Wealth Systems in RPGs - How some RPGs get coins wrong: they matter a lot until they matter not at all. It’s fun to play until your PCs are rich, but it’s even more fun to be able to buy things with those riches.

How do I become a graphics programmer? - A small guide from the AMD Game Engineering team - As with so many things, there is no one right way to get into graphics. It mostly depends on potential pre-existing knowledge, how you like to learn, personal preference, available hardware, etc. Hence, this guide is more a collection of websites that we think are useful for beginners, and a small discussion weighing the pro and cons of the websites and what they teach.

How does Cave/Glade Generator Work - Watabou’s Cave Generator is one in a series of RPG-ready map generators that Watabou has created over the years. All his work oozes style, but the cave generator was always the one I found most mysterious.

Custom SRP 2.3.0 - In the previous tutorial we let the render graph manage the camera textures. This time we also let it manage the shadow textures.

Here is how to prevent players from clipping through walls in VR - Perfect for enhancing immersion in your VR projects!
Sunny Valley Studio @SunnyVStudio

Simple #Unity3D Water Tutorial - I've made a simple water plane material with some common features/techniques shared below
Mirza Beig @TheMirzaBeig

Getting Started with Unreal Engine for Unity Developers - This comprehensive tutorial introduces developers to Unreal Engine, highlighting its differences from Unity and providing a detailed guide on getting started. It covers various aspects, including the user interface, materials, blueprint visual scripting and exporting projects, making it an invaluable resource for those transitioning to Unreal Engine for game development.

Creating a Top-Down Retro Aesthetic Game Inspired by Resident Evil in Unity - Jon Williams has walked us through the creation of their horror game You Will Die Here Tonight, sharing how the Resident Evil series inspired the title and telling us about the challenges that were encountered along the way.

Dave the Diver Developer on Mixing 2D & 3D Using Unity URP - Universal Render Pipeline, C# Job System, Cinemachine, and Input System made this hit into what it is now.

Unity ECS Performance Testing: The Way To The Best Performance - Given the broad range of approaches to achieve the same task with Unity.Entities, performance testing helped me a lot. It guided me in choosing the methods that run the fastest in my particular case.

UI Toolkit: New and updated demos for programmers and artists - We’re happy to announce the availability of two new and updated educational samples to support the different perspectives of programmers and artists/designers in creating professional in-game UI with UI Toolkit.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.
Get Unity Certified! Take aim at your dream job! A a certification that will help you stand out from the crowd.


The Making of NHL 94 - 30th Anniversary Documentary - NHL 94 is largely considered one of the best sports games ever made. 30 years after its release we talk to the developers about that era of sports game design and the magic that went into the development of NHL 94.
Noclip - Video Game Documentaries

Easy and Powerful Extension Methods | Unity C# - Streamline and enhance your Unity C# code! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced programmer, this video will guide you through the powerful capabilities of extension methods, illustrating how they can simplify your code, increase readability, and boost efficiency in your C# projects.

How LIMBO Was Made and The Rise and Clash of its Creators - This LIMBO documentary details the development of indie 2D puzzle platformer LIMBO and goes behind the scenes of its creation. Discover more about developer PLAYDEAD and its two founders, Arnt Jensen and Dino Patti.

I Spent 15 HOURS Interviewing Game Developers... - I went to PAX West in Seattle and asked a bunch of indie game devs tons of questions to try and learn game development better!
Byte of Michael

Creating a Toggle Switch System in Unity step by step - Easily create a Toggle Switch system for your UI, which also works with a Toggle Group! A Toggle Switch works like a checkbox, but has a range of nice visual effects we can work with. Usually, you would use a toggle switch for changes that come into effect immediately, while a normal checkbox would be clicked and then come into effect once the change is being saved.
Christina Creates Games

Welcome to 3D World | Code Review - Our game has isometric 2D graphics, but we need 3D physics. We'll explain how we detect collisions and fake a 3D world in order to make the game work.
Useless Game Dev

Create Baldur's Gate Style Dice in Unity - Unity tutorial creating a Baldur's Gate style dice roller! Dive into an immersive guide where we use physics for natural rolls, and develop a custom editor tool for defining dice sides. We explore coding dice behavior, like initiating rolls on clicks and dynamically displaying results.

Handle Scrolling UI Like a Commercial Game (Animations + AutoScrolling) | Unity Tutorial - In this Unity tutorial I'll show you how to setup a scrollView area, and we're going to polish ALL the features so that it feels REALLY good by the time we're done. You'll learn about Unity's handy Selectable interfaces (like ISelectHandler, IPointerEnterHandler, etc) and how to utilize these to create custom UI animations.
Sasquatch B Studios

Making MULTIPLAYER Games has never been EASIER! - Nowadays making Multiplayer games has never been easier thanks to a bunch of awesome tools! Here's my overview of 12 Tools that can help you make Multiplayer games, everything from handling the netcode logic, to connecting your players behind Firewalls, handle Dedicated servers and do Matchmaking.
Code Monkey

Instantly get your Unity game to more players on the web | Unite 2023 - A proven recipe for mobile game success includes quick access and fast wins. In this video, learn about the latest advances in Unity’s web platform, from near-instant load times to expanded reach on mobile browsers. We also give you the first look at how you can access an even wider user base than ever before with web support for iOS and Android, and provide a sneak peek at even more exciting web news coming to Unity in 2024.

Half-Life: 25th Anniversary Documentary - To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the release of Half-Life we reunited the original development team to share their memories of creating Valve's first game.

No Unity Runtime, No Runtime Fee - Using the Unity Editor to make Bevy Rust Games!I tried making unity games with rust. But then things happened. So now, I rip out the runtime and make pure bevy/rust games while using the Unity editor as just an editor. We don't need no runtime here. Or the fee.
Sandeep Nambiar

Easy Optimization! Flyweight design pattern in unity - The Flyweight design pattern
Gabe K

Breakdown of VFX Graph smoke portal sample | Unity - Want the scoop on the lastest VFX Graph sample creation workflow in Unity?


Cyber Week Sale - Less than one week remains in the Cyber Week sale with assets 50% off, including top sellers: Final IK, Hot Reload | Edit Code Without Compiling, Easy Save - The Complete Save Data & Serializer System, Feel, RayFire for Unity, Gaia Pro 2023 - Terrain & Scene Generator, Odin Inspector and Serializer, TopDown Engine, Dialogue System for Unity, and more!

Plus, don't miss the ongoing Daily Flash Deals, these assets will be on sale for a limited time and up to 70% off for the first 12 hours, at 60% off for the following 12 hours, then at 50% off for the remainder of the sale.

Unity Affiliate

The Ultimate Game Development Software Bundle - Build worlds beyond imagination. Open the door to a dizzying universe of game development possibilities with this bundle of Unreal Engine and Unity assets. You’ll get a vast trove of ready-to-use game assets for the two most popular game engines in the world—everything from gritty cyberpunk sets and serene seaside vistas, to weapons from across history, high quality icons for your UI, and stunning special effects. Also included in the bundle are a host of tutorials to broaden your skillset, as well as handy plugins that you can quickly add to your workflow. Pay what you want for this vast toolbox of assets valued at over $3,000 and help support Direct Relief with your purchase!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Unluck Sofware - Publisher Sale - Get 50% off Unluck Software assets. Unluck Software is a versatile Unity asset publisher crafting high-quality assets to help elevate your game development, including particle effects, 3D models, tools, and more. PLUS, get Plasma FX for FREE with code UNLUCK
Unity Affiliate

MewCore - Core Game Libraries for Unity, including TaskQueue and TaskInterval
mewlist Open Source

Unity_RenderTextureSetter - Set RenderTexture to camera in runtime.
XJINE Open Source

Unity3D-NSubstitute - NSubstitute is designed as a friendly substitute for .NET mocking libraries.
Thundernerd Open Source

UnityImport3D - An asynchronous runtime 3D-model importer for Unity
fhstp Open Source

N64-rpg - An RPG engine made for the Nintendo 64
breadbored Open Source

Prowl - Prowl is an open-source, MIT-licensed game engine developed in pure C# in .NET 8, (which surprisingly has no runtime fees believe it or not!). It aims to provide a seamless transition for developers familiar with Unity by maintaining a similar API while also following KISS and staying as small and customizable as possible. This engine is intended to be customized to your needs, everything is written to be a "Minimal" Production-Ready Implementation. Ideally, there will be plenty of Modules/Packages to expand on functionality for those who don't want (or are unable) to expand the base engine.
michaelsakharov Open Source

pottery - Pottery is a runtime lathe 3D shapes generator.
jasursadikov Open Source

ScreenshotToUnityProfiler - Embed Screenshot to Unity Profiler protocol.
wotakuro Open Source

PopUnityCommon - Collection of scripts, exporters, extensions, attributes, editor tools.
SoylentGraham Open Source

BurstWig - This project is an attempt to refurbish my old Wig effect (KvantWig) with the latest technology stack of Unity.
keijiro Open Source

FlowFx - Old school Image Flow Effect for Unity Urp, Controlled via volume profile, works as render feature
NullTale Open Source

VhsFx - Vhs post effect for Unity Urp Controlled via volume profile, works as render feature
NullTale Open Source

OldMovieFx - OldMovie post effect for Unity Urp, Controlled via volume profile, works as render feature
NullTale Open Source

Virtual-Agents-Framework - A Unity package for creating virtual agents.
rwth-acis Open Source

test-helper.monkey - Reference implementation that performs object-based Unity UI (uGUI) monkey tests and API for custom implementation.
nowsprinting Open Source

BetterUnity - A collection of modifications/additions (scripts/prefabs) which enhance [for me] the overall flow of using the Unity Engine.
sudotman Open Source

ChocoWater - 2.5D Dynamic Reflective Water system for Unity's Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP).
chocola-mint Open Source

SoftMask - Soft Mask is a package for Unity 3D that implements smooth masking for UI (UGUI). It works almost like the standard Unity's mask, but supports alpha, which enables gradual and semi-transparent masks.
olegknyazev Open Source

custom-timeline-editor - Custom keyframes for Unity's timeline allow for easy interpolation of any custom data type including visual tools and a modular tooling system to creatively manipulate your data for use as input of generative animation and more
needle-tools Open Source

GraphViewBase - The base for our NewGraph node framework. This removes any reliance on the outdated/deprecated Experimental Graph view form Unity.
Gentlymad-Studios Open Source

Learn To Create Game Art In Blender Bundle - Your complete Blender learning kit Learn Blender with the help of the creators at GameDev.tv! This comprehensive bundle features everything you need to get started or level up your skills with the free, open-source 3D art software. Learn about animation, rigging, modeling, environmental art, and more with GameDev.tv’s courses. Pick up Alpha Brush Packs and materials to help carve out details in your creations. Get a complete kit for your Blender learning journey, and help support One Tree Planted with your purchase!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Game Spotlight

Survivors of the Dawn - Run-based roguelike bullet heaven where you create strategic weapon and item synergies to survive the ceaseless hordes. Remember, every step back is a step towards a whole new strategy.

[You can get it in early access on Steam and follow them on Twitter]


Call Of Dookie - Demo Available Now!

My game, Call Of Dookie. Demo available on Steam

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