Character Art Workshop for Games - By Shayleen Hulbert - I have just released my own Character Art Workshop for FREE on Gumroad for all to download and enjoy Its a full comprehensive presentation of best practices i implement in my work, common hiccups you'll face and how to fix them

Please Enjoy The Silliest Game Ladder Climbing Animations We Could Find - Ladders! They are a lot like stairs, but flat and vertical and without any steps. Actually, wait, I guess they aren’t that similar to stairs. I guess I’m not a ladder expert! And it seems plenty of video game characters are similarly not very good at ladders. It’s okay. We all have our flaws.

Compute Shaders in Unity: Processing transforms with GPU - In this article, we will examine three examples of how to leverage GPUs for transform manipulations, specifically focusing on tweaking position values.
Danil Goshko

7 Things You Should Know About Indie Game Development in 2023 - Dmitry Filatov, the Director of Products Funding at Xsolla, explained why you need to release several games to achieve success and discussed other things you should know when entering the games industry with an indie team.

Improving Burst Inspector search performance - My name is Jonas Reholt and I’m a student working with the Burst team. I’m taking to the blog to share my journey of optimization that helped make recent performance changes to the Burst Inspector possible. Burst Inspector search is now 13 times faster, enabling developers to more quickly focus on the code they care about when optimizing projects. Continue reading to learn how you can use the Unity Profiler to investigate performance bottlenecks in your program and how to fix them.

7 Tips for Animation Beginners - Lead Animator Holiday Liu has shared an insightful list of seven valuable tips for aspiring animators.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.
Get Unity Certified! Take aim at your dream job! A a certification that will help you stand out from the crowd.


Let's Optimize our Realtime Fluid Simulation in Unity - The last time I made a video about how to code a fluid simulation using SPH, it was pretty slow so I made this follow-up video that will hopefully help you understand how to optimize it using a dynamic hashed grid, the core technology used is Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics, and everything is written from scratch in Unity using C# and Compute Shaders.

Data Structures: Making a QuadTree in Unity - In this tutorial we'll take a look at how to build a simple, but performant, version of a QuadTree that we can use to efficiently query 2D data.
Iain McManus

The BETTER way to test things using EDITOR SCRIPTING (Unity Tutorial) - In this Unity tutorial you'll learn the basics of how to use an editor script to customize what shows up in the inspector for your scripts. We'll add a button so you can test things more easily, and I'll show you a few basics with customizing the look of your script as well.
Sasquatch B Studios

Data-Oriented Input in Unity ECS - DOTS + Input System 2023 - DOTS + Input System
Turbo Makes Games

Unity Creative Dev Uncovered - How to write clean code and game developer best practices - In this video we chat to Ivan Yakymchak, the Creative Dev Supervisor here at Homa. He’ll be discussing how to best set up your Unity projects and organise your code to ensure it’s publisher ready.
Homa Academy

Glowy Outline Shader and Controller - Amplify Shader Editor & Unity Tutorial - In this video, I will show you how to create a 2D outline shader using Amplify Shader Editor.
Binary Lunar

Finding Inspiration and Planning Luck: A Story of a Solo Dev-Dad of Color - Landing a publishing deal has been a dream come true for Adam Kareem, the creator of the Mega Man X-inspired platformer, Protodroid DeLTA. In this 2023 Independent Games Summit talk, Adam shares insightful and entertaining stories for how he went from being a solo game dev hobbyist to landing a publishing deal with Humble Games. These stories range from the shocking 75-member character roster that motivates him to the musings of his 2-year-old upon seeing his game artwork.

Build a Rail Shooter in Unity: Generate Splines at Runtime (Part 3) - Unity Splines, created at Runtime, is the theme of this Rail Shooter Game Development series installment. We're going to Procedurally create our Splines and assign them to each enemy to keep the Player guessing. On top of that, we'll be using the Static Factory and Builder patterns to create everything we need! Let's carry on our implementation of the new Unity Spline package! 

Becoming a Unity VFX Artist -09- Polar Coordinates & Hyperspace - Today we're going to be taking a look at polar coordinates and making this super cool hyperspace FTL Drive thing
Brandon Garman


30 for $30 Mega Bundle - With the 30 for $30 Mega Bundle, users can save up to 95% off two curated sets of empowering tools and inspiring art to further their projects.

$20 Bundle - Save up to 95%
This bundle contains UI Particle Image, Mirrors and reflections for VR, Fighter Pack Bundle, 2D Pixel - RPG Monster Pack, Horror Bundle - Sound Effects, Wireframe Shader Effect, Magic Slashes FX, Medical Equipments, Geometry Algorithms, 3D Scifi Base Vol 1, Toon Dinosaurs 2, Pixel Heroes Editor, TPS Shooter (Military Style), Ultimate Screenshot Tool, and Stylized Karts #1

$30 Bundle - Save up to 97%
This bundle contains everything from the $20 bundle, plus POLYGON Nature - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty, I2 Localization, Atlas - terrain editor, Damage Numbers Pro, Bad Word Filter PRO, Super Realistic Diamond Shaders, Invector Third Person Controller - Basic Locomotion Template, Cave & Blacksmith Pack - Ores, Gems, Props, Tools, Grid Builder 2, EndlessBook, Tropical Forest Pack, Advanced Foliage Pack 2.0, The Lost Temple, Nodachi Animset, and PBR Fighters (Pack)

Unity Affiliate

50% off Pathiral - Publisher Sale - Get 50% off Pathiral assets. Pathiral provides solid and unique assets that include AIs, gameplay systems, and tools to aid you in the creation of your next game, including Blaze Enemy AI Engine, Frustrum Culling, and more. PLUS, get Skybox Blender for FREE with code PATHIRAL
Unity Affiliate

SaveManager - Save Manager is a FREE local save system for Unity games.
CarterGames Open Source

games.noio.planter - The plant simulation from Cloud Gardens as a Unity package for level design. Plants are generated based on Branches. Each branch is a small piece of the plant, which will spawn "child" branches in specific positions.
noio Open Source

facial-expressions-unity - Provides facial expressions system of human models for Unity.
mochi-neko Open Source

Simple-ActiveRagdoll - Simple implimentation of active ragdoll in Unity.
hyunwookimbob Open Source

LucidEditor - Powerful Editor Extensions for Unity
AnnulusGames Open Source

PlayRecorder - PlayRecorder lets you record Unity scene logic into binary files that work in both the editor or builds. Once a recording is made with a scene, even if that recording is created within a build, it can be played back within the editor, making it incredibly useful for recording data from user studies or analytics. Data can also be recorded within the editor, and then played back within a build. This also works across different platforms making it flexible for use on deployed apps.
ultraleap Open Source

UCharts - UCharts allows creating radar charts, pie charts, half pie chart in your Unity3d Games.
iMemento Open Source

unity-optimizations-package - The purpose of this package is to help you optimize your game by reducing the build size and increasing the performance. At the moment, it is targeted at WebGL games.
CrazyGamesCom Open Source

SimpleFolderIcon - Customize the folder icon in Unity project window
SeaeeesSan Open Source

UnityUxmlGenerator - Generates "UxmlFactory" and "UxmlTraits" source code for a custom VisualElement
LibraStack Open Source

Unity-SpriteAssist - Unity-SpriteAssist is an Unity extension that assist Sprite's mesh creation more conveniently.
sr4dev Open Source

voice-activity-detection-unity - A voice activity detection (VAD) library for Unity.
mochi-neko Open Source

UnityExtensions - C# extension functions, attributes and editor tools for common Unity problems.
Faulo Open Source

Unity3D-StateMachine - A code-generated state machine including transitions, with support for Zenject.
Thundernerd Open Source

gum - Gum is a collection of tools focusing mainly on game development with the goal of getting rid of the boilerplate code.
erkerkiii Open Source

Multiverse Of Music - An Ovani Music Sample Bundle - Realms of royalty-free music! Embark on an unforgettable audio adventure with our thrilling new bundle in partnership with Ovani Sound! Experience a variety of genres, from the thunderous Metal Music Pack and mesmerizing Electronic Music Pack to the enchanting Fantasy Music Pack, spine-chilling Horror Music Pack, nostalgic Chiptune Music Pack, and more—over 500 music files total. Score your game, film, or other creative project, and help support the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, amplifying the power of music and compassion.
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Game Spotlight

Makis Adventure - Fight, dash, swim and bite your way through 3 different dungeons. Let the inner shark out! Face many different opponents and defeat powerful bosses. Makis Adventure is an Action-Platformer with a bite!

[You can get it now on Steam and follow them on Twitter]

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