Normal map compositing using the surface gradient framework in Shader Graph - A recent Unity Labs paper introduces a new framework for blending normal maps that is easy and intuitive for both technical artists and graphics engineers. This approach overcomes several limitations of traditional methods.

Tongue Tether Swing 3D - So this one is going to be talking about how I did the spide... tongue swing in Crumble!
Brute Force

Unity Reflect arrives in December - Unity Reflect, our new real-time 3D product for building information modeling (BIM) workflows, will be released from beta and available for purchase on December 2.

Forcing to Handle Null - The concept of null is considered as the billion dollar mistake and I very much agree. The defects caused by it is even more apparent in games where state changes happen a lot. In a complex simulation game like ours, we encounter a lot of NullPointerException (NPE) that we can’t trace how it happened. It’s not supposed to happen but it did.
Coffee Brain Games
Application.logMessageReceived - Last week, I learned about Application.logMessageReceived; It lets you invoke a function when you encounter an error.
David Vino

Unity Scene Hierarchy: Catch that Performance Thief! (Part 2) - Last week, I wrote a post to show you how your unity scene hierarchy is reducing the performance of your game. That post arose awareness across many of you developers. And so, many of you asked great questions that I'll answer in today's entry.
Rubén Torres Bonet
Enable On Performance - It is easy to create a script in Unity to set up various effects for High/Low devices. It is great to run smoothly on as many devices as possible and show something wow at the latest ones.
Dig & Fly

Simple Fog Effect - Simple effect on request after my latest devlog, depth fog plane I use for zone exits and chasms.

Ultra Effects | Part 5 - Filmic Filters Noisy grain and cinematic bars - **Shader Fact-Checking Service** FACT: You can recreate a film grain effect using Perlin noise in Unity! Check out my latest Unity shader tutorial!
Daniel Ilett

Wireframe Shading - Why did no-one tell me you can get wireframe shading for free, just by encoding barycentric coords into mesh vertex colors? I've been stumped on this for YEARS! There are like entire Unity assets that offer this, but you can do it with a few lines of #shaders code?
Phi Dinh

newtonsoft json package - PSA - there is an official newtonsoft json package available in Unity's package manager - it's not visible in the list, but it's there.
Mike W

UnitySpawnFromSceneViewPosition - A Unity editor script to save scene view camera position and start your player character from that position on Play.
Ryan Welham

NumberiseChildrenUtility.cs - I've made a gist so you can quickly add numbers to the children of a transform, handy for variations of the same object!
Adam Boyne

MeshBlitWithoutCamera.cs - Hey, you can actually render a mesh directly to a RenderTexture without a camera, if you don't need the fancy camera bits like culling, shadows n stuff. Here's how, annotated.
DodgerV2 Part 2: "Techstack" - In the last post I spoke briefly about the vision I have for the game as well as what Dodger “Classic” was. Today we are going to talk about the tech that will actually drive the gameplay: Unity.

Physics Pushing a Sphere Around - This is the second installment of a tutorial series about controlling the movement of a character. This time we'll use the physics engine to create more realistic motion and support more complex environments.
Catlike Coding

How to Broadcast Your Screen with Unity3D and - Having the ability to share what you are viewing in your Unity3D experience can be a major advantage. In this tutorial, I will make this functionality easy for you by providing a drag and drop solution to live broadcast your screen and a brief overview of the code behind it.

Fixed-Point: Shrink Data Sizes 4x - Floating-point math is fast these days, but fixed-point still has a purpose: we can use it to store real numbers in less than 32 bits. Saving a measly 16 or 24 bits off a float might not sound appealing, but cutting the data size in half or quarter often does when multiplied across large amounts of real numbers. We can shrink downloads, improve load times, save memory, and fit more into the CPU’s data caches. So today we’ll look at storing numbers in fixed-point formats and see how easy it can be to shrink our data!

Releases 2019.3.0b11 and 2020.1.0a13 - Versions 2019.3.0b11 and 2020.1.0a13 have been released


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


WHATS NEW IN UNITY 2019.3? - New editor UI, UI builder, Terrain holes and much more! Let's have a look!
Best Courses and Books for Game Developers (Unity 3D or Unreal Engine) - Whether you use Unity 3D or Unreal Engine, there are tons of resources available to help you learn how to make games. There's Pluralsight, Udemy, and an endless supply of books, but where should you begin?
Infallible Code

Unity 3D Developers Discuss Their Workflows - Jason (apieceoffruit) is a professional game developer with years of consulting experience. Charels is a professional software developer with a passion for creating games. In this clip, they talk about the workflows they use in Unity 3D.
Infallible Code
BEST OF MADE WITH UNITY #47 - Week of November 21, 2019 - Here is a list of the top content made with unity for the week of November 21, 2019. This is a short list of some of the coolest things we found online that were made using Unity. To be featured in this video, please make sure you put #madewithunity in your post and tag us! Who knows, maybe you'll be featured next!
GameDevHQ - Learn Game Dev

Making a (Space) Game in a Week in Unity - Hey Guys, in this video, I am making a game in Unity in a week. I hope you enjoy it. As always the code + all the assets I used are available on my Patreon.
Kristin Stock
How to Make 7 Days to Die in Unity - 02 - Dual Contouring (Smooth Terrain!) - In this video we get a bit of dual contouring going. That's right, this is a makeup channel now! Okay that's a lie. Dual Contouring is a method for marching cubes to produce a much smoother 3D model. In this case, terrain.

OPTIMIZE and IMPROVE your game with OBJECT POOLING (Unity Tutorial) - Instantiating a lot of objects? You can optimize your game and improve performance by following this Unity Tutorial and implementing object pooling!

Procedural dungeon generator in Unity 3d - Part 1 - Theory - Procedural Dungeon Generation Tutorial using binary space partitioning.
Sunny Valley Studio

Unity | Tips | Lightweight Render Pipeline - Unity tutorial dealing with the setup of the Lightweight Render Pipeline from within a new or existing Scene. The Lightweight Render Pipeline, soon to be named the Universal Render Pipeline, integrates post-processing features and access to the Shadergraph, and features scalable graphics quality to meet device performance.
Storing High Scores in Unity 2019 - Learn how to track scores and save high scores in Unity!


HUMBLE MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS FOR GAMES, FILMS, AND CONTENT CREATORS BUNDLE - Bring expression to your video games, movies, and more with this bundle of music and sound effects! Breath life into your characters with voice audio, create ambiance with music, and add the final touches with sound effects.

Humble Bundle
Deep-Blue-Space Procedural Cubemap Skybox (Texture) - Simple Plain Procedural Deep Blue Space Skybox Cubemap for your creative ideas
Tim Coster

Asset Pack 02 - Retro Dungeons - Creating amazing #Zelda like 3d dungeons never was so simple.

Asset Store Black Friday Sale - Black Friday is coming soon! Save 50% on 400 of this year's hottest assets. Take your project to the next level and enhance your new world with advanced world building art and tools. Sale starts Monday.

Game Spotlight

Dead County - Dead County is a survival horror game that's heavily inspired by PS1 horror classics such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark. You play as a delivery driver who, after an accident involving his van and one of the undead, has to make his way home through a town overrun my zombies!

Download the game for free on the page, and read about the development on the devblog.

Blake McKinnon

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