Geometry For Dynamic Intersections - I thought this might be helpful to others trying to construct geometry for dynamic intersections.. It's not a full step-by-step but I added some of the essential points and lines that I hope will make it insightful. [Also this deep dive]
thomas vandenberg

Exploring The Halo 1 System Link Protocol - Out of pure curiosity, we will try to look at how the Halo game instances communicate with each other over System Link. In order to do that, we will set up System Link, play some Halo multiplayer, and see if we can reverse engineer the network protocol by inspecting the messages that are sent between the consoles. Should be easy enough, right?

Books For Game Developers - [And more in the Hacker News discussion]

Painting with Math: A Gentle Study of Raymarching - In this article, you will find a condensed version of my study of Raymarching to get a gentle head start on building your own shader-powered scenes. It aims to introduce this technique alongside the concept of signed distance functions and give you the tools and building blocks to build increasingly more sophisticated scenes, from simple objects with lighting and shadows to fractals and infinite landscapes.

Linear Algebra for programmers, part 1 - The most important thing about reading this blog post is to not get scared off by the formulas. The post may look like all the crap you normally skim over, so you may be tempted to skim over this one. Don’t! None of this is hard. Just read the post top to bottom, and I promise you every individual step and the whole thing put together will make sense.

Closures in C# Demystified - “Function closures” are tricky and sometimes difficult to understand. They are possible and present in C# language. Every ambitious C# developer should be familiar with function closures, either to use them or to competently read/debug other people's code. They offer fancy encapsulation in the form of a “captured variable” that is not so easy to comprehend. This tutorial tries to explain it and provide a sufficient number of examples. The intended audience is Intermediate C# developer and above.

Developing a Fan-Made PSX-Style Twin Peaks Game With Unity - Jean Manzoni and Lucas Guibert from the Blue Rose Team have shared the development process behind Twin Peaks: Into the Night, a PSX-style fan-made game inspired by the first episode of the legendary TV show.

Unity VR Roller Coaster Shooter Game Tutorial - In this tutorial we are going to create a VR Roller Coaster Shooter Game (an on-rails shooter) for the Oculus/Meta Quest 2 headset!


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.
Get Unity Certified! Take aim at your dream job! A a certification that will help you stand out from the crowd.


HOW TO Add RAIN To YOUR 2D GAME - UNITY - So if you're working on a game and want to create a rain weather effect, but you're not quite sure how to go about it, I'm here to tell you that it's actually not that hard. In this video, I'll show you step-by-step how to create one from scratch in Unity, and actually, I use the same effect in my own game "Hooked", a casual, cozy isometric fishing game I'm working on.
Lost Game Dev

Fake Large-scale Forests in Blender - In this video, @MartinKlekner teaches how to convert 3D trees into 2D particles, which still look 3D, to save tons of performance. This technique allows to render millions of particles, fast.
CG Boost

Create a reusable Resource Bar in Unity - Multiple Shapes and good Component Styling - Learn how to create a Resource Bar in Unity you can easily reuse across projects and use cases! Straight, Circle and Arc Shaped.
Christina Creates Games

Making 3D animation look painterly (it's easier than you think) - In this video, I'll go over a surprisingly simple way to make your 3D renders feel like a painting. I do it by painting over Object Space Normal Maps, which is not as scary as it sounds. This technique allows us to capture the feeling of a 2D painting while maintaining the flexibility of 3D.
Cody Gindy


Audio Odyssey Software Bundle - A universe of royalty-free audio

Get all the audio you’ll ever need for your games, films, and other creative projects with this jam-packed bundle of royalty-free music and sound FX! Regardless of the vibe you’re trying to weave, you’ll be covered when it comes to music, with dedicated packs that span themes and genres—from fantasy, horror, and sci-fi, to ambient, classical, and chiptunes. Get ready to paint soundscapes with sound FX including creature sounds, combat clanks, futuristic beeps and chirps, and much more.

Embark on an audio odyssey, and help support American Cancer Society with your purchase.

Humble Bundle Affiliate

AudioFX Plugins & Royalty Free Sounds Mega Bundle - Take your sound to the next level. Create music, craft SFX, and make your sound even more spectacular with this awesome audio bundle! This eclectic collection features plug-ins like Obsidian and Outlaw designed to make it easy to transform your sound with spectral delay, reverb, gain leveling, and more. You’ll also get a library of dozens of royalty-free sound packs, including music samples and loops for K-pop, hip-hop, synthwave, or EDM styles. Get the sound you’re seeking, and help support Child’s Play with your purchase!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

MagicTween - Extremely fast tween library implemented in Unity ECS
AnnulusGames Open Source

Animation-Repathing - Feature rich Unity editor tool to help streamline the process of changing the paths of animations.
hfcRed Open Source

NightPool - Night Pool is a fast and lightweight game object pooling solution for Unity
MeeXaSiK Open Source

com.cloudedmountain.ide.neovim - Code editor integration for supporting Neovim as code editor for unity
Domeee Open Source

GiLight2D - Unity Urp Render Feature for 2D Global Illumination. GiLight can be used both for conventional lighting and to create stylized visual effects
NullTale Open Source

toml-serialization - Unity package library for serializing and deserializing TOML data.
UnderLogic Open Source

UnityTestingExtensions - A set of extensions and helpers for the Unity Test Framework.
liortal53 Open Source

unity_navigation_drawer - The navigation drawer is a UI panel that shows your app's main navigation menu. It is hidden when not in use, but appears when the user swipes a finger from the left edge of the screen or, when at the top level of the app, the user touches the drawer icon in the app bar.
psvantares Open Source

UnityArcRayCast - Arc raycast utility using projectile formulas
williamrjackson Open Source

Unity-CustomMipMaps - A custom mipmaps texture importer for Unity
azixMcAze Open Source

MeshWeaver-unity - Quick and non-destructive 3D Modeling in Unity Editor
kaikoga Open Source

ltcgi - LTCGI is an optimized plug-and-play realtime area light solution using the linearly transformed cosine algorithm for standalone Unity and VRChat. Free to use with attribution. It can utilize the Unity build-in lightmapper or Bakery for realistic shadows on static objects.
PiMaker Open Source

Unity_UndoRedoSystem - Undo Redo system implementation in Unity uGUI system.
jcs090218 Open Source

UnityLua - Use Lua scripting language in Unity to accomplish hot update/fix functionality.
jcs090218 Open Source

Unity_Toggle - A little bit overkill iOS style toggle button.
jcs090218 Open Source

unity-debug-overlay - A fast and (almost) garbage free debug overlay for Unity. The projects contains two primary components: a debug overlay and a console.
pandr Open Source

unity-regex - Compose regular expressions using code
lumpn Open Source

UniWindowController - Makes your Unity window transparent and allows files dropping
kirurobo Open Source

UnityHistoryPanel - Photoshop like navigation panel for unity
brunomikoski Open Source

SpriteAuditor - Sprite auditor its the tool to give you the visibility when optimizing your atlases for smaller binary size or performance, allowing you see what atlas are reused between multiple scenes, and what sprites are in use from that atlas, giving you the visibility to now only gain performance by making sure you are only using the right atlas on the right place, but also helping you see witch texture are in use that could be smaller.
brunomikoski Open Source

zelda-botw-toon-shader - This is a cartoon shader for Unity emulating the style of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017) and its sequel Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (2023).
ccontinisio Open Source

unity-missing-references-finder - A tool to find missing references in Unity.
edcasillas Open Source

PowerQuest - PowerQuest is a Unity tool for creating 2d point and click adventure games!

Ulid - Fast C# Implementation of ULID for .NET Core and Unity. Ulid is sortable, random id generator. This project aims performance by fastest binary serializer(MessagePack-CSharp) technology. It achives faster generate than Guid.NewGuid.
Cysharp Open Source

Game Programming C++ & Unreal Book Bundle - Crack the code to game development. Learn the secrets of scripting and best practices for programming with this bundle of books from Packt! This game developers’ library focuses on C++ and its coding applications in Unreal Engine and Blueprints visual scripting. Level up your skills through hands-on game dev projects, explore creating characters and animation, and much more, and help support Room to Read with your purchase!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

The Coplete Godot Software Bundle Encore - Create games with Godot. Master Godot—the lightweight, fast, and free game engine behind hits like Sonic Colors: Ultimate. Whether you want to use the brand new version 4 or the battle-tested version 3, these courses will get you building platformers, RPGs, first-person shooters, city-builders, strategy games, and more—no prior experience required! Plus, you’ll learn how to customize your games by creating your own art and assets, all while supporting Girls Who Code with your purchase!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Learn Unity Game Development Bundle 2023 - Level up your Unity skills.
Learn to create games with Unity with these online courses from—including multiple courses being made available for the first time exclusively through Humble Bundle! This comprehensive curriculum covers core skills and advanced concepts for the powerful and popular development platform, and includes assets to help create your game projects. Find out how to make a 2D RPG combat system, VR experience, or turn-based strategy game. Get trained up on visual scripting, multiplayer, network coding, and more.
Level up your Unity game dev skills, and help support SpecialEffect with your purchase!

Humble Bundle Affiliate

Game Spotlight

The Third Wish - An adventure by George Broussard.

The Third Wish is a sci-fi point & click adventure about a family and fate and consequence. Full voice acting.

Altair 4. A planet 17 light years from Earth, containing one Mr. and Mrs. White who run a moisture farm for an unconcerned company at the far edge of explored space.

Today is like any other in the lives of Mr. and Mrs. White but tonight they entertain a guest with a particular artifact that will test the limit of their belief in fate.

[You can download it now on, and follow George (best known for Duke Nukem 3D) on Twitter]
George Broussard

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