Releases 2020.1.0a9 and 2019.3.0b7 - Unity versions 2020.1.0a9 and 2019.3.0b7 have been released.

Introducing the new Input System - Unity’s current built-in input management system was designed before we supported the many platforms and devices that we do today. Over the years, we realized that it wasn’t very easy to use and, occasionally, it even struggled with simple situations – like plugging in a controller after the executable was launched. That’s why we have been working on something new; a complete rewrite.

Strongly-Typed Integers - An int can be anything: points, health, currency, time, etc. We often make mistakes using one int where another int was supposed to go. Imagine a function DoDamage(int, int). It’s not obvious what the parameters mean. Today we’ll use the C# type system to make the code much more readable and less error-prone!

Improve workflows, validate decisions, and avoid errors with Presets - With Presets, you can customize the default state of just about anything in Unity – Components, Importers, Managers – without coding. Presets can benefit development teams of all sizes, from streamlining repetitive tasks or validating design decisions, to enforcing standards and project templating.

Unity Addressables Hosting: Amazon S3 in 4 Steps - This is what you will get by the time you're done implementing the information of this article: Ridiculously tiny installation sizes. A new Amazon S3 bucket to host your content online. Upload Unity Addressable Assets to S3 through the Unity Editor. Download the Unity Addressable Assets from the S3 bucket in your player builds. A high-five from your happy players.
Ruben Torres Bonet
Handling Depth for Spheretracing - Hey there, I made another tutorial on volumetric rendering, specifically how you can handle depth when tracing opaque objects.
Ronja Böhringer

2D Animation in Unity Made Easy in 2019.3! [Tutorial] - This post will outline how to use the soon to be fully released 2D animation tools in Unity (at the time of writing you can access the packages in preview!). Animation in Unity 2019.3 couldn't make it any easier, Rigging and Animating all within Unity without the use of external applications!
Kal CorgiBits

A thread on Inverse Lerp - a super useful, yet often overlooked function! - Freya provides a concise breakdown on Inverse Lerp with examples.
Freya Holmér

Hand-drawn Style Breakdown - Here's my custom rock shader in use, you can read how I made it.

Context-First Design for Augmented Reality - This article is a continuation of the ongoing series ‘A Quick Guide to Designing for AR on Mobile.’
Bushra Mahmood

Unity Developer Day 2019 Los Angeles - We're thrilled that the #UnityDeveloperDay 2019 conference tour is continuing in November for the final instalment in LA! Join us on November 9th for an exciting day of development talks, products, games, interactive media, Unity updates, and more.

Ultra Effects | Part 1 - Something Fishy Emulating wide-angle lenses using UVs - Fisheye lenses capture images using a spherical mapping. Instead of modifying our virtual camera, we can distort our UVs inside a postprocessing effect to emulate a fisheye lens!
Daniel Ilett

RecordingExtensions.cs - Recording gameplay video in the Unity editor with the Recorder package? Consider automating when you start/stop recording from a script, and collect all your videos in one go.
Alex Holkner

Best UnityTips From Twitter - 12 - We are here again with our latest curated Unity Tips and Tricks from Twitter.
Runemark Studio

Add spherical projection option to eye shader - Have a flat shader working? Want to project it onto a sphere? You try. Ugh. No good. Here's a trick: You can project a sphere's normals to usable UVs.
Shane Celis

Unity Tip: Use TryGetComponent instead of GetComponent to avoid memory allocation in the Editor - Since Unity 2019.2, Unity has added a new API that can handle this situation, the TryGetComponent API.
Jiadong Chen


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


Building UI for games with the new UI Builder - Unite Copenhagen - A single, unified, UI editing tool in Unity – that's our goal for UIElements. In this session, we cover what's available now, share what we're working on, and give a glimpse of what's coming in the future. Learn about UIElements for runtime, new UI authoring workflows, and how we're building the tools to benefit artists and creators.
Unity3D Physics - Rigidbodies, Colliders, Triggers - We'll learn about Unity3D physics for beginners, everything from rigidbodies and moving objects around, to bouncing and sliding.
Unity3d College

How to generate game character behaviors using AI and ML - Unite Copenhagen - Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer new mechanisms for generating animations and behaviors for game characters. In this video, we walk through the Unity Behavior Planner, Unity ML-Agents Toolkit and Unity Inference Engine, three tools that leverage state-of-the-art AI algorithms to help you hit the ground running on your next game.

Redesigning Link for 2D (Unity Character Design Tutorial) 
Thomas Brush

Bringing 2D characters to life with sprite rigging - Unite Copenhagen - When animating characters and elements in your game, it is important to know the benefits and drawbacks for each technique. In this video you will get an updated overview of Unity 2D's rigging so you can choose the right solution for your specific use case.

Introducing Animation Rigging for 2019.3 - Unite Copenhagen - The Animation Rigging package provides a library of rig constraints that can be used to procedurally control skeletal animation at runtime. Unity 2019.3 lets you keyframe the rig constraints in Timeline to author new animation clips in the Unity Editor. Learn how to set up rigs for animation authoring and see a variety of examples for game content creation as well as runtime interactive gameplay.

New 2D graphics features - Unite Copenhagen - Unity is introducing a wide range of new 2D graphics features in 2019: 2D Lights, 2D Shader Graph and 2D Shadows. In this session, Andy walks through, in-editor, how to visually improve a 2D level using all of these new tools and show how they all work together.

2D LEVEL DESIGN in Unity 2019! Making a 2D Game Tutorial - Making 2D Games is not easy, especially since Unity 2019 has introduced new features, and Unity 2020 will keep that list going! So in this video, I’m going to show you how to make 2D Levels in Unity 2019 and beyond!

How to create photorealistic representations using Unity's HDRP - Unite Copenhagen - Explore a real-time rendered walkthrough of Unity's London office, created by Oneiros and M Moser Associates. You'll learn how they used Unity to create photorealistic representations using the High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) and how these experiences can be leveraged for sales and marketing to win more business.

Beautiful 2D WATER/REFLECTIONS - Easy Unity Tutorial - In this short tutorial we'll learn one easy way to create 2D water/reflections in Unity!

Busting mobile user acquisition myths - Unite Copenhagen - User acquisition is a known tactic for growing mobile games. Yet game developers are often left trying to decipher the best channels and formats to expand their businesses without wasting time and money. In this video we get to the bottom of what you really need to know by tackling common user acquisition misconceptions.

ProBuilder tips and tricks - Unite Copenhagen - Looking for an easier way to build and prototype your 3D assets or scenes in Unity? Have you heard of ProBuilder? It enables designers to build, edit, and texture custom 3D geometry directly in Unity, making it a great scene design and prototyping tool.

Increase iteration speed from beginning to launch - Unite Copenhagen - This developer-oriented video will take you on a deep dive into Remote-First Architecture, a more efficient way to build apps. Learn how to make static content a thing of the past by creating your games in a way that can take full advantage of real-time dynamic content. With the Remote-First Architecture approach, you can spend less time waiting and more time iterating on games.

Unity3d Custom Packages - How To Create A Custom Package Hosted In GitHub? - Unity Custom Packages can be created and made available in any type of source control platform that supports Git
Dilmer Valecillos

Gorgeous terrain is SUPER EASY (Unity Tutorial) 
Thomas Brush

Getting started with Firebase Authentication in Unity - On this episode of Firecasts for Firebase Developers, Patrick Martin will walk you through setting up Firebase Authentication in Unity. Watch now to see Patrick go over the basics you need to quickly and easily provide your players with an identity in your game.


HUMBLE BOOK BUNDLE: DEVELOPING YOUR OWN GAMES BY SPRINGER - Turn your video game ideas into a reality! Get a head start in your game development career with ebooks like Developing 2D Games with Unity, Mostly Codeless Game Development, and Understanding Game Application Development.

Humble Bundle
HUMBLE BOOK BUNDLE: COMPUTER PRODUCTIVITY & CODING BY MERCURY LEARNING - Work smarter, not harder. Get productive in front of the screen with this bundle of ebooks from Mercury Learning!

Humble Bundle

Free Noise Textures - Noise textures library, ideal for VFX artists to create various effects. I found then very useful in my personal work and I hope other people will find them beneficial. Enjoy!

Game Spotlight

Pine - Pine is an open world action adventure simulation game. Set in the beautiful world of Albamare, you take on the role of Hue, a smart young adult who will have to explore, trade and fight his way through a stirring ecology filled with creatures much smarter than humans.
  • A seamless open world to explore, filled to the brim with secrets, puzzles and collectibles
  • A smart simulated ecology of species who fight each other over food and territory
  • A diverse cast of species to befriend or hinder through trading, talking, questing and fighting
  • An engaging combat system that learns from your every move
  • A sweeping story of a human tribe at the bottom of the food chain, struggling for survival.
Read about the development on their devblog.

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