ScriptableObject Tutorial: Getting Started [FREE] - In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create and use ScriptableObject in Unity. ScriptableObjects in Unity can increase your workflow, reduce memory usage, and even decouple your code architecture.
Ray Wenderlich

UnityARFoundationEssentials - This repository contains a variety of examples created while making a new video series about AR Foundation Essentials with Unity3d.
Dilmer Valecillos

A shader implementation for SVG - How to use soft mask for vector graphics (SVG) in Unity UI

Unity 2019.3.0 Alpha 10 - Unity release 2019.3.0a10
Unity Beta Releases

Drawing Multiple Effects with One Particle System - Need to render many similar particle systems at the same time? You can improve performance by using a single particle system and leveraging Emit and EmitParams to create multiple emitters. More info and code at the link.

My take on shaders: Grab pass distortion - Shader tutorial post on grab pass distortion is publicly out for everyone to read! It's such a super useful effect for shockwaves, heat hazes and many other juicy #VFX use cases!
Harry Alisavakis

Math in the Unity inspector fields - If you're not a human calculator - did you know you can do simple math inside the inspector?
Nathan Sheppard

Use Matrices to program agents which avoid collision with each other in Unity - Recently I needed to program agents that avoid collision with each other. I decided to go down the analytical way and use simultaneous equations. (source code included)
Shahriyar Shahrabi

Using Ray-marching and a number of primitive shapes to create a kind of "slime" - @AlanZucconi tweets a post by SilentFungus, "Add Rigidbody-s to a bunch of spheres, and use raymarching to create a very cool slime/metaball effect."

Best practice for particle effects in 2D pixel art games - A best practice article for fellow devs with tips on using particle effects in 2D pixel art games
Denis Sinner / Moi Rai Games

LWRP-CustomRendererExamples - Felipe Lira from Unity posts: "Here's some custom rendering effects examples in LWRP. FPS, Character Occlusion and Toon. Check it in this GitHub project with wiki."
Unity Technologies

9 Best UnityTips for Unity Game Developers #97 - Curated #UnityTips No. 97 by Devdog July 2019!

Experimenting with External Forces in Water Simulations - Jean-Philippe Grenier has shared a new update on his water simulations showing how he’s experimenting with external forces
80 Level


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


Lasse Jon Fuglsang Pedersen, Robert Cupisz - Making of The Heretic - The talk will cover the biggest challenges encountered during the production of The Heretic – a real-time short film made with Unity. We will go over technical details of animating and rendering a digital human, most notably: going beyond skeletal facial animation. We will also dive into vfx tools and techniques seen in the film and give an overview of rendering techniques.
Digital Dragons
Timeline Signals in Unity 2019! - See how you can use Timeline Signals to trigger events in your project!

What I learned after 10 Years of Game Development! - It's been a long journey... Let's see what I've learned!

Customize the Unity Editor with UIElements! (Tutorial) - Learn how to use the power of UI Elements in 2019.1+ to customize and extend the Unity Editor.

Fluid Simulation / Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics in Unity - Kristin Stock explain how the algorithm works
Kristin Stock

Metroid Prime's HUD Visual | Mix and Jam - Tried to recreate the look and feel from Metroid Prime's cannon + HUD using Unity! Project found here
Mix and Jam


Game Kit Controller GKC is the most complete 1st/3rd Person Controller solution with unique Gravity and Sci-Fi features!  40% OFF for the 4th anniversary of GKC until July 28th! 
Forest Environment - Dynamic Nature
Forest Environment - Dynamic Nature - Huge library of 100% scanned assets, carefully optimized, and LOD’ed. 30% off right now.
Forest Environment - Dynamic Nature
Localization Tools For Game Developers - A handy guide to the best game localization tools available for developers,

Game Spotlight

A first-person, open world exploration game. Out now! Made with Unity, you can read about the development process on their devblog, including this foliage optimization post.
Eastshade Studios

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