Surface Elevation - Applying Noise to a Mesh - This is the first tutorial in a series about pseudorandom surfaces. It takes what we made in the Pseudorandom Noise and Procedural Meshes series and uses it to create a mesh with varying elevation.

Curved World shader in Unity - We can quite easily create this curved world effect by creating a custom shader using Unitys shader graph.

The Fundamentals of Unity 2D colliders - In this post, we’ll cover the common properties and behaviors of 2D colliders, which messages are sent to their GameObjects, how we can use them in our scripts, and how each collider setup interacts with others.

Coming soon: Dedicated game server hosting and matchmaking for all - Stay tuned for new self-serve functionality added to Game Server Hosting (Multiplay), and the introduction of our new rule-based Matchmaker – both are included as part of Unity Gaming Services.

Understanding Unity’s serialization language, YAML - In this blog post, we will further unpack Unity’s serialization system, and share use cases of what can be achieved by modifying Asset files directly.

Behind the Pretty Frames: Resident Evil - The decision was taken, to try to hunt further info about the engine, and to try to breakdown any RE-Engine based game.

Unity 2022.2.0 Beta 2 - Unity versions 2022.2.0 Beta 2 and 2023.1.0 Alpha 4 have been released.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


Halftone Effect in Unity Shader Graph and URP - Halftone is a technique used for printing where tiny dots of different colors and sizes are layered to look like a full-colour image. In this video, I use Shader Graph to implement a similar technique, where the shaded regions of the image are converted into differently-sized darkened dots.
Daniel Ilett
Unity VFX Graph - Materialize Objects Effect Tutorial - In this Unity tutorial we are going to learn how to Materialize Objects into their final form! You are going to learn how to handle Meshes in Unity VFX Graph and how to create a materializing shader with Unity Shader Graph! Enjoy!
Gabriel Aguiar Prod.

Unity Character Customization Using Scriptable Objects | Beginner Unity Tutorial - Unity Character Customization is a topic I've wanted to do for a while, but I always wondered about the best way to do character customisation in Unity - in the end I settled on the Unity Scriptable Objects route - allowing you to create scriptable objects which define which assets are available to for the character customization system to use.
Dan Pos - Game Dev Tutorials!

How to setup Global Matchmaking for Unity - Global matchmaking has never been easier with Unity's new Lobby and Relay systems. With just a few lines of code you can match players from around the world to play together. Bypass network hassles using relay and create customized games using lobby.


Indie Innovation Sale! - Customers can save 40% on selected assets!

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Unity Affiliate
EasyNoise - A free unity library that allow easy generation of noise and falloff for fast iterations Use gradient and generate texture for your terrain with just few line of code Demo script included, easy and intuitive.
AndreaDev3D Open Source

Pixel Palette Creator (Free) - Palette creation software that tries to be easy enough for anyone to approach, and be able to walk away with attractive colors in seconds. Flexible enough to work from scratch, unfolding just one color into a spectrum, or start from pre set palettes, or screenshot anything and use that instead.
[Also read their update announcement]

Jofer's Games

Free Low Poly Vehicles Pack - A free low poly game ready vehicles pack with separated wheels to use on your 3D games. The colors are separated by materials, so yon can create new car colors easily.

Unity Rhubarb Lip Syncer - This is a Unity Editor script for automating lip sync animations using Rhubarb Lip Sync.
crdrury Open Source

Easy Behavior Tree - A very simple behavior tree implementation including a creator and runtime codes.
aillieo Open Source

Behavior Tree - Behavior Tree is a Unity framework for implementing modular AI (Artificial Intelligence) behavior.
kietran99 Open Source

UnityMeshSimplifier - Mesh simplification for Unity. The project is deeply based on the Fast Quadric Mesh Simplification algorithm, but rewritten entirely in C# and released under the MIT license.
Whinarn Open Source

Custom Timeline Keyframes and Data Painter Tools - Custom keyframes for Unity's timeline allow for easy interpolation of any custom data type including visual tools and a modular tooling system to creatively manipulate your data for use as input of generative animation and more.
needle-tools Open Source

Turnable - A Unity and Godot compatible gramework written in C# that can be used to create any kind of turn based game.
angyan Open Source

UnityCipher - This is Cipher Libraries in Unity, include the AESCipher and RSACipher.
TakuKobayashi Open Source

UI Toolkit Plus - Reusable features for UI Toolkit runtime and editor.
QAttribute marks the class member as a query target, and the AssignQueryResults extension method assigns appropriate UQuery results to those members.

ErnSur Open Source

Debug-Chan - Handy logging/tracing tool for Unity game development.
active-logic Open Source

DMotion - A High Level Animation Framework and State Machine for DOTS - DMotion (DOTS Motion) is an opnionated general purpose Animation framework and State Machine for DOTS, built on top of Kinemation.
gamedev-pro Open Source

Ultimate Fantasy Unity RPG Developer Bundle - Master game dev & make your RPG with Unity. Equip yourself with the knowledge & tools you need to develop epic games using Unity with this bundle of courses & RPG assets! Build a well-rounded foundation with multi-part instructional courses that teach you how to master making games in Unity. When you’re ready to get started, jump right into creation with a versatile range of 3D assets tailor-made for RPGs—fully rigged fantasy characters, high-quality monsters, dungeon sets, and more. Plus, your purchase will support National Network of Abortion Funds and NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

RPG Game Dev Bundle - Making a role-playing game? Did you pick up our epic RPG Maker Resurgence bundle? This massive library will be the greatest asset in your game-dev journey! Get collections of art assets including 2D heroes and characters, tile sets, icons, and more—along with RPG-worthy music, sound effects, stingers, and other versatile audio building blocks. Plus, your purchase will support the Alzheimer's Association and Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Game Spotlight

Glaciered - Glaciered is an action-adventure indie game that takes place on a glacier-covered Earth 65 million years in the future. Play as a Tuai, a species evolved from birds, to soar through the seas and fight against the threats to this new golden age of life.

[You can wishlist it on Steam and check out their website]

Studio Snowblind
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