It begins with light: The definitive guide to the High Definition Render Pipeline - The High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) has gone through many iterations since its debut in the Unity 2018 release cycle. Now that it’s become a key feature, we want to share a new expert guide for teams and technical artists to leverage its full potential.

Realtime Raytraced Reflections in Unity in under 60 seconds! - I wanted to try a #under60sec type tutorial, so: Realtime Raytraced Reflections in Unity in under 60 seconds!
Oscar Armstrong-Davies @oscerlot

12 principles for game animation - When used well, I think that the 12 Principles are a great tool for game animators, but those principles developed for use in film don’t always fit 1:1. Based on some of the cheats that other animators and I have used, this article describes a reconfigured version of the classic 12 Principles of Animation that I’ve used in my work, especially in my current work on Little Nemo.

Making an After-Image Mesh effect(Updated for URP) - I've been using this effect for dodges in Astro Kat for a while, using just one instance snapshot of the animation at the frame of a succesful dodge, and wondered what it would look like with more copies. I expected it to be way too heavy to do every frame, but it's much lighter than I expected. Though keep in mind it is still making a lot of copies of a mesh, even with instancing it *could* be too much for lower spec machines.
Minions Art

Square Grid - This is the second tutorial in a series about procedural meshes. The previous tutorial introduced the advanced Mesh API. This time we'll use that API to make a Burst job that generates a square grid consisting of multiple quads.

Radio Effect - You can use these effects to simulate a low-quality radio effect, like when talking over walkie-talkie or similar. Adjusted from here.
David @CrystalMeshG

Empower great multiplayer experiences with Relay and Lobby - Introducing our brand new multiplayer connection services, Relay and Lobby, plus a fresh sample project to learn hands-on with these services.

The Unity Gaming Services Dashboard: Powerful developer tools all in one spot - Learn about all of the latest features on our dashboard and how they can help you.

The safest way to use DOTS in your MonoBehaviour project - DOTS (HPC#) can still be used in a OOP heavy project. I’ll show you what I think is the cleanest and safest way.

Create a map system with UI Toolkit - This tutorial will cover advanced scenarios of UI Toolkit and how you can create a full and mini map.

Localization for Indie Game Developers - Localization is not free, so how do you decide which languages offer you the best value for money?

Build a better collider importer with Asset Processors - This post will show how to automate your asset integration workflow in Unity using Asset Processors. We’ll build a tool based on the design of Unreal Engine’s static mesh importer that creates colliders automatically in Unity.
Bronson Zgeb

Unity GPU culling experiments - There have been several advances in GPU culling in recent years, both for frustum and occlusion culling. We started our journey in dealing with the former.

Unity 2022.1.0 Alpha 16 - Unity 2022.1.0 Alpha 16 has been released.

3D Art Meetup: The Future Of AI - The Meetup will appeal to 3D artists, AI developers, and 3D project managers. (December 9th, Online and Free)
Room 8 Studio


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


Unity Shader Graph - Stylized Trails Tutorial - In this Unity tutorial we are going to see how to create Stylized Trails! We are going to use Shader Graph for a special shader and I will show you a quick technique in Krita to create tileable trails textures.
Gabriel Aguiar Prod.
How to reuse Animation Clip for other characters in Unity - In this video I will show you how to use 2D Animation package and its Sprite Resolver and Sprite Library to create reusable 2D animations.
Sunny Valley Studio

Injured Animations using Layers (Unity Tutorial) - In this Unity tutorial we're going to look at how we can use Animation Layers in Unity, to transition to injured animations as the health of the player decreases.
Ketra Games

Add Bullet Tracers to Your Hitscan Guns | Raycast Shooting Unity Tutorial - Learn how to show bullet trails, aka bullet tracers to your "hitscan" guns that use Raycast. This easy to implement VFX is a great way to show your players where the bullets are going besides just bullet impacts.

Why is unity so slow! - Ever wonder what that loading bar is actually doing?
Jason Storey

Improve Performance in Unity | CPU Performance Improvements (Beginner Friendly) - Unity has so many settings that it might be hard to know where to start. In this guide I will show you to improve your CPU performance a LOT, by just changing a few settings. No code or knowledge is required in order to follow this guide!
Dev Dunk

The Ultimate beginner's guide to AI with Unity & C# - In this ultimate beginner's guide to AI with Unity and C# we'll create 5 unique character behaviors you can use for your game's npcs.

Basic Car Movement in Unity - This tutorial should be suitable for just about any level of beginner and shows how I get from a static car model to a functioning vehicle that accelerates, reverses, brakes, and even has functioning wheels that rotate and turn along with the car. Of course, we use Unity's own WheelCollider class to do most of the work.

New Authoring Workflows for believable Terrain and Vegetation | SIGGRAPH 2021 - Discover Unity’s latest updates to terrain vegetation for producing vast, beautiful, and believable terrain. Learn about Unity’s new improvements to SpeedTree 8/9 features, new instanced details for painting large amounts of efficient foliage on HDRP as well URP, and utilizing the power of Shader Graph on instanced details to add custom effects.

Creating An Inventory System in Unity - Inventory Systems are a key part of most games, so let's look at how to create one!
Game Dev Guide


Unity Black Friday Sale - Unity's Black Friday sale will begin November 14 and continues through December 4. More than 500 of the very best and most popular assets on the Asset Store will be available for 50% off.

LAST DAY OF THE SALE! If you haven't checked out the sale since it first launch, you might want to take another look, as Unity has been adding new deals regularly.
Unity Affiliate
Unoptimized Sprite Finder - Unoptimized Sprite Finder is a tool that let's you search for unoptimized sprites in your project. The following features are supported:
- Filter sprites that are not in an atlas
- Filter sprites that are not multiple of x values (4 by default)
- Filter sprites that do not have a exponent valid size (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 & 4096 by default)
- Filter sprites that do not start with x path
- Filter sprites that do not contain x path
- Filter sprites that should contain x path

MonoFlauta Open Source

InfinityFoliage - GPU Driven Tree&Grass System for Improvement Universal Render Pipeline(URP).
haolange Open Source

Animation Converter - Convert animation clips (*.anim) between all 3 animation types (humanoid ⇆ generic ⇆ legacy).
Soxware Interactive Affiliate

Procedural Animation in Unity - Procedural Animation implemeted in Unity.
This method uses IK (Inverse Kinematics) to procedurally position joints, so it automatically generates animation in real-time to allow for a more diverse series of actions and an real-time interaction with environmental features.

Sopiro Open Source

Unity Atoms - Tiny modular pieces utilizing the power of Scriptable Objects
Unity Atoms is derived from and a continuation of Ryan Hipple's talk from Unite 2017. 

unity-atoms Open Source

BitStrap - BitStrap is BitCake's collection of Unity tools that improve our workflow. Including: Extendable graph editor, inspector attributes, nested animation clips, vector utilities with editor visualization, and more.
bitcake Open Source

Silphid.Unity - Silphid.Unity is a high quality .NET library for the development of modern and fluid Unity applications leveraging Reactive Extensions (Rx) and the MVVM pattern, in order to achieve a fully dynamic, data-driven UI, state-machine page navigation flows, advanced animation sequencing and transitioning, streamlined dependency injection, as well as asynchronous data loading, caching, conversion, and so much more! :)
silphid Open Source

Curve Designer - An open source (MIT) tool for designing tubes, ramps, curves, and half-pipes in Unity.
cmacmillan Open Source

Unity Quest Journal - A Unity 3D package for managing quests with sub-tasks. Inspired by Skyrim and The Witcher 3's task management systems.
ashblue Open Source

Unity Screen Navigator - Library for screen transitions, transition animations, transition history stacking, and screen lifecycle management in Unity's uGUI.
Haruma-K Open Source

Locus Bundle System For Unity - Assetbundle system from unity5 will be obsolute in future. Unity Addressables system provides very flexible implementation that fits on any project. 
locus84 Open Source

Firebase SDK support in the Apple Silicon Unity Editor - Get the Firebase SDK to work inside the Apple Silicon Unity Editor
aroman Open Source

Game Spotlight

Runner Party - Welcome to the Gameroom! Dive in the 80's & 90's, discover original arcade machines inspired by POP Culture of that era! Face your opponents through 10 original environments, local or online.
Creart Studio
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