Awesome Unity Open Source On Github - A categorized collection of awesome Unity open source on GitHub (800+).

Shader Graph in Unity for Beginners - In this tutorial, you’re going to create your first shader graph in Unity right now!

How To Create Custom Shader Graph Nodes - Some items are cleaner as code, some are cleaner in a shader graph. Today we’ll be exploring how to combine the two. Meaning, how to write HLSL code, that can be utilized as a custom node within a shader graph. Custom shader graph nodes are incredibly powerful if you are in a team that likes working in graphs. Especially if your creative types are only interested in working in a graph, but need some high-horsepower effects.

My take on shaders: Grass Shader (Part II) - Welcome to the second, and probably final part of the grass shader tutorial! Here we’ll expand on the shader from the first grass tutorial and add some neat features to get yourself some nice looking grass!
Harry Alisavakis

Sharper Mipmapping using Shader Based Supersampling - Mipmapping is ubiquitous in real time rendering, but has limitations. This article is going to go into what mipmapping is, how it’s used, and how it can be made better.
Ben Golus

Fog Plane Shader Breakdown - This post includes two examples to produce fog shader effects. In both cases, the shader is applied to a flat plane or quad where the alpha of the surface is altered based on depth values to produce a fog effect.

Vertex Displacement - While fragment shaders provide colours for each fragment/pixel, we can use vertex shaders to offset the vertices of the mesh. In shadergraph, nodes that are connected to the Master node Position input will be written into the Vertex stage of the shader.

Unity opens new possibilities for the anime industry - Japanese animation studio Craftar took to the stage at Unite Tokyo 2019 to talk about the new possibilities that Unity brings to the Japanese animation industry.
Tweening Curves - Let's talk about tweening curves! These curves are amazing, I use them all the time and I've built myself a set of tools to access them everywhere. Here's a thread about CURVES.
Renaud Forestié

Unity Digest: Tools for Game Developers & Publishers - See 5 highlighted Unity tools for visual scripting, integration, building dialogue systems, and more. With the ongoing Cyber Week Mega Sale, the price of each product is cut in half.
80 Level

CameraAuthoring.cs - Custom entity authoring behaviour for Camera object. Using DOTS in @unity3d and need to move Camera like any other entity? ConvertToEntity (with inject of GameObject) does not work with Entities 0.2 anymore. Feel free to use this script for Camera entity Authoring.
Michal Vyšinský

Grouping - With a little script like this you can group objects into a new empty GameObject by pressing CTRL + G. Don't forget to put the script into a folder called Editor!
Binary Impact

Simple UI Element Dragging Script in Unity C# - Attach this script to your gameobject/prefab to enable a simple drag mechanism for your UI elements.
Matthew Odle

New Project Checklist - Are you ready to make your new super popular game? You choose Unity3d but you don't know what are best practices for project setup It all depends on your goal, and what kind of game you want to make, but here are some which can help you.
WarmApp Games

Tweak Your Mobile Game Performance - These two tweaks can boost your mobile game's performance without much (if any) quality loss, especially on retina displays.
Süleyman Yasir KULA

Don’t ignore the side effect of Managed code stripping - After Unity 2018.3, the new Managed Stripping Level option replaces the old Stripping Level option in the player settings. This new option is available for all platforms and both Mono and IL2CPP scripting backends. The main purpose of this feature is to reduce the size of the app by removing some unused code. It sounds great, but there is a potential side effect. How does Unity know which code is unused code?
Jiadong Chen

Create a prefab from runtime base state - When animating, you may find a desirable state for a complex object: to make this a base state, enter Play Mode, scrub the Animation timeline to where things are as you like, then drag the object to a Project Folder. This creates a new prefab at this base state.

Flip normals of an object (or make material2-sided) - Reality Composer - Tried to make a 360 photo bubble, but fbx export from Unity did not keep a double-sided shader once converted to usdz. Instead, flip normals on a sphere, then use double-sided. Works. See how to do this on several platforms.
Dave Pentecost

Democratizing the Secure Software Development Life Cycle - Unity is sharing an open version of its internal Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) so that others can benefit from our work. Even better, we’re inviting everyone to contribute to improving them so that we can refine standards for best practices together.

Sub-Byte Sizes: Part 2 - Today we continue to explore how we can store values in less than a byte. We’ll expand the BitStream struct with the capability to write values in addition to just reading them. Read on to see how to implement this functionality and for the full source code which you can use in your projects. - Wrote this little Blender script to create a vertex color gradient. Love how useful vertex colors can be.
José Hojaverde

Devdog Christmas Giveaway - Join our newsletter to enter the Christmas Event to win one of lots and lots of Unity-related Presents.

Directional Lights - This is the third part of a tutorial series about creating a custom scriptable render pipeline. It adds support for shading with multiple directional lights.
Catlike Coding

Tutorial: Sci-Fi Door Generator in Houdini - Learn how you can set up a sci-fi door generator in Houdini for game engines like Unity with this extensive guide from @Simon_Houdini.
80 Level

Top 5 Quality of Life Improvements - Unity Editor - What are your top 5 Unity annoyances? We’re looking for feedback on your experience using the Unity Editor, specifically concerning the interface and its usability.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


Making an RPG Game in Unity with the Asset Store! - How do you make an RPG Game in Unity? Well look no further, because in this video we create an RPG Battle scene using assets from the Unity Asset Store including player and enemy models, UI, particle effects, sky and background scenery.
Hex grid movement with Tilemap (Tutorial) - In this video learn how to get started with Hexagonal shaped Tilemaps. Hex grid movement is popular in many types of strategy games. Here we've provided a set of free hex tile sprites and a C# script to allow you to get started moving around on the hex grid. As a bonus we've also included a hex based fog of war effect which is cleared as the player moves around the map.
Detroit: Become Human - Scan effect in Unity - To avoid multiple Game Objects you can use low-level graphics API to render primitives. We used this technique in our last project. In Detroit: Become Human, in the role of the androids we could perform a scan of the environment. Today we re-create this effect on Unity.

How to Become a Game Dev in 2020! (Tips & Unity) - How to make games in 2020? How do you start learning Unity? Here are the most important lessons I've learned after making games for 10 years!

Unity3d Navigation And Pathfinding - How To Create A NavMesh And Level At Runtime? - Couldn’t wait to share a new video and source code for creating a basic level and baking a NavMesh in runtime.
Dilmer Valecillos

How I created lots of COLOR PALETTES for my game - Today I talk about how useful it can be to create a custom editor tool in Unity3D, and specifically how it helped me manage and create lots of color palettes for Submarino.


HUMBLE MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS FOR GAMES, FILMS, AND CONTENT CREATORS BUNDLE - Bring expression to your video games, movies, and more with this bundle of music and sound effects! Breath life into your characters with voice audio, create ambiance with music, and add the final touches with sound effects.

Humble Bundle Affiliate
Concrete and Tactile Blocks Material Packs - Free or pay what you want. 4k textures. Include Diffuse/Base Color, Roughness, Normal, Height.
Julio Sillet

The Illustrated Nature - 50% off during Cyber Week Mega Sale. The Illustrated Nature is a complete 3D environment pack, created for those who want to tell a story in a colorful and painterly world. The package is made out of a series of stylized vegetation models (trees, shrubs, grass, rocks, plants), shaders, image effects and scripts put together in a scene with sounds and music, with the goal to make it useful and ready to use in any project. You will be able to easily change the colors using the Color Manager tool and the included shaders, to create the perfect mood for your adventure.

Game Spotlight

MarZ: Making a RTS with the Asset Store - Indie devs doorfortyfour used the Asset Store’s Script Inspector, Amplify Shader Editor, and Volumetric Fog and Mist heavily to streamline production and fill in skill gaps for their game MarZ: Tactical Base Defense. Read more about how this two-person team made use of these assets to create the game.

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