Animation Lively Enemies - This is the sixth and final installment of a tutorial series about creating a simple tower defense game. It is about animating enemies, covering both recording new animations and importing existing assets.
Catlike Coding

Replicating Polymorphism in ECS - Polymorphism is one of those OOP foundation that’s hard to shake off. It’s easy to do and it’s very intuitive. We use it to refactor code to make it more organized. We use it to manage different behaviors while maintaining only a single interface. We also use it to make full blown authoring editors that affects runtime behavior by complementing it with reflection. However, it can’t be done in an environment where reference types are not allowed (Unity’s HPC#). It can be replicated in another way in ECS and that’s what is this post about.
Coffee Brain Games

Stream high-quality real-time graphics through your browser with our new WebRTC framework - Now you can develop applications that take advantage of Unity’s rapidly advancing graphics capabilities without being constrained by device performance. Our new open-source WebRTC library for Unity and easy-to-use drop-in framework demonstrates how you can stream your projects through your browser.

Support for Apple Sign in - With the imminent release of iOS 13 on September 19, Apple has updated the App Store Review Guidelines and they now require any new applications that use third-party or social login services to offer Sign in with Apple as an equivalent option. To make complying with these new guidelines easier, we have created a new asset store package.

Simple vs Advanced Mesh API - Unity3d PSA: Do you generate meshes at run-time? You're gonna want to look at this new "advanced" API for modifying meshes in 2019.3+ See the section on "Simple vs Advanced Mesh API". Programmers rejoice!

11 Awesome Places for Game Developers to Learn Unity & Programming!  - We all learn in different ways and you may know of or come across other resources that could suit you better, but I hope that these offer a starting point to your (hopefully wonderful), game development journey!

Curated #UnityTips No. 100 (celebration time!) - Countless #UnityTips by our friends in the Unity Gamedev community have brought us to this, our 100th blog post! So to celebrate the milestone, we've put together 10 tips for Peek AND a big giveaway so you can win Peek and/or Odin.

Sketchfab Plugin for Unity - Use the Sketchfab plugin for Unity3d if you need to import gltf models!

Optional: A Nullable Alternative - Today we’ll make a new type that addresses some of the deficiencies in Nullable. We’ll end up with a good tool for dealing with operations that may or may not produce a result or take a parameter, even in Burst-compiled code. Read on to see how it works!

Tutorial: Setting up a 3D Fighting Game Camera Using Cinemachine in Unity3D - This is a simple tutorial exploring the use of a Cinemachine camera in Unity3D for a 3D fighting games such as Virtua Fighter or Tekken.
Matty D.

Humble Book Bundle: Become A Game Developer  - Make your game dev dreams a reality! We've teamed up with Packt for our newest bundle full of ebooks and videos focused on game development like Unity 2018 Cookbook and Learn to Code in C# in Unity 3D.
Humble Bundle


* All jobs listed consider remote hires.


Best Assets For Graphics in Unity 2019! - Here are my top 10 assets for Unity 2019.3 to improve the graphics! Getting realistic graphics in your Unity game can be difficult, but these should help you.
Make a Planet in Unity 2019 with Polybrush! (Tutorial) - Polybrush is a fantastic tool for Unity, which you can use for level design, scattering prefabs, painting and sculpting meshes! In Unity 2019.2, Polybrush was added to the Package Manager, and introduced the Prefab Scatter mode!

Surface Shaders in under 5 Minutes - Today we are going to take a look at Surface Shaders in Unity.
Kristin Stock

Making a Toon Shader with Unity! (Shader Graph tutorial) - In this video, we're using Shader Graph in Unity to make a toon shader with toon ramp, and specular effect.

Moving in Unity3D w/ FixedUpdate vs Update - Unity Physics and Movement For beginners - Learn how to move things properly with Update and FixedUpdate. We'll discuss the differences between them, why you should read input in Update and why you should move in FixedUpdate.
Unity3d College

AR Foundation With Unity3d - How To Track A Human Body in 3D With AR Foundation? -  In this video I walk you through an example scene the Unity3d Team provided as a way to teach the community on how to use Human Body Tracking 3D Technology with Unity3d.
Dilmer Valecillos

ProBuilder Unity | Adding Vertex Colors - Add colors to your 3D meshes using the Vertex Color tool in ProBuilder and Unity.
Pixel Mystique

Procedural Generation Basics: Position Variation [Unity3D C# Tutorial] - In this unity tutorial we will learn how to randomize the positions in a spawned grid in C#. The idea here is instead of randomly scattering objects we are spawning in a grid first, then adding random position variation to make the spawning structured but more irregular.
Matt MirrorFish

How to add Grass on Terrain in HDRP - In this video you will learn how to add high quality grass on terrain in Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline.
Unity Guruz

Monetize Your Game With no Ads? Intro to Web Monetization for Game Developers


Free Nature Assets - I'm giving away some gradient texture 3D models, (a mix of old tutorial assets and new ones) Exported from MayaLT as FBX 2013, so it should work for all you Blender users too :) The texture has some space for more gradients if you want to expand it yourself.
Minions Art
Bird Flock Bundle 2 - ON SALE -50% (Ends Sep 29) Bird Flock Bundle 2 is a collection of bird flock assets. This asset features a variety of birds and behaviors at a discounted package price.
Unlock Software

Tiny Rogue-Like Template - for new game developers who want create they're own simple and pretty cool roguelike with 16x16 tileset and etc.!
Works For Fun

Game Spotlight

System Shock 3 - similar to the original System Shock 1 & 2 games, System Shock 3 will be a unique combination of first-person shooter, role-playing and survival horror. System Shock 3 takes place in a world where players are alone in a strange and dangerous place, under-powered and unprepared for the challenges posed by a renegade AI called SHODAN.

Elizabeth Legros, Graphics Engineer on System Shock 3, described how we’re using key new features of the Unity engine to help us nail the atmosphere for the game.

Otherside Entertainment

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