How were video games from the 90s so efficient? - Title says it all. I am interested in discovering how games like roller coaster tycoon, sim city 2000, warcraft II, and descent (blown away by this one) managed to be created and function on computers that had 500 MB HDD, 300 MHz CPU, and 4 MB RAM. [A Hacker News discussion]

80 Level Ratings: Old-School Books on Animation - In this article, we collected 10 books that will help you kick off your career as an animator.

Volumetric Clouds in Unity 2021.2 - Unity have just added volumetric clouds to Unity 2021.2 using the HDRP, and in this post we will walk through the process of using them.

What’s new in Shader Graph 2021.2 - With the release of Unity 2021.2, we introduced some exciting new features in Shader Graph such as Surface Options support in the Universal Render Pipeline (URP), Custom Interpolators, and Blackboard Categories, which greatly improve artist workflows and shader performance.

The "KISS" Command Pattern for Unity - In this post, you will learn about the lovely KISS Command Pattern in Unity I can’t live without in my games. This pattern will empower you to easily connect your gameplay systems without all the complexity that comes from asynchronous systems. Best of all: it is truly KISSimple!
The Gamedev Guru

Run Unity Cloud Build based on Github commit message using Github Actions - This should had been easy, but unity cloud build system has every secret id hidden in different places and using different names..

Unity 2022.1.0 Alpha 15 - Unity 2022.1.0 Alpha 15 has been released.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


Unity Shader Graph - Toxic Waterfall Effect Tutorial - In this Unity tutorial we are going to see how to create a Toxic Waterfall effect, a Radioactive shader. We are going to use Blender to model the waterfall and then Shader Graph to create the toxic effect. We also have an overview of the other elements.
Gabriel Aguiar Prod.
How to Create a Whiteboard in Unity VR - Ever since Half Life: Alyx, I KNOW you've imagined playing around with a whiteboard in your games. Well today is the day! In this tutorial I'll show you how to set up whiteboards and markers using Unity VR. (This will work for any Unity VR framework too!)
Justin P Barnett - VR Game Dev

NavMeshObstacle and NavMeshAgent - Together! | AI Series Part 33 | Unity Tutorial - Learn how to control NavMeshAgents and NavMeshObstacles on the same GameObject! Sometimes the NavMeshAgent obstacle avoidance isn't enough, and you need an Agent to fully block the path so other Agents will find a new path. In this tutorial we'll look at how to combine the NavMeshAgent and NavMeshObstacle components so they work together without teleporting issues.

Volumetric "Darkness" & Lighting | Outer Wilds EotE *spoilers* - Spoilers for Echoes of the Eye ahead! We look at how the team created their own occlusion volumes to simulate darkness without the excessive use of lights. Join Unity and Mobius Digital as we explore the solar systems of Outer Wilds one planet at a time!

REALISTIC REFLECTIONS in Unity with Gloss and Roughness Maps - In this video, we talk about how to use gloss and roughness maps in order to create realistic shiny, reflective materials in Unity!
The RealTime Essentials

New Contextual Workflows for Faster Prototyping | SIGGRAPH 2021 - Make sure others can see your vision as clearly as you do. Prototyping, blockout, and level design are all critical components to the successful liftoff of an idea, and they rely heavily on a fast and intuitive workflow. Join Gabriel Williams as he shares new contextual workflows in Unity to enable creators of all kinds to prototype faster. This session will cover overlays, in-scene creation tools, tools ecosystem, splines, and ProBuilder improvements. Creators can learn how to leverage these enhancements so they can better build out their wild ideas.


Unity Black Friday Sale - Unity's Black Friday sale will begin November 14 and continues through December 4. More than 500 of the very best and most popular assets on the Asset Store will be available for 50% off.

Lightning Deals
New for this sale are Lightning Deals! Each Lightning Deal asset will be available at a deep discount for a limited number of users. During Black Friday, there are 20 licenses available at 90% off, 50 at 80% off, and 400 at 70% off. Once those have been claimed, the asset will no longer be a Lightning Deal, and will remain 50% off through the end of the sale. The following 16 assets will be marked as Lightning Deals at the start of the sale on 11/14/21 21:00:00 PT.
* POLYGON Dungeon Realms - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty
* Animancer Pro
* CCG Kit
* Dungeon Architect
* Expanse - Volumetric Skies, Clouds, and Atmospheres in HDRP
* Fantastic City Generator
* Low Poly Terrain - Polaris 2021
* Match 3 Sweet Sugar
* Medieval Kingdom UI
* Modern Loft Full Pack
* POLYGON Pirates - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty
* POP BLOCKS Puzzle Game Kit
* Pro Radar Builder
* RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack
* Total Music Collection

Unity Affiliate
CandyCoded - Custom Unity Components that are delightful. CandyCoded is a collection of useful components and extensions for building in Unity. Whether you are building a quick prototype or a production-ready experience, CandyCoded will help you get there.
CandyCoded Open Source

Pump Editor - Collection of Unity editor helpers to boost productivity.
rfadeev Open Source

unity-editor-spotlight - Simple macOS-like Spotlight file search in Unity. It shows your most opened files first. The more you use it, the better it gets. Use it with cmd+k on macOS, ctrl+k on Windows.
marijnz Open Source

Blender-like SceneView Hotkeys - This Unity Editor Extensions allows you to select the viewing direction for a SceneView with the Blender -like hotkeys.
nowsprinting Open Source

UnityFx.Outline - Screen-space outlines for Unity3d.
Arvtesh Open Source

C# Compiler Settings For Unity - hange the C# compiler (csc) used on your Unity project, as you like!
mob-sakai Open Source

FixedPoint-Sharp - About Fixed point math with 48.16 precision.
RomanZhu Open Source

UniDi - UniDi is a Dependency Injection container for Unity based on Zenject.
UniDi Open Source

LocalStorage - Configurable generic classes for managing local data saved on device.
dre0dru Open Source

Ultimate Circular Health Bars Light - A segmented radial health bar shader for Unity URP/HDRP 2019 and up.
Renge-Games Open Source

FairyGUI for Unity - FairyGUI is a Cross Platform UI Editor & UI framework.
fairygui Open Source

UnityDynamicScrollRect - An optimized approach to lists with dozens of elements.
Mukarillo Open Source

Messager - This implementation of the event aggregator pattern tries to overcome the limitations of traditional event handling by providing a central place to publish and subscribe for events. It takes care of registering, unregistering and invoking events and thus decoupling publishers and subscribers.
Sov3rain Open Source

uShaderTemplate - uShaderTemplate is an editor asset to create shaders from templates.
hecomi Open Source

ProcAmp - ProcAmp is a utility shader for adjusting videos.
keijiro Open Source

Game Spotlight

Puppet Manor - Puppet Manor is a horror game where you try to escape from a monster spider who can control the mannequins that live there. Grabbing tools which will help you open doors while making sure neither the spider nor its mannequins get you will be your primary goal. Will you be able to escape without getting grabbed?
[Also check out their How to make a camera wobble effect post]

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