Systems that create ecosystems: Emergent game design - We created a new e-book, The Unity game designer playbook, for game designers who want to learn how to prototype, craft, and test gameplay in Unity. New and experienced game designers can use this guide as they begin to add Unity skills to their profile.

How to come up with a game idea that you'll love working on - I'll give you a step-by-step process for coming up with a game idea that you'll love, that you'll be excited to work on, and that is appropriate for your skill level in game development.
Jason Tu

Unity Security’s Public Bug Bounty Program - Today we’re announcing Unity’s bug bounty program is now public, opening it for all individuals to contribute their security findings in Unity products.

Modified Grid - This is the third tutorial in a series about procedural meshes. It introduces a second way to generate a square grid and a way to animate it via a shader.

Introduction to Asynchronous Programming in Unity - Dive deeper into the world of asynchronous programming in Unity by creating a fun town-builder game.

Unity 2022.1 beta is now available - As of today, it includes over two thousand fixes and more than 600 features and changes.

The magic of Cinemachine 2.6 in Unity 2020 LTS: Unparalleled precision, workflows, and more - As part of the 2020 LTS, Cinemachine 2.6 is now a verified package (more on what that means below). We also have several new tools for cinematic creators like you to make the most of this latest version. [UPDATED November 2021 to reflect the latest developments in Cinemachine 2.6]

Sword Slash Shader Breakdown - Hey! This shader uses a technique similar to that of a “soulercoaster” (which are similar to ribbons/trails, commonly used in VFX involving magic spells). It involves panning a texture across a premade mesh, masking sections of it to be visible over time. In this case the mesh is a ring that will surround the player and we’ll be panning two textures - one trianglular shaped one which masks the shape of the slash, and a noise texture to add detail.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


How the Hell Do You Make Money!? - In this 2021 GDC Game Career Development session, game developers and designers discuss and share a variety of approaches to surviving and occasionally thriving in the game space—even without having a major hit.
How to use Cinemachine in Unity: Overview and Brain Explained! - Learn how to use the Cinemachine Camera Package in Unity with this new tutorial and breakdown!

How to make Minimap in Unit 2021 - When you want to make a minimap in Unity it usually is all about creating a separate camera. The tricky part is showing on your minimap information's important to the player and not exactly what they can see in front of them but just in top-down view.
Sunny Valley Studio

Unity FAST Tutorial - Magical Orb (VFX Graph) - In this Unity FAST Tutorial, you'll see how to create a magical orb with Visual effects Graph (VFX Graph) in the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) or the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP).

Refraction ShaderGraph tutorial for Unity - Refraction shader using ShaderGraph, works both on URP and HDRP. Uses the opaque texture to achieve screen space refraction.

Hades: Transition Effect (Quick How It's Made | Unity Tutorial) #shorts - Let's learn how to recreate the Hades Transition effect! It adds that extra bit of polish in your transitions making them much more interesting than a boring fade to black. It involves a simple shader and you can draw the mask texture in any way you want to get all kinds of unique effects.
Code Monkey

Making a tiny HORROR GAME in Unity. - PLAY it here

Lobby and Relay Demo Overview | Unity Gaming Services - As part of the release of the Unity Gaming Services, we'd like to show how Lobby and Relay can work well together.

Cloud Content Delivery and Addressables | Unity Gaming Services - Check out our latest workshop that will walk you through the Addressable Asset System and how to get started with Cloud Content Delivery. Cloud Content Delivery (CCD) combines cloud storage, content management, and a reliable content delivery network to help you deploy the right content to the right players at the right time.


War FX - War FX is now FREE!
40+ REALISTIC EFFECTS for war games of all genres!
- Optimized for Desktop & Mobile
- Works in 3D and 2D Includes Cartoon FX Easy Editor to easily scale any effect, and change other properties!

Jean Moreno (JMO) Affiliate
Text2Mesh [Project Page] - Text2Mesh is a method for text-driven stylization of a 3D mesh.
threedle Open Source

DarkConfig - DarkConfig is a configuration library for games which supports fast and expressive iteration.
SpryFox Open Source

Simple Scroll-Snap - "Simple Scroll-Snap" is an elegantly designed, intuitive solution that allows for elements within a ScrollView to be snapped to, offering a wide range of customization options.
daniellochner Open Source

Unity Rulers - A ruler editor to measure distances between game objects in the Scene view.
geekrelief Open Source

A minimal spring physics library for Unity - A minimal spring physics library for Unity.
thammin Open Source

Unity Bezier Curves - A simple C# library to create 2D Bezier curves of any order in Unity3D.
wmcnamara Open Source

Dash Animation System - Dash Animation System for Unity is a system that was designed to make animation editing more approachable and user friendly. It offers solution to commonly encountered problems like visual editing and prototyping of programmatic animations called tweens. Combining tween and statically authored timeline animations. Sequencing, altering and retargeting of statically authored animations and much more.
pshtif Open Source

Asset Management Tools for Unity - Small collection of tools for Unity used to manage your assets.
NibbleByte Open Source

Unity Automatic Speech Recognition - Automatic Speech Recognition in Unity.
voxell-tech Open Source

UImGui - UImGui (Unity ImGui) is an UPM package for the immediate mode GUI library using ImGui.NET. This project is based on RG.ImGui project.
psydack Open Source

The First Person - The First Person (TFP) is a user friendly, feature rich extendable first person controller built for Unity. 
boaheck Open Source

ShadowBaker - Simple tool for baking blob shadow textures in Unity!
Helix128 Open Source

Metamesh - Metamesh is a Unity package that generates primitive meshes. It works as a custom asset importer but doesn't import anything from an input file. Instead of importing a file, it reads properties from a metafile and procedurally generates a mesh.
keijiro Open Source

unity.webp - WebP made easy for Unity3d.
netpyoung Open Source

Ragdoll Trainer Unity Project - Active ragdoll training with Unity ML-Agents (PyTorch).
kressdev Open Source

Game Spotlight

Gardenia - A laid-back combination of a gardening simulator and a fairy tale adventure. Help Wood Grandpa clean the island and restore its beauty so that its former inhabitants can return to their homes. Take photos of your garden compositions, relax and discover the secrets.
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Sleepwalking Potatoes, SimFabric
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