaching C# to a group of developers. When I got to the topic of ranges, I was surprised at how much nuance there was. In this post, I don’t want to go into all of the features of ranges. That is covered in other places. I want to look at the structure of ranges to see that we can learn about them.

How to Translate Your Game Using the Unity Translation Package - iOS & Swift In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the Unity Localization package and how you can use it to set up translations not only of UI and other text but also of runtime assets. You’ll read about different ways to import localized strings from professional platforms in the XLIFF format before trying the free method for yourself with a Google Sheet integration.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.
Get Unity Certified! Take aim at your dream job! A a certification that will help you stand out from the crowd.


The road ahead for game development with Unity | Unite 2023 - This is a don’t-miss video to learn about the most important advances for the Unity Editor and Unity Runtime. We cover support for the latest platforms such as Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3, optimizations for Unity Wētā Tools for game developers, ambitious new multiplayer solutions, and our key investments in AI – and we finish with a sneak peek at what’s ahead.

What's The Deal With Procedural Animation? - In this comprehensive video, I delve into the fascinating world of procedural animation in games. I explore various aspects of procedural animation, focusing on armature animations for animals and robots, and the context in which these animations are used.

Lighting and AI techniques for your 2D game | Unite 2023 - Have you seen our new Happy Harvest demo? Go behind the scenes with the team that made it and benefit from new ways to create eye-catching art in Unity. Using a top-down view with 2D lights, we show you how to up your shadow game with dynamically lit worlds and how brand-new support for VFX Graph and Shader Graph lets you run millions of particles on the GPU.

Making Damaging an enemy as JUICY and FUN as possible | Unity Tutorial - Adding juice, and game feel, is one of my favorite parts of gamedev. And in this video we're going to start off with a really boring scene (an enemy taking damage with zero effects) - and make damaging him as JUICY and as AWESOME as possible.
Sasquatch B Studios

Create Underwater Effects in Unity (Depth & Volume Tutorial) - Learn how to create stunning underwater effects in Unity URP! (This does work in all other pipelines too) In this tutorial, I'll show you two different examples of water effects. One uses the depth of the camera to detect when we're underwater, while the other uses post processing volumes. We will look at enabling environmental fog with triggers and other code. Don't forget to check out my tutorial on blending between volumes for even more awesome effects.

How I boosted the visuals of my indie game | Clomper #66 - I've been updating graphics in Clomper! A new shader, palette, brief flirtation with light maps and I've begun work on the floor and updating some machines. One machine in particular gives me goosebumps!
Rob Lang

Behind the scenes of "Core Keeper" - Join Unity and the developers of Core Keeper as we dig into their gameplay design, lighting, atmosphere and world generation. [Also A tale of two indies | Night Reverie & Illuminaria]

Go behind the scenes with the SPACE INVADERS: World Defense team | Unite 2023 - In this video, Dereck Bridié from Google and Jakub Jakubowski from UNIT9 explain how Google, TAITO, and UNIT9 reimagined the iconic arcade game SPACE INVADERS for its 45th anniversary. They get into the details of using Google’s ARCore Geospatial API to build world-scale, AR experiences, and how the Unity Editor and Runtime were key for rapid iteration and development.


Unity Power Tools Dev Assets Bundle - Supercharge your game development.

Make your game dev life easier with this power pack from the Unity Asset Store, featuring dozens of plug-ins, FX, and tools from a variety of developers to help you…

* Manage character movement and create animation more easily
* Add systems for dialogue, physics, or survival game mechanics
* Implement lens flare, lightning, projectiles, and other visual effects
* Build landscapes, manage assets, and a whole lot more!

Streamline your game dev processes, and help support Girls Make Games Scholarship Fund with your purchase!

Humble Bundle Affiliate

23 for $23 Mega bundle - SAVE UP TO 95%. Shop the best 23 tools, 3D assets, templates, and more from this year for only $23. Including: UPixelator - Pixelize 3d Scenes, RPG - Stylized Fantasy Environment, Live Script Reload (on device Hot-Reload), Retro Horror Template, DLSS - Upscaling for Unity and much more!
Unity Affiliate

Fantasy UI Borders - Fantasy UI Borders includes 140 sprites in two sizes (+ vector) perfect for creating fantasy and RPG interfaces.

unity-search-material-by-shader - A basic Unity editor window that allows you to find materials by shader.
JakeCarterDPM Open Source

Evolutionary-Neural-Networks-on-unity-for-bots - This is a simple asset that train a neural networks using genetic algorithm in unity to make a bot that can play a game or just interact with the envoriment
HectorPulido Open Source

UnityTurnBasedCombatSystem - Just a simple Turn Based Combat System for Unity, perfect for a RPG
HectorPulido Open Source

BMeshUnity - This Unity package is a library to make runtime procedural mesh generation as flexible as possible.
eliemichel Open Source

BurstLinq - Extremely fast LINQ aggregation operations implementation optimized by Burst Compiler
AnnulusGames Open Source

OmniNet - OmniNet - Networking at the Subatomic Level in Unity. OmniNet is a Unity framework created with a strong focus on achieving high-performance in the development of multiplayer games.
RuanCardoso Open Source

UnitySpeechToText - A native Unity plugin to convert speech to text on Android & iOS
yasirkula Open Source

uLipSync - uLipSync is an asset for lip-syncing in Unity. It has the following features:
hecomi Open Source


50% off Andryuha1981 - Publisher Sale - Get 50% off Andryuha1981 assets. Andryuha1981 is a small studio that creates AAA-quality 3D models. All of their models are optimized, tested, and ready for any of your projects. PLUS, get Death Knight 2 for FREE with code ANDRYUHA

unity-steam-macos-deployer - Simplify the process of bringing your game to Steam for macOS with our user-friendly deployer tool. This tool streamlines the upload process using the Steamworks SDK, ensuring a seamless experience for macOS users while maintaining consistency across different platforms. Easily publish your game on Steam hassle-free!
tomicz Open Source

Build-History - It keeps the information of all the builds you do and represents their data in graphs.
FronkonGames Open Source

typewriter - A tool for creating context-aware dialogue systems.
aarthificial-unity Open Source

ProjectWindowHistory - Editor extension that allows Undo/Redo on Unity ProjectWindow.
Yusuke57 Open Source

MFShaderDecompiler - simple tool to recognize GLSL language then translate to unity shaderlab typed shader
Moonflow-Studio Open Source

murder - Murder is a pixel art ECS game engine in MonoGame
isadorasophia Open Source


The Ultimate Game Development Software Bundle - Build worlds beyond imagination. Open the door to a dizzying universe of game development possibilities with this bundle of Unreal Engine and Unity assets. You’ll get a vast trove of ready-to-use game assets for the two most popular game engines in the world—everything from gritty cyberpunk sets and serene seaside vistas, to weapons from across history, high quality icons for your UI, and stunning special effects. Also included in the bundle are a host of tutorials to broaden your skillset, as well as handy plugins that you can quickly add to your workflow. Pay what you want for this vast toolbox of assets valued at over $3,000 and help support Direct Relief with your purchase!
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2D Game Creation Mega Bundle - Full game asset kits for your 2D game. Game developers, build your 2D game with this massive bundle of art and sound assets from GameDev Market! This varied and versatile collection features characters, creatures, UI elements, environments, music, and SFX for a variety of 2D game genres. Create your outer space epic, zombie apocalypse, or whatever game you’re imagining—and help support Save the Children with your purchase.
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Learn To Create Game Art In Blender Bundle - Your complete Blender learning kit Learn Blender with the help of the creators at! This comprehensive bundle features everything you need to get started or level up your skills with the free, open-source 3D art software. Learn about animation, rigging, modeling, environmental art, and more with’s courses. Pick up Alpha Brush Packs and materials to help carve out details in your creations. Get a complete kit for your Blender learning journey, and help support One Tree Planted with your purchase!
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Game Spotlight

Knock'Em Out - Fight with your whole body. If you lose an arm, it's just a scratch. If you lose the other, it's a flesh wound. If you lose your legs, headbutt them. LET'S FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!

You can get it on Steam and follow them on Twitter]

BBear Studio

Call Of Dookie - Demo Available Now!

My game, Call Of Dookie. Demo available on Steam

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