Game Trailer Database - A work-in-progress searchable database of game trailers.

The birth of id Software - In 1990, John Romero, John Carmack, and Tom Hall were working at Louisiana software maker Softdisk. There, they had an idea that would change PC games forever.
John Romero

Unity 4D #1: Understanding the Fourth Dimension - This is the first part of a series of articles dedicated to extending Unity from 3D to 4D. In this instalment, we will explore the fourth dimension, from its representations in movies and video games, to its more mathematical and geometrical interpretations.

Design decisions when building games using ECS - When using ECS (Entity Component System), how to decide which data goes in which Component and why?, which logic goes into which System? should I put logic in components?, and in the case of using a Scripting framework, which logic goes in scripts instead of systems?. This blog post tries to share how I approach these decisions after years of using different ECS solutions making games.

SpeedTree 9.5: Unleash creative control and realism with procedural detailing - The latest version of SpeedTree is here to help you elevate your projects to new levels of realism.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.
Get Unity Certified! Take aim at your dream job! A a certification that will help you stand out from the crowd.


Procedural Environment Interactions in Unity | Intro and FAST character setup [1] - Learn the fastest way to set up your character and project for procedural animation in Unity! This is the first episode of a new eight-part series where we'll learn how to recreate the procedural environment interactions from popular AAA 3rd person games!

Lava Lamp Unity Shader Graph | Tutorial | English Subtitles - Hello team, in this video, we are going to learn a technique to simulate fluids in a simple and cost-effective way using Shader Graph in Unity with Universal Render Pipeline.
Game Slave

Inventory System | Unity Tutorial - An Inventory System that replicates Minecraft's, featuring equipment slots, switching items and basic movement.

Motion Sickness in 3D Games [Planning & Game Design] - Game-induced motion sickness affects different people in different ways, and some much worse than others.
Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games

The Making of Vampire Survivors - Documentary - We talk to Luca Galante about a game dev side-project that became a BAFTA Game of the Year.
Noclip - Video Game Documentaries

The Secret of Into the Breach's AI: Power in Simplicity | AI and Games #72 - Sometimes you just don't need super flashy AI in your game. You just need something that is 'good enough' for what your game is trying to do. With that in mind, we dive behind the scenes of Subset Games 2018 release 'Into the Breach', and find out that keeping it simple can not only result in something smart and scalable but also make players think it's much smarter than it really is.
AI and Games


Colliders Editor Tools - Select and edit primitive 3D colliders as if they were game objects but better!

The workflow is simple: select one or more colliders (Box, Sphere, Capsule) and perform the following operations on them, just as you would normally do on Game Objects, but with both Precision Mode and Boundaries Snapping much faster and more fluently:

Features: Move, Rotate (90 degrees), Scale, Edit&Snap Bounds, Copy/Paste values between two or multiple colliders (1->many or many->many), Duplicate, Delete, Frame scene view camera, Drag&Drop materials directly to selected colliders.

BigBlit Assets Affiliate

fiber - Fiber is a declarative library for creating games in Unity. It is derived and inspired by web libraries such as React and Solid.
unity-atoms Open Source

UniversalInventorySystem - A Unity Package for creating easy to use and highly customizable inventories and inventory`s UI
Heymity Open Source

RelentStateMachine - An asynchronous-based finite state machine for Unity.
mochi-neko Open Source

Arium - Automation Testing Framework for AR(Unity) Applications.
thoughtworks Open Source

consolation - It's difficult to retrieve logs and warnings from Unity outside the editor. To make it easier, this console displays output from Debug in the game itself. This is especially useful on mobile devices.
mminer Open Source

UEvent - UEvent is a general message event component that can be used in unity and native .Net environment. It can provide powerful decoupling capability through event mechanism.
ls9512 Open Source

unity-spline-scrubber - Spline Scrubber is a Unity plugin that integrates Unity Spline package with the Unity Timeline to choreograph spline-driven animations. It offers custom timeline tracks, enabling precise animation sequencing along splines.
fx-lange Open Source

PlanetaMatchMaker - A very simple and light match making system for P2P online game. Server binary for linux and windows, and client library for C# including Unity are provided.
CdecPGL Open Source

Goap - A multi-threaded GOAP (Goal Oriented Action Planning) system for Unity.
crashkonijn Open Source

ECS-IAUS-sytstem - Infinite Axis Utility System for Unity The utility system works by identifying options available to the AI and selecting the best option by scoring each option based on the circumstances. 
DreamersIncStudios Open Source

ThinkEngine - ThinkEngine is a Unity asset that allows to integrate automated reasoning modules in a videogame or whatever other kind of software developed in Unity.
DeMaCS-UNICAL Open Source

Unity-AnimatorTransitionCopier - AnimatorTransitionCopier is a simple tool for copying and pasting animation transitions in the Animator editor.
qwe321qwe321qwe321 Open Source

OverlapSugar - Short cuts for Physics.Overlap in Unity
MeeXaSiK Open Source

UnityFigmaBridge - Easily bring your Figma Documents, Components, Assets and Prototypes to Unity
simonoliver Open Source

DAPolyPaint - DA Poly Paint is an easy to use Polygon Painting tool for Unity, offering an alternative to pX Poly Paint for 3ds Max. With DA Poly Paint, you can easily customize your low-poly models directly within the Unity environment, saving time and effort on traditional UV mapping and texturing tasks.
piXelicidio Open Source

MonoInjection - Replaces Unity's magic Update method with a high performance, high control subscription model that allows any object (not just MonoBehaviours) to tie itself into the game loop, and allows multi-threaded scripts to "inject" code into the main Unity thread.
Performance - Calls to the Update method from the Unity engine require crossing the C++/C# barrier, which has costs that are not associated with C#/C# calls. If you have a large amount of in-scene objects with Update calls, you will get a significant boost in performance from using this script.

DameonL Open Source

unity-update-manager - Simple to use Update Manager pattern for Unity + Jobified Update for MonoBehaviours and pure C# classes alike. Using these may improve your game's CPU usage if there are thousands of objects updating every frame.
gilzoide Open Source

unity-toggle-through - Toggle Through is a Unity scene view editor tool that allows you to quickly cycle through a selection of objects, streamlining the process of comparing and analyzing them.
fx-lange Open Source

Riptide - Riptide Networking is a lightweight C# networking library primarily designed for use in multiplayer games. It can be used in Unity as well as in other .NET environments such as console applications.
RiptideNetworking Open Source

ConfigAssets - Simple & Lightweight solution for managing configuration assets in Unity projects
Install Editor Coroutines from Unity's package manager

caneva20 Open Source

50% off Greenworks - Publisher Sale - Get 50% off Greenworks assets. Greenworks offers developers vast and organized libraries of 3D models ranging from forests to mansions and gardens. Detail and variety are updated regularly. PLUS, get Mountain Forest Trunks and Roots for FREE with code GREENWORKS
Unity Affiliate

Game Spotlight

Momogatari - Explore the Yomi world with a sacred weapon that can change sword types. Fight different "Yokai" and challenge the "Kami" of this world.

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Sentori Studio, Vivien Rakotonirina
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