Creating a third-person zombie shooter with DOTS - We’re rebuilding the core of Unity with our Data-Oriented Tech Stack, and many game studios are already seeing massive performance wins when using the Entity Component System (ECS), the C# Job System, and the Burst Compiler. At Unite Copenhagen, we had a chance to sit down with Far North Entertainment and go deep into how they implemented these DOTS features into their otherwise traditional Unity project.

The Half Dimension – Creating 2.5D Games in Unity (part 1) - 2.5D games come in many flavors. A popular approach is to use a 3D environment and assets but limit the player movement to only two axes. Another method would be to use 2D assets while exploiting the third dimension only for its parallax effect. For our game Nugget & Penny, we chose a different approach, we use 2D assets to describe the world while retaining all three axes of movement. We saw this style in a few games and immediately fell in love!
Nir Lahad

The Ultimate Guide to making a 2D strategy game in Unity - Game development & Game art/animation. Create a 2D turn by turn strategy game using Unity 2019, C# and Ps/Gimp. $9.99 for a limited time.
Noa Calice (aka Blackthornprod) Black Friday Sale: $99/year Subscriptions and More! - Access our massive library of over 3,000+ videos for just $99/year. Check out the unprecedented savings during this year’s Black Friday sale!

Achieving theater-quality anime with Unity - Japanese animation studio Graphinica, Inc., creators of innovative TV and cinema animation productions, set out to discover whether it’s possible to produce theater-quality anime using real-time rendering. We collaborated with the studio to develop a proof of concept, then shared the results at Unite Tokyo.

Unity Job System: Excessive Multithreading Hurts Your Performance - 1 core, 2 cores, 4 cores, 8 cores, 16 cores! Who's got more? The more cores, the better. The Unity Job System will squeeze them all, right? Yeah, probably. But what if Unity was over-milking your CPU? Would that be a problem?
Rubén Torres Bonet

Script Changes while Playing - You can set when to recompile your script changes (while playing) by going to Preferences->General.

Configurable Enter Play Mode - Hit Play, then... wait. Sound familiar? There's a new "Configurable Enter Play Mode" feature in 2019.3 which can massively reduce the time you wait. But there are some important things to note if you use it!

TryGetComponent - Since Unity 2019.2 you can use TryGetComponent to check if an object has a component, it will not allocate GC in the editor if the object doesn't have one. Handy for Collisions, Triggers, etc.

Classic Plasma Effect - Here a classic plasma effect, it uses 2 scrolling texture samples(they can be the same texture) and a few min and max's. example shader code in the image. if recreating in a shader editor you may need to clamp the result before its use.

Sub-Byte Sizes: Part 1 - The smallest a C# type can be is one byte. The byte type and and an empty struct are examples of this. But what if we want to store data in less than a byte to improve performance such as load times and CPU cache utilization? Today’s article does just this by packing at the bit level!

Releases 2019.2.14f1 and 2019.3.0f1 - Unity versions 2019.2.14f1, 2019.3.0f1, and 2020.1.0a14 have been released.

Localization tools 0.5.1-preview is out!


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


Adding Juice with Shader Graph in Unity 2019! (Tutorial) - In this video we will look at creating an interactive shader effects which allows us to both shake and dissolve a mesh. We'll also review some best practices for authoring shaders using sub-graphs on Universal Render Pipeline in Unity 2019.2.
Your First Game Jam hosted by Andre (Mix and Jam) with Code Monkey and CouchFerret - Thanks for joining the Your First Game Jam livestream where we showed new users how to get started with Unity using our beginner-friendly FPS Microgame and Mods.

Turn-Based Combat in Unity - Let's create a simple turn-based battle system using Unity.

MY FAVORITE ASSETS for Unity 2019! (Black Friday) - In this video we're looking at my favorite and in my opinion the best Assets for Unity 2019 and Unity 2020, from the Unity Asset Store!

5 Assets to Boost Your Productivity in Unity
Infallible Code

10 Awesome Unity 2019 Tips to help you with Game Development! - Hey guys, Lewis here back with another video. Today we do a video with no commentary! WHAT! Yeah I don't talk for once. However I do provide you with 10 awesome Unity Tips which are great for developers to start putting to use. Some small, some bigger with the main effect of speeding up your game development in Unity 2019!
Lewis Johnson

Unity3d with AR Foundation - How To Debug AR Foundation With RunTime Hierarchy And Inspector? - Unity3d AR Remote Tool is not available for AR Foundation which makes it very difficult to debug AR Foundation applications and therefore development can be a bit slower. Today I show you a tool I found online called "Runtime Inspector & Hierarchy" which provides you with a hierarchy and inspector during runtime.
Dilmer Valecillos

Adding Steam Into Your Unity Game in 7 Minutes?!? *TUTORIAL* - Hey guys, Lewis here back with another tutorial for you. Today we're going to be implementing into our new Unity Community Project. I'll also show you how to display information from your steam account such as your name like in this video.
Lewis Johnson

World Creator - Unity Bridge Tool - This video shows how to transfer a terrain created with World Creator over to Unity with just three clicks.
World Creator

Unity3d Navigation And Pathfinding - How To Add A Ramp With Off-Mesh Links & Agent Options? (Part 2) - With Unity3d Navigation And Pathfinding essentials I can now help you in understanding how to setup pathfinding in your own video games.
Dilmer Valecillos

Reflection: What is it and Can it Be Used in Game Development? 
Infallible Code

Keyboard Shortcuts to save you time in Unity3D - Here is a handful of useful shortcuts to make working in Unity3D easier.
Skookum Arts


HUMBLE MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS FOR GAMES, FILMS, AND CONTENT CREATORS BUNDLE - Bring expression to your video games, movies, and more with this bundle of music and sound effects! Breath life into your characters with voice audio, create ambiance with music, and add the final touches with sound effects.

Humble Bundle Affiliate
Unity Black Friday 2019: Popular Assets On Sale - During this week, the store will sell top assets with 50-70% off, so if you were planning on making big purchases, this is a perfect chance to save hundreds of dollars.
80 Level
ScamScatter - Real time procedural mesh destruction for Unity3D. Just a little reminder that I open sourced a simple component called #scamscatter, to smash arbitrary objects in real-time without the need for preparing them beforehand.
Dan Byström

Active Physics Ragdoll - Source code to help you learn and understand how to use and make active ragdoll games like GangBeasts, Human: Fall Flat etc. Includes full project with settings, example scene, scripts etc.

Game Spotlight

How immersive experiences inspire empathy and real-world behavior change - Fly into an exclusive game that combines ornithology, AR Foundation, and a fair amount of feathers. Krikey is a location-based augmented reality (AR) gaming app where you can explore your neighborhood to unlock AR ecosystems and discover new bird species.
Krikey, Unity

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