List of character flaws (150+) with examples - Flaws can make your characters more dynamic, relatable, and compelling. They’re a great way to humanize your characters and give them depth. To that end, I’ve created a comprehensive list of character flaws you can use in your writing and roleplay.

Animated Light Cookie URP (Cloud & Tree Shadows) - A few years ago I made a post about Animated clouds using light cookies. This post was only for Built-in, the shader uses “UnityCustomRenderTexture.cginc" which won’t work in URP I’m not sure when it got added, but you can make specific Custom Render Texture graphs now in URP, so we can make this work now.
Minions Art

Creating an Atmospheric Physics-Destruction Building Game in Unity - Johannes Knop has told us more about their game ABRISS where you build to destroy, discussed their brutalist art style, and how the game was created with the help of Unity and Blender.

How the Creator of Alone in the Dark Came Back to Games - The Making of SKEW for Playdate - Frédérick Raynal is best known for creating Alone in the Dark, a game which introduced a real time 3D character to the world of games and single-handedly invented the survival horror genre.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.
Get Unity Certified! Take aim at your dream job! A a certification that will help you stand out from the crowd.


How I made a Retro First-person Shooter in a modern way - Creating a Wolfenstein 3D clone using Python and OpenGL.
Coder Space

The 'TUNIC' Audio Talk - In this GDC 2023 session, join Kevin Regamey of Power Up Audio (Celeste, Subnautica: Below Zero, Darkest Dungeon, Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer feat. The Legend of Zelda, et al.) in a detailed overview of the audio of TUNIC. This session covers establishing a creative direction early, using game design to inform audio decisions, methods used in sound effects design, and overcoming challenges in technical implementation. Kevin breaks down and demonstrate how these methods could be used directly (or as inspiration) in your own game

Painterly real-time rendering | Useless Game Dev - Join me in this disastrous adventure as I try to make a real-time painterly rendering filter for a video game, there will be brushes, there will be compute shaders, there will be tears. Fun times all around.
Useless Game Dev

Mastering Indie Game Success: Marketing, Publishing, and Influencer Strategies Revealed! - Welcome to another enlightening episode of IndieGameBusiness! Today, we have Sam De Boeck, Founder of Oro Interactive, with us to discuss "Mastering Indie Game Success: Marketing, Publishing, and Influencer Strategies Revealed!"


Harmonic Hauntings - A Horrific Sound And Music Bundle - Craft an unsettling horror score. Create a sinister soundscape for your game, film, or audio project with this bundle of spooky samples, macabre melodies, and more royalty-free horror music and sound effects. Craft a chilling auditory experience with the unnerving chords and experimental sounds of Ovani’s Apprehension Engine sample packs. Unnerve your audience with royalty-free horror and sci-fi music.

Get 150 music files and 1,200+ sounds, and help support American Cancer Society with your purchase.
Humble Bundle Affiliate

InspectorTween - Tween system for unity mostly for setup in inspector instead of code.
Tween system for unity mostly for setup in inspector instead of code.

RadialGames Open Source

GeoVfx - This is a Unity example project that shows how to use Visual Effect Graph (VFX Graph) for geographical data visualization.
keijiro Open Source

Unity_ForwardPlus - Implementation of a Forward+ (tiled forward) system for Unity
pieroaccardi Open Source

EntityNetworkingSystems - A networking framework for Unity.
AncientEntity Open Source

sprite-animations - A smooth and intuitive way to work with sprite sheets in Unity.
no-slopes Open Source

EditorAttributes - EditorAttributes is a unity package that adds some extra editor attributes to your project to easly customize your editors without having to write any editor code.
v0lt13 Open Source

50% off Doozy Entertainment - Publisher Sale - Discover Doozy Entertainment, the trusted name behind UI tools for Unity. Join thousands of developers who have harnessed the power of Doozy UI Manager – an all-in-one solution for creating, managing, and animating captivating user interfaces. PLUS, get UI Pack - Neumorph 1 - Doozy UI Addon for FREE with code DOOZY
Unity Affiliate

$20 Asset Sale - Save up to 80% on 250+ art packs, tools, hidden gems, and much more. Including Magio Pro - Interactive Effect Engine - URP/HDRP, Ultimate Asset Bundle - Complete Asset Collection, AI Tree - Behavior Trees for Unity and more.
Unity Affiliate

Free Asset Pack - Halloween 2 - To celebrate Halloween this year, I've extended my free asset pack from 2 years ago, based on requests from the Twitch stream I did last week :) There's twice as many assets now!
Minions Art

BehaviorTree - Open-source Unity framework for implementing modular AI behavior for a wide array of game genres, 2D or 3D.
kietran99 Open Source

MegaMan-Unity-8Bit-Engine - As the Blue Bomber doesn't get much love in Unity projects, I thought I would make a simple MegaMan project in Unity 2D and release it for everyone to use.
MegaChibisX Open Source

unity-tweening-system - The Tweening package provides a system for tweening object properties in Unity. A tween is an animation of a value from a start position to an end position using an easing function, providing a natural sense of motion.
zigurous Open Source

QuickOutline - Unity asset for adding outlines to game objects
chrisnolet Open Source

assembus - Manage your assembly process with Assembus! This application was developed with Unity and allows you to interactively manage your assembly line with an intuitive 3D editor.
Weichwarenprojekt-Students Open Source

ScriptableObjectFieldCopier - "Scriptable Ojbect Field Copier" is a time-saving tool for Unity, allowing swift and precise copying of ScriptableObject data. It supports selective field copying, batch pasting, and even works with private fields marked with [SerializeField]. With Undo History integration and a user-friendly interface, it's an essential asset for efficient Unity project management.
rucesocial Open Source

auto-light-probes - An automatic light probe placement script for Unity that uses the Navmesh for approximating light probe positions.
gampixi Open Source

realtime-CSG-for-unity - This github page holds the updated version of the Unity plugin Realtime-CSG
LogicalError Open Source

Level Up Remix - Software Bundle - Get Fear, Caverns, Soul Trip and more! Get an instant, complete music production suite with this value-packed bundle—featuring a pro-level DAW (digital audio workstation), virtual synths & instruments, SFX, and an epic library of thousands of loops and samples! Record and mix tracks with the powerful, easy-to-use Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio. Recreate sounds of legendary instruments with Mercury-4, Eight Voice Synthesizer, and more. Tap into loops, vocals, one-shots, and MIDI for a huge variety of styles and genres. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional already deep into production, this bundle’s got everything you need. Plus, your purchase helps support Music Will!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Create & Elevate - Amazing Art Tools From Corel - Bring your vision to life Get inspired and get creative with this bundle of amazing visual art software from Corel! Sketch, paint, and illustrate with the renowned Corel Painter 2023, plus a kit full of brush packs to help you create your signature style. Make every shot your best shot with the advanced photo editing of PaintShop Pro, and harness the time-saving power of AfterShot Pro. Become a master of the digital canvas with the help of Corel, and support Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) with your purchase!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Game Spotlight

Call Of Dookie - Imagine you went to the crapper, and emerged an hour later to a monster apocalypse! Retro first-person shooter action inspired by 90's classics! Old-school local deathmatch & co-op for up to 4 players!

You are family man Mike Hadley. Returning to work after your favourite lunch buffet required an immediate visit to the restroom. Now you must save your friends, family, and the world... from going all to crap!

[Hello friends and fellow indie devs! This is my own game, and now it finally has a Steam page and demo. Any help with visibility by giving me a follow and/or wishlist is greatly appreciated! You can also follow me on the website and Twitter. Thank you for your support]

Marrone Games

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