What traits do 'discoverable' games have in 2022? - The existential question: what makes for a successful and long-lasting game in today’s market, both from a discovery and play point of view?
Simon Carless

Vampire Survivors Success: An Opportunity In The Steam Marketplace - In this article I want to argue that dipping your toe in (but not fully committing to) the super-discounted and fast-action genre of games could be worth tens of thousands of dollars or even millions.

Create Asset Store listings that showcase your skills - While most creators are focused on releasing the best packages possible, they might require some assistance for merchandising their assets. That’s why, in this blog, we’ll unpack a number of resources for developing your Asset Store listing page. Find out how to be discovered in search, with essentials that’ll inspire others to keep checking back for your next big release.

February Digest: Career Opportunities in the Game Industry - Today we've gathered job postings of the actively hiring companies. Check them out below and apply if it sounds like you.

Procedural Generation with Cellular Automata - In this post, we will explore the basics of cellular automata as a tool for procedural generation. Both cellular automata and procedural generation are topics with near-infinite depth, so we’ll only scratch the surface; however, it’ll provide a base on which to build your knowledge.
Bronson Zgeb

Best optimization tips by Unity engineers at Unite - Compilation of best Unity tips by Unity engineers gathered at Unite conference. I spent a bunch of time rewatching these talks so you don’t have to.

10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Videogame Inventory Screens - Traditionally, the inventory is the most complicated screen in the game, which is unfortunate, since it’s also the most-visited page in the game (second only to maybe the title screen). But no worries, there are a few ways to easily shore things up for the better, regardless of your UI UX skill level.
UV Sphere - This is the fifth tutorial in a series about procedural meshes. This time we bend and deform a square grid to create a sphere.

Introduction to Shader Coding [for beginners] - Shaders for beginners.
[Also check out UnityTips Maths and Shaders Tips & Tricks from researchandprogram.blogspot.com]

Chetan Sharma

Counter Sniper: Scripting Guns w/ Unity Visual Scripting news - How I scripted the guns for Counter Sniper with Unity Visual Scripting.

Unity releases - Unity 2021.2.10 and 2022.1.0 Beta 6 have been released.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


How to make a CARD GAME - Unity Tutorial 2022 - Learn how to make a simple but effective card game system using Unity and C#! You'll be able to draw cards from a deck and once played, they'll go to a discard pile which in turn can be shuffled back into the deck.
GameDev Quick Tip - Which AI To Use For YOUR Game? - Quick tip video on which AI system you should consider using for your game. It's surprisingly hard to get any clear guidance on this when you first start out, so I thought I'd share my input from my own experience.

Path finding with A* (A Star) in how to build a AI Bot Race Car Controller in Unity tutorial Part 4 - In this part of the series we will cover how to implement A* (A star) path finding that we will use for our AI to find the best path around obstacles. We'll cover the theory behind A* and we'll go through all the steps required to implement it in Unity from scratch. With this pathfinding method your AI cars will no longer get stuck without the possibility to find their way out. This can be used any type of games and not only racing games and works in 2D and 3D.
Pretty Fly Games

How To Build 3D Worlds with Unity Tilemaps | Tutorial - Unity has a built-in feature which allows to build 3D worlds on tilemaps. In this video, you will learn how to set up a tilemap in 3D, how to work with prefab brush and how to white a script for a custom grid brush.
Tamara Makes Games

The Ultimate Introduction to Scriptable Objects in Unity - In this video I'll introduce you to ScriptableObjects (SOs), show you what they are, how they work, how to make one, and why you should use them.
[Also check out How to save data between Scenes in Unity by Sunny Valley Studio]



Celebrate Lunar New Year with Two Unity Mega Bundles - Unity is kicking off our Lunar New Year Sale with not one, but TWO incredible Mega Bundles. With these two bundles, users can save up to 95% off. Each of the two Mega Bundles contains three curated sets of must-have assets.

Mega Bundle 1: Daring Bundle
$19.99 Bundle - save up to 81.8%
This bundle contains: Cartoon GUI Pack, Physics Tank Maker, and 3D Props - Adorable Items.

$29.99 Bundle - save up to 92.8%
This bundle contains everything from the $19.99 bundle, plus MegaBook, Enemy AI, FluXY - 2.5D fluid simulator, Shift - Complete Sci-Fi UI, Rocky Hills Environment - Mega Pack (SRP), and SpellBook Megapack.

$39.99 Bundle - save up to 95.7%
This bundle contains everything from the $19.99 and $29.99 bundles, plus Kinematic Character Controller, ArchVizPRO Interior Vol.6, Global Snow, Leaning Animator, Magio - Interactive Effect Engine - URP/HDRP, Black mage spells, Ultimate Mobile Pro, Uni Bullet Hell, Tiny Dragon, Dreamscape Nature: Meadows, and PRO Effects: Sci-fi Shooter FX.

Mega Bundle 2: Roaring Bundle
$19.99 Bundle - save up to 79.8%
This bundle contains: Jigsaw puzzle - Creator Kit, Mech Constructor: Spiders and Tanks, and Realistic Sniper and Ballistics System.

$29.99 Bundle - save up to 92.6%
This bundle contains everything from the $19.99 bundle, plus African Big Pack, RPG Monster Wave 2 Polyart, Japanese School Gymnasium, Ultimate Screenshot Creator, Prefab Brush+, and ForceField Effects.

$39.99 Bundle - save up to 95.5%
This bundle contains everything from the $19.99 and $29.99 bundles, plus Pure Nature, Top Down Effects, SUIMONO Water System, Terrain Composer 2, AnyPortrait, Pistol Animset Pro, Dynamic Radial Masks, Turnbase RPG Template, Airport Pack, Fantazia: Character Editor, and Melee Warrior Animations.

Unity Asset Store Affiliate
Blender Edge Damage Geometry Nodes - Edge Damage with Blender Geometry Nodes. This should work better on arbitrary geometry than most examples I've seen. Graph in the thread. Free download on Gumroad
Christopher Sims

Stylized Fantasy Tree Generator - Generate endless variations of stylized trees with this geometry nodes tool.

BInject - Performant lightweight and easy to use DI tool for Unity3d. 
sergeysychov Open Source

CustomToolbar - This custom tool helps you to test and develop your game easily.
smkplus Open Source

2D-Deformable-body-in-Unity - A 2D Deformable body simulation in Unity using FEM.
[check out Scrawk's profile for more interesting repos]

Scrawk Open Source

Brunetons-Atmospheric-Scatter - This is a port of Eric Brunetons precomputed atmospheric scattering project into Unity. Single scatter is quite easy to compute but most of the interesting atmospheric effects come from multiple scattering. The idea is that the effects from multiple scattering can be precomputed and stored as a lookup table.
Scrawk Open Source

TsukiSuite - TsukiSuite is an open source, free for commercial use suite of libraries created for making Unity development more pleasant. Each library can be compared as a version of Google's Guava, but created for Unity
LunariStudios Open Source

GeoJsonCityBuilder - Unity Package to recreate a 3D-city from a geojson file. Currently allows to create extruded objects (e.g. buildings) from polygons and to place prefabs on points.
ElmarJ Open Source

Animation Designer - Innovative Animation Tweaking Tool For Unity Engine. Upgrade Animation Clips with procedural motion and bake it. Tweak Animation Clip pose and save it in new AnimationClip file.
FImpossible Creations Affiliate

AudioVisualizer.cs - Simple audio visualizer for Unity.
SaeedPrez Open Source

ObjectActivationSwitch.cs - A tiny little editor window to switch objects activation state
omid3098 Open Source

Game Spotlight

ARAIGNEES - Atmospheric First-Person Horror Adventure. Follow the feverish dream of an industrial worker plunged into a nightmare after a small spider bite...

Atmospheric Horror, First-Person Adventure. Inspired by PS1 era aesthetic with pixel art textures, mixing 2D and 3D for an immersive environmental storytelling.

>Explore the darkness of a spider nest.
>Linear storyline >Hide from spiders of various sizes...
>Try to stay awake through this nightmare to understand what's happening.
>Solves puzzles and Mazes
>Use your environment to reach various areas.
>Short and sweet: around 2-3 hours of gameplay.
>All the musics by Faerie Sound Studio & MauditeTentacule
>If you loathe spiders ... you know what to do.

[Can also find it on Itch.io and follow on Twitter]

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