Planescape: Torment pitch document (1997 - PDF link) - [And the Hacker News discussion]

Welcome to Megacity - The Megacity Multiplayer game sample showcases how to create engaging and immersive multiplayer experiences using a suite of netcode and multiplayer tools, tech, and services.

The best free tools for narrative games - These tools are useful for a number of genres: some are laser-focused on interactive fiction, while others are great for visual novels, dialogue-driven RPGs, adventure games, or other work where words and choosing among text options are a huge part of the experience. All of the tools on this list are free, and most are great for beginning developers or narrative designers/writers who want to branch out.

[Unity] GameObject to Shader Communication: MaterialPropertyBlocks - Each GameObject in my scene is given a unique ID, and I want this ID value to be used inside the Shader that is part of the Material of every GameObject in my scene.
Daniel Chou Rainho


Senior AI Programmer, and Lead Gameplay Developer (multiple roles) - The Gamedev Guru - Remote
Get Unity Certified! Take aim at your dream job! A a certification that will help you stand out from the crowd.


Let's Code a Realtime Fluid Simulation in Unity - Got really curious about Realtime Fluid Simulations and I put together this video that will hopefully help you understand how it all works, the core technology used is Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics, and everything is written from scratch in Unity using C# and Compute Shaders.

Mastering Timer Functionality in Unity with UniRx: A Step-by-Step Tutorial - UniRx and reactive programming is a fantastic way to write code for video games in the Unity engine, in this video we learn how to write a simple timer with reactive programming
Code and Magic

You still don't use C# Interfaces? YOU SHOULD! | Practical Unity Tutorials - I didn't use C# Interfaces for a very long time as I never saw value in them. But then one day I had to implement an interaction system and Interfaces were the answer I was looking for.
Darko Tomic

Procedurally Generate a Perfect Maze (Unity Tutorial) - In this tutorial we're going to look at how to procedurally generate a perfect maze.
Ketra Games

VARIANTS ONLY - Unity Prefab Changes You need to know about! - hey game devs buckle up because right now I'm going to show you all of the coolest new things that have come to Unity prefabs that you probably didn't know about
Jason Weimann


RetroRender - Recreate the iconic look of the games of yesteryear with pre-rendered and animated sprites generated from YOUR models completely within the engine!

Harkening back to a simpler time when computers couldn't handle realtime 3D rendering, it would be hard to deny the pre-rendered look of gaming history has a certain charm to it.

RetroRender is a fully capable tool for generating such pre-rendered sprites from models in the scene at the click of a button!

The specified model(s) will be rendered in a user-configurable number of directions. All renders are then saved into a texture sprite sheet for efficiency.

RetroRender also supports rendering animations at a user-configurable framerate. All frames of rendered animations are saved into unique spritesheets, and animation clips for swapping the sprite at each frame are created.

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awtdev Affiliate

Unity Hidden Gems Bundle - Tools & art treasures for Unity creators from the Unity Asset Store.
Bring your game to life—and make dev life a little easier—with this bundle of hidden-gem tools and art assets for Unity creators. Enhance your process with tools to enhance help draw, debug, create dialogue, make AI-generated maps, and much more. Get art assets & tools to build worlds with volumetric clouds, 3D lands filled with snow and ice, or fantasy realms with pixel-art monsters. Unleash your creativity, save time, and make the game you’ve been dreaming of—and help support Girls Make Games Scholarship Fund with your purchase.
This is an official bundle created by the Unity Asset Store, supporting the asset publishers featured.
Humble Bundle Affiliate

ScriptableObject Factory Window - ScriptableObject Factory Window is an editor window for creating ScriptableObjects in Unity. It provides a convenient interface within the Unity Editor for creating instances of ScriptableObjects.
ShadowIgnition Open Source

Runtime Node Editor - Unity runtime node editor using with Unity UI.
cemuka Open Source

Unity selected objects History Window - A simple selection history window for Unity.
acoppes Open Source

Gork - A node based tool for Unity that allows you to easily create cutscenes. This tool uses the Unity GraphView API and UI builder.
RCJ15 Open Source

Unispect - A mono type definition and field inspector for Unity games compiled with mono.
Razchek Open Source

Lucid Random - Enhanced random number generator for Unity
AnnulusGames Open Source

Folders for Unity Hierarchy - Specialized folder objects for Unity Hierarchy.
xsduan Open Source

Animate - Animate tweening engine for Unity
sttz Open Source

Animation Library - The Animation Library package contains assets and scripts for animating Unity objects. Animation behaviors include Blink, FollowPath, Move, Orbit, Rotate, Scale, SmoothFollow, SmoothLookAt, and more. The package also contains several animation-related data structures and predefined avatar masks.
zigurous Open Source


Animate UI Materials - Animate UI Materials allows editing and animating materials for a single UI component.
lgarczyn Open Source

Debug Tools - The Debug Tools package contains assets and scripts for debugging Unity projects. Included in the package are scripts for enhanced console logging, benchmarking, displaying framerate, and more. The package also comes with shaders to visualize different vertex data.
zigurous Open Source

Publisher Sale - 50% off Code This Lab - Get 50% off Code This Lab assets , PLUS get Goalkeeper Player 8638 Tris for FREE with code CODETHISLAB.
Unity Affiliate

BakeShader - Unity editor tool for baking shaders to textures. Texture2D, Texture3D, Flipbook, or MeshRenderer (uses model UV)
Cyanilux Open Source

Royalty Free Game, Film, Content Music Mania - Supercharge your soundtrack. Score your game, movie, or other creative project with this bundle of high-quality music! Featuring hundreds of tracks, loops, and more audio elements, this sonic library will help you craft a fitting soundtrack for your fantasy fantasy role-playing epic, arcade beat-em-up, cinematic action sequence, and much more. Plus, your purchase will help support Extra Life!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

The Complete Learn Coding Mega Bundle - Learn coding & AI by building real projects. Learn to code with the world’s most popular tools and languages! Build apps and AI with Python and ChatGPT, and discover visual coding with Scratch. Create games with Unity, Unreal, Godot, Roblox, and Phaser, build C++ apps, and make responsive websites. Learn mobile development with Java, Kotlin, and Swift, and build an AR experience—plus, you’ll support Lotus Outreach International with your purchase!
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Game Spotlight

Metal Ascension - Metal Ascension is a horde survival game with rogue-lite elements. Upgrade your mech with over 200 pieces and more than 1 000 000 combinations.

[You can download the demo on Steam and follow them on Twitter]

Don Pachi
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