I made a better Interactive Grass Shader + Tool - Here is the update to the grass compute shader, now with URP version too!
[ Part 1, Part 2, and video]

Minions Art

Why choose the GBC aesthetic for our next game? - Today, we wanted to expand a bit more on Mina the Hollower’s art style. We'll go over what inspired it, why we chose this direction, and how we're applying Game Boy Color (GBC) hardware limitations while still making a modern game.
Yacht Club Games

Isometric Projection in Game Development - Playing isometric games is super fun, but understanding the theory behind isometric projection is also extremely important for any beginner game developer. Programming isometric worlds is a huge topic, so I'll try to be as beginner-friendly as possible and cover the basics we need to learn how isometric projection is used in game development!

Cheat Codes with Unity and C# - Let’s talk cheat codes. This post, and the video that’ll get made from it, are all about the why and the how of adding cheat codes to your Unity project.

The Definitive Guide to Unity & Unreal Gameplay Capture - A picture is worth 1,000 words. Your audience watches gameplay capture to learn key gaming skills and get buying advice. You need to incorporate gameplay capture into your creative. Here's how.

Unity 2022.1.0 Beta 10 - Unity 2022.1.0 Beta 10 has been released.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


From Sketch to Unity (Draw-Rig-IK-Animate) - Photoshop & Unity Tutorial - In this video, you will learn how to draw 2D character in Photoshop, then rigging it , IK, and Animate in Unity Engine.
Binary Lunar
Simple Blender Head Sculpting Tutorial - A blender sculpting tutorial.
Bracer Jack

How to Inspect Items and Objects! (Rotate around 3D Mesh, Inventory, Unity Tutorial) - This is the kind of thing you see in many games where you have some sort of inventory and you have a separate view to look at the object's 3D mesh, you can rotate around and look at it from any angle. It's relatively easy to do and adds a nice extra bonus to your Inventory System.
Code Monkey

Using Interfaces in Unity | Unity Clean Code - Learn how using C# interfaces can help keep your unity code clean and allow you to add new mechanics to your game even faster
James Makes Games

How to Program in Unity: Command Pattern Explained - Learn the fundamentals of the Command Pattern in this new video break down! We'll explain how to use each component of the pattern using c# programming in unity!

How to use ISerializationCallbackReceiver in Unity - In this video we will automatically swap the sprite of a Sprite Renderer for an image from a Scriptable Data Object that we assign to the Item script in order to have a more data driven logic in our game.
Sunny Valley Studio

How to decrease power consumption/battery usage on static screens in Unity using OnDemandRendering - Checking out the OnDemandRendering api added in Unity 2019.3 and showing how it can be used to drastically decrease GPU usage on static pages in your app/game. [Documentation]
Scott Steffes

How to rotate a vector - just a quick clip after someone asked a question on twitter~
Freya Holmér


Ukraine Mega Bundle - Unity Asset Store stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and the 500+ Unity Asset Store Publishers based in the region.

In light of this, they are holding a new Mega Bundle with 100% of proceeds going to humanitarian charities in support of Ukraine.

Unity and the generous Asset Store Publishers who've agreed to include their assets in this effort, are donating 100% of revenue from this Mega Bundle.

Unity Affiliate
The Joy Of Coding Bundle - Whether you're a beginner programmer or a practiced pro, nailing a project or solving a tricky problem can be incredibly rewarding. Discover the art and science of coding—and the joy that comes with it—with this bundle of ebooks from No Starch Press featuring Computer Graphics from Scratch, Learn to Code by Solving Problems, Rust for Rustaceans, Introduction to Computer Organization, and more. Plus, your purchase helps support Let's Encrypt and No Starch Press Foundation!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

UnityURPMirrorShader - A mirror shader that works with VR in URP Unity 2019.4 LTS, though only with multi-pass.
Avdbergnmf Open Source

MasterMemory - Embedded Typed Readonly In-Memory Document Database for .NET Core and Unity. 4700 times faster than SQLite and achieves zero allocation per query. Also the DB size is small. When SQLite is 3560kb then MasterMemory is only 222kb.
Cysharp Open Source

WaterRW - WaterRW is 2D interactive water system for Unity.
ruccho Open Source

Fluid Simulation Implemented in Compute shaders in Unity 3D - This repo contains code for a fluid simulation pipeline implemented in Compute shaders. The code has been tested on Unity 2019.1.14f1 Windows DX11, with the Legacy renderer.
IRCSS Open Source

Procedural Painting Using Genetic Evolution Algorithmen in Unity 3D with compute shaders - This repo contains code for a genetic evolution algorithm implemented in compute shaders in Unity 3D.
IRCSS Open Source

Create 2D And 3D Game Art Bundle - Want to level up as a game artist? We've teamed up with the experts at Zenva Academy for a comprehensive bundle of courses to broaden your 2D and 3D horizons. Learn how to create engaging cinematic cutscenes with tools like Cinemachine and the Unity Timeline, along with techniques for great visual storytelling. Practice your pixel art skills in PhotoShop, and master 3D modeling, UV mapping, and more with Blender. Plus, your purchase will support Partners in Health and Girls Who Code!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

RecordAndRepeat - RecordAndRepeat is a plugin for Unity3d, which supports recording of custom data and playback via the Unity3d Timeline.
fx-lange Open Source

JuCore - Service locator with lots of useful services and util classes to ease the development of C# apps and games.
JuDelCo Open Source

USecurity - USecurity is a security component used in the Unity project. It provides encryption of commonly used data types at runtime, PlayerPrefs storage encryption, and a quick call interface for encryption and decryption of common encryption algorithms.
ls9512 Open Source

UEvent - UEvent is a general message event component that can be used in unity and native .Net environment. It can provide powerful decoupling capability through event mechanism.
ls9512 Open Source

UMarkup - UMarkup is a simplified extension for Unity RichText Markup,It can enhance the text style of Log / UGUI Text / GUI Label, also for TextMeshPro.
ls9512 Open Source

UnityPython - running Python everywhere without pain: a concise and efficient Python implementation running on .NET; support Unity IL2CPP.
thautwarm Open Source

UnityWebSocket - The Best Unity WebSocket Plugin for All Platforms.
psygames Open Source

unity-build-tools - Tools to automate and streamline Unity builds
The enhanced build tool lets you setup multiple builds at once, save them for later use, and batch them.

attilioHimeki Open Source

untiy-nurbs - Unity base NURBS spline and surface module. You can create NURBS surfaced mesh inside Unity. Move Control Points and Bake out as a mesh.
komietty Open Source

Step - STEP is a simple HTN planner for generating text. It's essentially a very fancy template system.
ianhorswill Open Source

SuperTiled2Unity - Imports Tiled files to Unity. Better than regular Tiled2Unity.
Seanba Open Source

I've made a modular pack of 11 animated characters you can use in any of your projects, completely for free! - If you want all the packs in one file or specific models for your game I've made a Patreon!, I would love if you could support me with a dollar there, it would mean a lot!

Lighting Internals Package - Provides access to internal lighting APIs.
Provides access to the information contained in the LightingDataAsset class.

NewBloodInteractive Open Source

Cube - Cube is a complete library for game multiplayer support for Unity games. It's simple to use while being robust and scalable (16+ players). It's best suited for action games with little static data.
MKSQD Open Source

TagAttribute - Use this attribute to accurately assign string fields with tags from your tags settings.
Rey-Hax Open Source

Learn Unity RPG Game Development - Level up and acquire new abilities in RPG development using Unity with this bundle from GameDev.tv! These courses will equip you with the programming and other fundamental skills you need to create your own role-playing game from scratch. Learn how to build a core combat system, delve into dialogue editors and quest essentials, and find out how experienced pros implement a variety of key RPG systems. You’ll also get a hands-on crash course in 3D sculpting by making your own dragon in Blender. Set yourself up for success on your game dev journey, and support Carbonfund with your purchase!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

The Best Of Polygon Game Dev Assets - Looking for eye-catching 3D characters, environments, props, and effects to help you develop your game? This POLYGON bundle could be the instant low-poly, high-style library you’re seeking. Build a high-seas adventure with the help of the award-winning Pirates pack. Find assets for your fantasy prototype, sci-fi saga, or vision of the zombie apocalypse. Create offices, towns, and farms, and support Code.org and American Cancer Society with your purchase!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Game Spotlight

Time on Frog Island - Cast away on an island paradise complete with a cast of friendly frogs. Enjoy sandbox island life and explore at your own pace, solving sticky situations for your new friends and trading your way to fixing your ship!
[You can wishlist it on Steam and follow along on Twitter]

Half Past Yellow
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