Tales from the Optimization Trenches - As a Developer Relations Engineer in our EMEA Consulting & Development team, I spend most of my time visiting Unity’s largest customers and helping them resolve performance issues on their projects. If you’re interested in learning how we do that so that you can apply this knowledge and techniques to your own projects, please read on.

Unity Optimization: Your Scene Hierarchy is Robbing you - You've optimized all of the low-hanging fruits of your game. Except that you didn't. You missed a sneaky, non-so-obvious spot: optimizing your Unity Scene Hierarchy.
Rubén Torres Bonet

Level up your VR skills with a free, new course from Unity and Oculus - We’ve partnered with Oculus to create a free intermediate level course, “Design, develop and deploy for VR.” You’ll learn VR best practices and how to build and launch your own vertical slice of a game from Unity and Oculus experts.

Veggie Saber – Introduction to Unity Development with the Oculus Quest - In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to develop and deploy a game for Oculus Quest in Unity by developing Veggie Saber, a Saber VR game featuring tasty veggies!
How Virtual Reality is Augmenting Realty - From the design and construction of skyscrapers to picking the right sofa, virtual reality is infiltrating real estate in new ways.

Sherman behind the screens: How to create cinema-quality lighting in Unity - Created by the Emmy Award-winning team that brought you Baymax Dreams, Sherman is a new short film crafted with Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP).

2D Lights Made Easy in Unity 2019.3! [Tutorial] - 2D lights were something of a dream for me when I began using Unity, a challenge that was barely achievable and I could only do it by faking light sources by cutting out a black transparent over my assets. We can now do it super easy in 2019.3 thanks to Unity!

Smoothly change values - VFXGraph Tutorial - Here's something different, a sort of tiny #VisualEffectGraph tutorial on how to smoothly change values beyond a set threshold value. This could be done in different dimensions too.
Olli Sorjonen
Learning Shaders in Unity with Amplify Shader Editor - Ricardo Teixeira from Amplify Creations team overviewed their Amplify Shader Editor for Unity and talked about shader work in general.
80 Level

Wobbly Text Shader - Doing some wobbly text shader! (It's TMPro shader with a few line added).

Training your agents 7 times faster with ML-Agents - In versions 0.9 and 0.10 of ML-Agents, we introduced a series of features aimed at decreasing training time, namely Asynchronous Environments, Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning (GAIL), and Soft Actor-Critic.

Simplify your game testing with our new machine learning product, GameTune - One of the most exciting announcements at this year’s Unite conference was the beta release of GameTune, our new machine learning tool for game optimization.

Using Deep Learning for Character Interactions - Have a look at a research project that discusses the opportunities for deep learning in character animation and control.
80 Level

Developing an interactive YouTube Live Stream with Unity - I wanted to share this article I published yesterday on how to create a live stream game, using Google's Data API.
Liam Sorta

ResetParentTransform.cs - Quick utility to reset a parent GameObject position to 0,0,0 without screwing up the child positions.
Mike Wuetherick
CreateEmptyAtRoot.cs - If you like that one, you'll love it's counterpart: Create Empty GameObject at Root. Adds right-click context menu to scene hierarchy / GameObject menu - the default 'Create Empty' method just picks a random spot in space (it seems). 
Mike Wuetherick

Sharing means caring: Things I wish I knew before starting with Tilemaps & 2D (2,5D) - I summaries here all the stuff that I was able to find spread all over the interwebs, was it even UnityForum, Stackoverflow, Stackexchange, Reddit or Blogs and in addition those things I found out my self trying and learning the hard way. 

[SerializeReference] - Use [SerializeReference] instead of [SerializeField] to support polymorphism and null values.

Curated #UnityTips No. 103 by Devdog Nov. 2019! - Hi friends time once again for our top #UnityTips picks. This is an excellent opportunity for you to take a break from the grind and learn something new about Unity. These tips are sure to make your development life easier. Enjoy!!

Git Submodules and Unity - You can create git repositories which act like Unity packages prior to Unity 2018.3 using git submodules.

MiniTank Mirror - I've made a little example project under MIT licence, that explore the basics of networking in Unity3D with the Mirror Assets. Hope it will help some of you start your journey into multiplayer gamedev.
Captain Nakou

Using Unity Documentation offline - At some point during development, we all need to refer to Unity documentation. Obviously. But, we may not always have internet access for it, or it may be too slow. So, here is a guide to set up Unity offline docs, and to make it easily accessible. You’ll learn how to add the offline documentation as a search engine on your favourite browser.
Vivek Raman (VR)

Referenging package dll's in external projects - Having troubles with your custom DLL project for #Unity3d referencing UPM packages? I wrote a small forum post to explain how you could maybe solve that problem.
Patrick Henschel

Review : Bolt Visual Scripting - This is a review of Bolt. a visual scripting plugin for Unity. The plugin has been developed and published by Ludiq.

Knowing When to Inherit from MonoBehaviour - Knowing when to inherit from MonoBehaviour or when not to can have implications on your game. It can affect behaviour accessible to you in your scripts, the architecture and design of your code base, and even performance.
The Game Dev Box

NativeArray2D - Unity provides exactly one collection: NativeArray. Compared to managed arrays in C#, these must be one-dimensional. So today we’re building a two-dimensional version of it: NativeArray. We’ll add this to the NativeCollections GitHub repository for easy inclusion into any project. Read on to learn more about the collection!

Release 2020.1.0a12 - Unity version 2020.1.0a12 has been released.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


MAKING ISOMETRIC TILEMAP in Unity 2019! (Tutorial) - Isometric Tilemap in Unity 2019 allows you to paint isometric tiles into your Unity levels! Let's check how the Isometric Tilemap system works!
What I Learned After 1000 Hours of Game Development (Unity in 2019) - Hello, fellow game devs and gamers! In this video I'm summarising what spending 1000+ hours in Unity on game development does to a person.
Roman Papush

Unity3D Game Developer Q&A - Answering questions about Unity3d and Game Development. We'll talk about clean code, design patterns, unit testing, etc.
Infallible Code

BUILD LEVELS QUICKLY in Unity with SNAPS! - Quickly create and prototype 3D levels in Unity using Snaps!

Making Timed Visual Effects in Unity 2019! (Tutorial) - In this video we will learn how to control visual effects from Unity's Spaceship demo using Timeline.
DOTS (Playlist) - Get started writing high-performance multithreaded C# code in Unity with Unite Copenhagen talks on our Data-Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS)!

The Black Hole Effect shader using Shader Graph in Unity - This is a tutorial on creating a shader that sucks all vertices towards a point based on a parameter, it is made using Shader Graph in Unity 2019, LWRP
AE Tuts
DIALOGUE SYSTEM UNITY TUTORIAL #2 - Triggering, Dialogue Color, and more - This is the second video of a series of tutorials I wanted to make on Dialogue Systems, from loading a simple external text file to branching and special functions.
Filipe F. Thomaz

HEALTH BAR Unity UI Tutorial (Beginner Friendly) - Whether you're making a health bar, mana bar, stamina bar, etc. this unity tutorial will give you the UI functionality to satisfy all of your bar... needs.

How much can a solo game developer earn - my story - In this video I wanted to share my own experience of developing my very first game for iOS and Android, and also tell about my budgets and my revenues. I hope it will help to get some ideas about mobile game development. As an example I use my game - Ailment.
Ivan Panasenko


HUMBLE LEARN AND PLAY VR-AR GAME DEV BUNDLE - Play VR games such as Stunt Kite Masters VR and then learn how to make your own with Zenva's courses! Build VR and AR apps with Unity, including RPGs, first-person shooters, and more. $1,286 WORTH OF AWESOME STUFF. PAY $1 OR MORE
Humble Bundle Affiliate
Realtime CSG is now free! - Realtime CSG is now free and open source. Realtime CSG is a 'BSP' level design tool that allows you to Intuitively & rapidly create levels With it's non-destructive workflow you can easily adjust your levels at any time and iterate with instant feedback
Realtime CSG

CustomToolbar - Why use CustomToolbar? This custom tool helps you to test your game easily. Buttons to easily clear playerprefs, restart the game, change timescale, prevent saving during gameplay, and more. Free and open source.
Seyed Morteza Kamali

LocalPreferences - Better alternative for Unity's PlayerPrefs. Save your Game or Editor preferences in JSON files, encrypt game data with Advanced Encryption Standard, manage data files in Editor Window (Playmode Supported), and auto save on player quit. Slightly faster than PlayerPrefs (even with enabled Encryption).
Alexander Vlaznev

Game Spotlight

Studio Tatsu - Building a still unannounced game, their dev blog shares a lot of insight into very cool implementations such as "Soft-mesh", a custom soft-body physics alternative, custom wheel colliders, damage system, and more. Find out more at https://studiotatsu.com/news/
Studio Tatsu

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