Power your players’ creativity with user-generated content - Unity User-Generated Content (UGC) is a comprehensive solution designed to help game developers empower players to become creators. Now in open beta, it provides a complete set of tools to build, moderate, and grow any user-generated game content.

Forward+ (Plus) Rendering in Unity URP 14+ - Shine Your Lights! - In URP, you are stuck with forward rendering, right? Are you? … Are you really? Let’s have a look, because Forward Rendering is MAYBE not the only thing that you have.

Coming soon: Recipes for popular visual effects using the Universal Render Pipeline - Our upcoming guide, The Universal Render Pipeline cookbook: Recipes for shaders and visual effects, helps you harness the many capabilities of URP. You can now preregister to be notified when the guide is available.

Dev Tips #1: Buffered Inputs - Anyway, I'm here today to share an implementation for buffered button inputs I've written using Unity. It's a relatively simple solution and provides an indiviual buffer for any input you might have. This works great for e.g. allowing the player to jump when landing after having pressed the jump button slightly before landing on the ground. Check the end for the full script.

UCloth: A Unity-Powered Cloth Simulator for VR - Check out UCloth, a mind-blowing cloth simulator for virtual reality developed by 3D Artist and Programmer Matusson using Burst and Jobs system in Unity.

Custom Renderer Features - One way to customise the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) is by writing custom Scriptable Render Passes. A typical example of this could involve rendering some objects to a separate off-screen texture, which we could then sample later - either in shaders used by any objects in the scene, or as a fullscreen pass to composite it with the camera/screen.


Senior AI Programmer, and Lead Gameplay Developer (multiple roles) - The Gamedev Guru - Remote
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Unity Shader Graph - Interactive Water | Tutorial | English Captions - There are many ways to create water for video games using shaders. But in this tutorial, I will show you a method to make the water interact with a solid object.
Game Slave

Harnessing the power of ECS for Unity | Unity at GDC 2023 - ECS for Unity 2022 will be fully released alongside Unity 2022 LTS in just a few weeks. Learn from our panel of creators who have already leveraged ECS to great success in their games, and hear about the future for Unity’s Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS).

Growing an Internet Cult: 'Cult of the Lamb's' Social Strategy - One of the biggest games of 2022 came from an extremely small development team. Cult of the Lamb raced past 1 million copies sold in 10 days and despite being a surprise to some, it was certainly no accident.Jared J. Tan, Devolver Digital's Community Strategist, will discuss how the development team created meme-able moments and an iconic art-style by thinking about marketing from the start. He'll detail how he harnessed those elements while blending creative content and social media analytics to grow a culturally relevant gaming brand.

How Multiplayer Games Work - Learn the fundamentals of how to make online multiplayer games.
Nick Maltbie

How to Create Ghibli Trees in 3D - Blender Tutorial - In this video, David from Lightning Boy Studio will show how to create 3D trees in the style of Ghibli films, all in Blender 2.83
Lightning Boy Studio

Procedural Generation with Wave Function Collapse and Model Synthesis | Unity Devlog - In this video, I discuss the technical details of the Wave Function Collapse algorithm, and the closely related predecessor, Model Synthesis. I really enjoy both of these algorithms, and like many, I actually use parts of both in my projects. 
DV Gen

How I made my game look like a comic book! | Alien Frontier Devlog #0 - Alien Frontier is an open world, third-person shooter roguelite! This devlog covers the first six months of development on my game, made in Unreal Engine 5! 

Houston, we have a planet: The spherical terrain of Kerbal Space Program 2 | Unity at GDC 2023 - Join us for a guided panel discussion with developers from Intercept Games, who will talk through the process and challenges of creating fully spherical planets in Kerbal Space Program 2. Artists and engineers describe the steps that went into recreating a fan-favorite celestial body from the mesh up using the Unity game engine with new tools, new pipelines, and new team members.

How to Make a Wobbling Screen Effect in Unity - Today, I am going to show you how to wobble … or at least how to make a screen wobble effect in Unity.
Roberto Cespi

Unity VFX Graph - Shield Effect Tutorial - In this Unity tutorial we are going to create a Sci-Fi Shield with Shader Graph and see how to use it in VFX Graph. We are going to use Blender to create the Shield mesh and Krita for the texture. At the end we have an overview of how to detect collisions!
Gabriel Aguiar Prod.

Energy Shield Effect in Unity URP Shader Graph - In this video I walk you through the Unity URP Shader Graph to create a dynamic spherical shield that distorts the background with Screen Color (what used to be Grab pass), pulsates, animates the colors and tiles, and responds to bullet impacts.


Burning Building - Design buildings quickly and easily. Let players create their own buildings. Generate building meshes procedurally with a powerful API.

Burning Building combines a powerful building mesh generation algorithm with tools that make it easy and intutitive to edit -- and works at runtime, so your players can create their own buildings!

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Burning Mime Software Affiliate

ObservableCollections - ObservableCollections is a high performance observable collections(ObservableList, ObservableDictionary, ObservableHashSet, ObservableQueue, ObservableStack, ObservableRingBuffer, ObservableFixedSizeRingBuffer) with synchronized views.
Cysharp Open Source

SlnMerge - SlnMerge merges the solutions when creating solution file by Unity Editor.
Cysharp Open Source

RuntimeUnitTestToolkit(v2) - RuntimeUnitTestToolkit is the supplement of Unity Test Runner. Unity Test Runner works fine but player runner(any target platform) is very poor. RuntimeUnitTestToolkit provides CLI(for run on CI) and GUI(for run on any platforms(Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc...)) frontend of Unity Test Runner.
Cysharp Open Source

Ulid - Fast C# Implementation of ULID for .NET Core and Unity. Ulid is sortable, random id generator. This project aims performance by fastest binary serializer(MessagePack-CSharp) technology. It achives faster generate than Guid.NewGuid.
Cysharp Open Source

StructureOfArraysGenerator - Structure of arrays source generator to make CPU Cache and SIMD friendly data structure for high-performance code in .NET and Unity.
Cysharp Open Source

StandardizeBows - Standardize Bows is a Unity ( C# ) project that is created in order to setup bow models that will simulate the physics of a bow without having any animation or animator component being attached to the bow.
ahmetahaydemir Open Source


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Learn To Create RPG Games In Unity - Earn skill points in RPG craft. Train yourself to develop your own role-playing sagas with these courses from GameDev.tv! Discover how to design and code core systems for combat, dialogue, quests, and other RPG essentials using Unity. Learn how to make art using Blender by creating your own awe-inspiring dragon. Plus, get packs of assets to help you put together your own open worlds. Level up your RPG-making skills, and help support Oceana with your purchase!
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Unity Pro Flash Sale - Beginning on May 1, 2023, new users can save 10% on the first year of their Unity Pro subscriptions with the coupon code 'PRO10'. This code is good for up to 10 seats and users who purchase 5 or more seats during the sale will receive an invitation to an exclusive fireside chat with Unity’s product managers and technical subject matter experts.
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NewGraph - NewGraph is a data-oriented node graph solution for Unity powered by UIToolkit (UIElements). This is based on the idea to visualize complex data structures as graph networks without having to modify already established data classes, except adding [Node], [Port], [PortList] and [SerializeReference] attributes to all classes that should show in the Graph View.
Gentlymad-Studios Open Source

Compilation Visualizer for Unity - This tool visualizes the assembly compilation process in Unity3D. It hooks into the Editor-provided events and nicely draws them on a timeline. That's especially helpful when trying to optimize compile times and dependencies between assemblies.
Besides showing a graphical view of compilation, selecting an assembly shows both dependencies and dependents of that assembly.

needle-tools Open Source

TimelineTool - Provides an easy way to change Playable Director's Bindings and Clips at runtime.
pofulu Open Source

Gameframe.SceneSwitcher - Editor extension for quick scene switching.
coryleach Open Source

Unity Plane Mesh Splitter - Split large meshes in Unity into smaller submeshes
artnas Open Source

Machine Learning and AI - Zero To Hero Bundle - Train yourself to master AI. Want to learn more about today’s hottest AI technology or find out how to apply machine learning in your career? Go from zero to hero with this comprehensive bundle of courses from Packt. Build a firm understanding of the fundamentals, and develop your skills through hands-on projects. Discover how to use PyTorch and Python, explore the practical applications of AI in data science or computer vision, and more. Plus, your purchase will support Alzheimer’s Research UK!
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Game Spotlight

Nivalis - Grow your business, manage restaurants and nightclubs, make friends and enemies, buy and decorate apartments, go fishing and maybe even find love in Nivalis, the city that stretches from the ocean to the clouds.

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