How To Make Good Small Games - People get frustrated with complex tools because they can't visualize the journey from their starting point to their goal. It's hard to see the path from "rendering a 3D sphere" to "super-cool Platinum-style hack-and-slash with rogue-lite progression and an elaborate crafting system, it's like Hades meets Bayonetta, here let me show you my design docs..."

The Art of Writing for Video Games - Flint and JZP are the writers of established franchises like G.I. Joe, Transformers, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Uncharted, Dead to Rights, Diablo 3, Ingress, Avatar, Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, and many more. These industry legends - with 30+ years of experience creating remarkable video games, comics, and movies - will teach you what it takes to thrive as a writer.

Best Game Project Management Tools for Game Developers - Best video game project management software enhances the studio efforts and simplifies the development in multiple ways. Here are some of the major aspects the development team can benefit from with the help of top dev project management tools.

Rapid design iteration in Breachers using AssetPostprocessor and Blender - In this blog, Jel Sadones, lead level design/tech art, and lead developer Pieter Vantorre walk us through their Blender-to-Unity pipeline and how they brought their VR tactical FPS title Breachers to life.

How to implement colormaps like Rainbow and Viridis in code - I wanted to improve the wind tunnel by making it more realistic, by optimizing the code, and by making it look better. To make it look better I wanted to implement different colormaps. A colormap is basically a function that takes a value as input and out pops a color.

6 ways ScriptableObjects can benefit your team and your code - We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched a new technical e-book, Create modular game architecture in Unity with ScriptableObjects, which provides best practices from professional developers for deploying ScriptableObjects in production.


Senior AI Programmer, and Lead Gameplay Developer (multiple roles) - The Gamedev Guru - Remote
Get Unity Certified! Take aim at your dream job! A a certification that will help you stand out from the crowd.


Mapping Our Way to PBR | Writing Unity URP Code Shaders Tutorial [4/9] 2021.3 - Have you ever wondered how lighting and shadows work in Unity? Or, do you want to write your own shaders for the Universal Render Pipeline, but without Shader Graph? Either because you need some special feature or just prefer writing code, this tutorial has you covered.
Ned Makes Games

Enabling user-generated content using Unity UGC | Unity at GDC 2023 - Check out this session for a quick overview of how to enable your community to start creating content for your game and help your players start engaging with it.

Let's Play: Shadows of Doubt | Made With Unity - Join us as we play the upcoming Made With Unity game Shadows of Doubt. We'll be playing the game with a live audience while interviewing the creators.

Creating Notes & Letters In Unity -- UI & Raycast Tutorial - Lets create a letter and note that can be picked up using a raycast, this could be used in an adventure, horror or any type of game. Use the raycast to find the object will the script we desire, then create the UI elements which will allow us to change the text which will appear on the notes inside the inspector.

Unity URP - Make the grass shader interactive with the player. - We'll show you how to make the grass interact with the player

Mastering Scene View Snap Rotation in Unity - While running Cascedeur the AI assisted keyframing software that makes animating characters super easy, I came across a neat way of snapping the Scene View so I figured I would replicate it in Unity.
Warped Imagination

Unlocking the Secrets of the "Souls Like" Camera System in Unity 3D! - Playmaker Unity, Camera Controller suitable for a souls like game! also does lock on.
Little Owl Gaming - Unity3d Tutorials With Brokn

Unity Shader Graph Tutorial - Visual effects of weapons | Moonlight Sword (English Captions) - In this video, we're going to learn how to use masks with 3D objects and how to blend textures to achieve striking effects on game weapons or any 3D object in general.
Game Slave

How to make Minimap in Unity 2021 (works for multiple floors) - When you want to make a minimap in Unity it usually is all about creating a separate camera. The tricky part is showing on your minimap information's important to the player and not exactly what they can see in front of them but just in top-down view.
Sunny Valley Studio

How to drag and drop UI elements in Unity - In this short Unity Tip I will show you how to drag and drop UI image in Unity so that it follows the mouse when we drag it and stays in place when we drop it.
Sunny Valley Studio

Game Architecture: Stardeus Unity UI System - This video will walk you through the gritty details of how Unity UGUI was used in Stardeus, a deep sci-fi colony sim.
Kodo Linija

Picking a Good Spot: Naughty Dog's Post System - Picking good spots for gameplay purposes effectively and efficiently
Ming-Lun "Allen" Chou


Time Travel Mega Bundle Sale! - Users can save up to 95% off three curated sets of classic, top quality assets and tools, perfect for revisiting old projects and beaming them into the future.

$9.99 Bundle - Save up to 85%
This bundle contains FPS Mesh Tool, Fun Casual Sounds, and Character Creator 2D. $19.99 Bundle - Save up to 87%
This bundle contains everything from the $9.99 bundle, plus Ambient Sounds - Interactive Soundscapes, Mech Constructor: Humanoid Robots, and Inventory (Game Creator 1). $29.99 Bundle - Save up to 95%
This bundle contains everything from the $9.99 and $19.99 bundles, plus 11 additional assets: Game Creator, EnhancedScroller, Sci-Fi Effects, Editor Console Pro, Love/Hate, Animated Hands with Weapons Pack, Fantasy Icons Megapack, Easy Decal, Broccoli Tree Creator, Advanced Dissolve, and Advanced Terrain Grass.

Unity Affiliate

50% off Digital Ruby (Jeff Johnson) - Get 50% off Digital Ruby (Jeff Johnson) assets – now until April 27. PLUS, get Procedural Lightning - High Performance and Shocking Lightning for FREE with coupon code DIGITALRUBY.
Unity Affiliate

Unity Footstep - An "automatic" footstep detector for humanoid animators. Open Source

Easy buttons for the Unity default inspector - Add buttons to your inspector in Unity super easily with this simple attribute
madsbangh Open Source

UnityPresets - This project contains a collection of scripts, art, and prefabs that can be used in Unity projects.
MarcelvanDuijnDev Open Source

UnityEditorGitTool README - A tool which automatically saves the git hash into a text asset before build. Useful if you want to use the hash at runtime.
kamgam Open Source

LiteEntitySystem - Pure C# HighLevel API for multiplayer games using .NET Standard 2.1
RevenantX Open Source

Pinchable ScrollRect for Unity - Pinchable ScrollRect allows users to zoom in and out on the ScrollRect with both touches pinching input or mouse scroll input.
LokoSoloGames Open Source

UnitySSPathTracingURP - Screen Space Path Tracing for Unity's URP (Universal Render Pipeline).
jiaozi158 Open Source

UnityMemorySnapshotThing - Tool to analyze unity memory snapshot files (*.snapshot) outside of unity, and find leaked managed shells.
SamboyCoding Open Source

CustomizationInspector - Customize Unity3D inspector by attribute(such as Button, ReadOnly, HideIf etc.) and serializable dictionary.
Mr-sB Open Source

AdaptiveGrid - Adaptive UIBehaviour with auto-layout and flexible settings.
cyberaslan Open Source

Ink-Fungus Gateway Template - The Ink-Fungus Gateway is (no surprise here) a gateway between Ink and Fungus. Ink is a scripting language for interactive fiction, developed by Inkle. Fungus is a visual storytelling and scripting tool for Unity.
maurovanetti Open Source

Textures Hunter Unity3D Tool - This tool provides summary of all textures in Unity project.
AlexeyPerov Open Source

Missing References Hunter Unity3D Tool - This tool detects missing references in your assets.
AlexeyPerov Open Source

URPOceanTessellation - This project use full FFT methods to make Ocean waves rendering with Tessellation shader
bearworks Open Source

Unity Fog Of War - Unity Fog Of War for mobile
Tunied Open Source

Toon Render Pipeline (Unity SRP) - A Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) designed specifically for toon/stylized visuals.
Delt06 Open Source

CommandLine for Unity - The CommandLine for Unity package provides the ability to query key-value pairs, very similar to Unity's PlayerPrefs API.
pschraut Open Source

Outline Effect - Outline Image Effect for Unity. Sprite/Line/Mesh renderer support
cakeslice Open Source

Easy Time Slicing - EasyTimeSlicing makes it easy to slice heavy tasks into consequent game frames to execute and helps to keep the game running smoothly and avoid janks or spikes.
aillieo Open Source

Giant Particle - Inspector Graph - The Inspector Graph is a tool to better visualize, understand and manipulate objects in a reference hierarchy.
giantparticlegames Open Source

react-native-unity - React Native package to use Unity as library with RN app
wowmaking Open Source

Planar Reflections for Unity - Planar reflections probe component for Unity
eldskald Open Source

DelayNoMoreUnity - A Multiplayer Platformer game demo on websocket+UDP peer-to-peer with delayed-input Rollback Netcode inspired by GGPO
genxium Open Source

Turn Anything Into a Graph! - Graphify is an ultra-lightweight Unity Api for quickly and easily making anything into a graph! It's 100% built using Unity's new UI Toolkit, and allows users to easily extend the graph using their own UI Toolkit code. Graphify has been designed for speed, consisting of a virtualization scheme and fast evaluation means you can create and run thousands of graphs at a time with no issues.
CoffeeVampir3 Open Source

Machine Learning and AI - Zero To Hero Bundle - Train yourself to master AI. Want to learn more about today’s hottest AI technology or find out how to apply machine learning in your career? Go from zero to hero with this comprehensive bundle of courses from Packt. Build a firm understanding of the fundamentals, and develop your skills through hands-on projects. Discover how to use PyTorch and Python, explore the practical applications of AI in data science or computer vision, and more. Plus, your purchase will support Alzheimer’s Research UK!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Movavi Video Editing Bundle 2023 - Your complete video creation suite. Edit movies, record gameplay, convert video formats, and more with this video production software from Movavi! Edit footage, add FX, adjust audio, and more with Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020—plus a versatile array of themed effects packs. Create gaming content with the lightweight, easy-to-use gameplay-capture software Gecata 5. Bring images to life with Movavi Photo Editor and Movavi Slideshow Maker 8. Get the tools filmmakers & content creators need, and help support Oceana with your purchase.
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Game Spotlight

Cynthia: Hidden in the Moonshadow - Emotional, 3rd-person, story-driven, adventure game focused on solving puzzles and using stealth mechanics. Use your bow to interact with environmental elements. Sneak, climb or distract guards to move further unnoticed. Solve light puzzles alongside your path to rescue your loved one.

[You can get the game on Steam, follow them on Twitter and visit their website]

Catthia Games
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