Unity Roadmap @ Unite Copenhagen 2019 - At Unite Copenhagen, we talked about what’s on our roadmap for our upcoming Unity 2019.3 and 2020.1 and presented our vision for what you should expect in 2020.

Shaping the world with real-time 3D: Unite Copenhagen keynote highlights - Overview of the highlights including Real-time 3D, Data-Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS), Unity Simulation, New Graphics Tools, New 2D Tools, Multiplayer Services, New AR Tools, New BIM Tools, and Game Tune Beta.

Unity Presents the Next Level of 2D Tools - The Unity team has presented the latest 2D tools that boost developers’ creations and how they produce them.
80 Level

The shader approach to billboarding - People have asked me about the technology behind the 2.5D billboarded look of our game, so I thought it would be time to write a blogpost about it.

deltaDNA joins Unity offering best-in-class tools to engage your players - We’re excited to announce that deltaDNA is joining Unity, bringing robust LiveOps tools to keep your players playing!
Unity Simulation Revealed - Unity Simulation is a new cloud-based simulation product for running multiple instances of a Unity project in parallel. The tool will help users accelerate applications across industries like gaming, automotive, and robotics. It gives the ability to now test, train, and validate any projects, prototypes or concepts in a simulated world without being bound by the challenges of reality.
80 Level

Connecting design and construction with Unity Reflect - Check out the first project leveraging Unity’s new architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) product, Unity Reflect.

How the Lightweight Render Pipeline is evolving - We have renamed the Lightweight Render Pipeline in 2019.3. It’s now the Universal Render Pipeline, a powerful solution that delivers beautiful graphics and performance while scaling to a wide range of platforms. The Universal Render Pipeline supports the latest artist tools, and it’s suitable for 2D, 3D, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) projects.
Speed up mobile iteration with the new Device Simulator - When you’re creating content for mobile devices, you have to test and tweak your project to make sure it works with a huge variety of device characteristics. That’s why we created a new Device Simulator, which enables you to preview the behaviors and physical characteristics of different devices. This allows game code run in the Editor to match what runs on a real device much more closely.

A quick guide to Lerp~ - Freya Holmér provides a guide to Lerp, Slerp and more with helpful visualizations.
Freya Holmér

Raymarching in Unity - Raymarching is a very useful technique. It is commonly used to render implicit surfaces, uniform or non uniform participating medium and generally any surface where the intersection function is not that easy to find. I am going to be experimenting with some raymarching in Unity, and will be posting as usual the code and some higher level explanations here.
Shahriyar Shahrabi

New Releases - Unity versions 2020.1.0a5 and 2019.3.0b4 have been released.

Unity Immediate and the Art of Automating Playtests - If you love developing hard games but aren't a good player yourself, you have a challenge ahead. If you are a programmer or designer, this article will give you insight into a second approach for handling these challenges. If you have any other role, well, share this article with the right person.
Ruben Torres Bonet
How a Programmer Tried to Design Levels for a Game - An article about a Level Design process that we went through during the development of our game in Unity engine
Lonely Vertex Development

Best #Unitytips From Twitter - 10 - We are here again with our latest curated Unity Tips and Tricks from Twitter.
Runemark Studio

Multiple Unity Editor Instances Within a Project? I’m Sold! - Here's one for you: you have a 500GB multiplayer project, how do you go about testing it in Multiple Unity Editor Instances? Here's the solution.
Rubén Torres Bonet

CommUnity Store v0.1.0 - I've been a little busy in the past weeks, but now I'm back to announce my first ever Open Source Tool, the CommUnity Store. The idea is to make the process of discovering good open source tools, and importing them into your project easier.
Rafael Grochoska

Steal Some More Bits - Today we continue stealing float bits, but in an entirely different way this time. We’ll end up with the ability to switch between float and 21-bit integer modes and to know which mode we’re in. We can do all of this without using any more than four bytes just by exploiting a little knowledge of the float data format. Read on to learn how!

Unity 5 To Now (New Features) - If you are like me and have been stuck on Unity 5 forever. I did the hard work and compiled all the latest features in one spot....Enjoy :)

Stylized Nature: Vegetation, Animation, Shaders - Dragos Matkovski did a breakdown of his amazing stylized 3D environment The Illustrated Nature that will soon be available on the Unity Asset Store.
80 Level

Three new Creator Challenges! - These are themed challenges for creators who love to use their imagination and make something different. The winner receives $2000 + 1 year of Exclusive Creator membership. Runner up $1000 + 1 year of Exclusive Creator membership. Complimentary: 6 months of Exclusive Creator membership to all who successfully submitted an entry.


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


Unite Copenhagen 2019 Keynote - Exciting updates including Data-Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS), Unity Simulation, Scriptable Render Pipelines, multiplayer services, our new 2D tools, and much more!
Unity Tutorial: Making a Mini-Golf Game! - Download the completed project files here: https://github.com/quill18/UnityMiniGolf

Next-gen multiplayer mobile FPS games | MADFINGER Games - Unite Copenhagen - Discover how MADFINGER Games used Unity's connected game tech to build a first-class multiplayer mobile first person shooter (FPS) – Shadowgun War Games. Learn how you can build your own multiplayer game with products and services ranging from matchmaking to game server hosting to voice communications.

Converting your game to DOTS - Unite Copenhagen - In this video, learn about what's involved in migrating existing game code to the new Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS), which comprises the C# Job System, the Entity Component System (ECS), and the Burst Compiler.
How to Setup a Project for Testing (Unity Tutorial) - The first step to testing your game is setting up the project for unit tests. Watch this Unity tutorial to learn how!
Infallible Code

Real-time VFX workflows in The Heretic - Unite Copenhagen - This video covers the production process behind key visual effects in "The Heretic" project, and explains how the team uses Unity's VFX Graph. These learnings you can use in your own productions.

Discover the tech behind The Heretic | Unite Copenhagen - Learn the latest features in the High Definition Render Pipeline such as Post Processing, Shader Graph, Visual Effect Graph, and Timeline were used to create their latest amazing real-time short film, The Heretic.

MAKING YOUR FIRST LEVEL in Unity with ProBuilder! - Here's how you can easily create levels in Unity using ProBuilder!

Develop efficiently with Game Foundation | Unite Copenhagen - With the beta launch of Game Foundation, mobile game developers can now access pre-built and extensible common systems such as inventory, currency, and stats. Additionally, developers will have the flexibility to connect their own back end to Game Foundation's client-side solution.

Distortion Shader in Unity 2019 with Shader Graph! (Tutorial) - In this video, we are creating a Distortion Shader using Shader Graph in Unity 2019!

Best practices: Async vs. coroutines - Unite Copenhagen - Before async was introduced in Unity 2017, asynchronous routines were implemented using coroutines and/or callbacks. This video covers the benefits of async over coroutines.


HUMBLE UNITY BUNDLE 2019 - Dive into a bundle full of resources to get started with the Unity game engine and develop your own game! Pick up one year of Unity Learn Premium, The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity, some of the best tools and graphics assets from Unity Asset Store, including PlayMaker, Dynamic Bone, SNAPs 3D models, and many more.


Humble Bundle
Royalty Free Music Pack - This Royalty Free music pack by Tim Beek contains 22 seamless loopable tracks. Cost is FREE!

Fake Hole Project - Making Fake Holes [Render queues, depth masks, and physics tricks]. Full reusable project source available on github. You can use these techniques to dynamically render a hole on any mesh as well as supporting the physics of falling through the hole when placed on any other solid geometry.

Cyber City - This bundle includes full modular pack for creating high detailed realistic cyberpunk city, streets, alleys, city blocks etc.

Game Spotlight

Multiverse's Earth from Another Sun - Unite Copenhagen - Multiverse's Earth from Another Sun wanted a graphically stunning game with alien, yet lifelike environments. To achieve this, they utilized a variety of HDRP effects, like adjusting exposure, tonemapping, subsurface scattering, volumetric lighting, color grading, and lens distortion. You can read more on Multiverse's blog here.

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